E-Commerce SEO Trends in 2019

E-Commerce SEO Trends in 2019

The talk has started around for the start of 2019 in every industry. We all have to wait for 2019 that can make any difference to this with world digitally. Now, SEO is no different from other platforms to grow in the next year. All the tech giants includes Google and Facebook has taken their time and energy to invest on future on every perspective. The topic for today is E-Commerce SEO Trends in 2019, which are highly expected to happen. Leaving SEO apart, let’s get into E-Commerce, the market that makes work easier and brought everything online. The point to be discussed are given with some ignite to 2019.

Voice Search:

Voice search has already been a talk of the town for whole 2018 and made the efforts to good effect as well. The growth of Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant are the witness of it. They made enough buzz all around the globe in 2018 to show how wonder can be in future. In 2019, Voice Search along with Artificial Intelligence will show its worth. These growth will give a different perspective to the SEO Tactics and its towards to any search engine for each query.

Voice Search Optimization


UI and UX:

User Interface and User Experience are two major factors Google form its algorithm and the SEOs respond to its respectively. It has always been said that, a website with loading speed more than 3 seconds lose it’s 40% from overall customer/visitors. It includes the good and pleasant experience for a visitor inside the website, which must convey what it actually has to. With the importance of Mobile SEO being given with lot of importance, a website must posses good quality to engage its website user in 2019.

ui ux design SEO and ECommerce 2019


The biggest concern on every industry is security in any form. On seeing everything comes under online platform, the war for data security is high. When it comes to E-Commerce website and SEO, the security highly depends on Website and its hosting providers. Starting from HTTPS on your website to secure your every data present on the website to avoid data loss/theft from any unknown candidate intentionally/unintentionally.