Ok Google Voice Search And Google My Business

In recent times, people are not taking enough time to type and search, instead, they go for voice search that happens in a matter of time. New technologies from different big giants have produced Siri, Google, and Alexa, which are well known for its voice assistance and searching capability. These searches make life even easier by displaying and reading the results with voice.

What are your missing though your business is already online? Are you receiving the SEO traffic which your business is capable of? In today’s blog, we will show you to optimize your Google Business for Voice Searches.

Location Specific:

Do you know one thing that, Google or any other third party applications are accessing your current location? Yes! They do. It happens only because they want to give you the better results about the business around you.

When a person does a voice search for “SEO company near me”, then it must show the results of SEO Company near you instead of getting data of irrelevant location.

Voice Search Optimization

How to optimize for Voice Search:

1. Verify Your Google My Business;

If your business if physically present at a permanent location, then you must be submitting your location to Google for verification. It’s a simple process of pointing out your location in Google Maps and fill up the details to claim and verify with your mail id.
Google will have a review your details and website, then send you a card with a verification code for owning the business and its location.

2. Stay Updated:

Keep on updating the information about your business in Google My Business Listing. Like your company’s infrastructure images, regular posting about your business model/service/products, getting reviews from your authorized business customer to better rating than your competitors and much more.

Most important part is proper NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) insertion along with hours in which operate your business.

voice optimization

3. AdWords Location Extension:

Make sure you’re targeting the mobile consumers with the help of AdWords Location Extension. Enabling this feature will help your ads filled with address and phone numbers. It will assist to show up your adds even during voice searches because of the information filled in it.

With the points being mentioned, one and three are the one-time processes, you won’t have much work to do in future. The key point is to keep on update your information and get more genuine user reviews for your business.