Google Image Search

Changes in Google Image Search Results!

Google Image was indirectly used by people to search for any image on the web and use the image in any content and publish them. Also, there are tons of images crawled and indexed on Google every day! Based on users search, Google would display the images related to that particular search term.

(In the past) User can search and download original images. Also, Business was able to rank their images on the tops results. Now, Google has an official announcement about the major changes in image search.

What are the new changes?

When you search for an image on Google, there are two major options called view image and search for an image on the Google image search (similar image). Google’s announcement is to remove these 2 functions. After the announcement, the feedback from publishers is positive!

Why this happened?

Google was forced to remove view image button because many publishers disliked this button for lots of reasons. One important reason is that view image button helps content thieves to steal their photos and use the image for their own purpose (without giving credits / paying royalty).

Because of the complaint form many stock photography companies, Google was forced to remove this view image button. A stock photography company called Getty images has recently announced a partnership with Google. That is, Google is accrediting images from Getty stock photography. This change would be a good news for more stock photography companies. Even, a survey says that there is a positive feedback from most of the web publishers.

Along with this changes, there is another change for Google image search called search by image function has also removed. This change is not fully done, the works are in progress to remove the functionality fully. This change could slow down the discovery of image for content thieves. Web publishers encourage this change since it reduces the image theft and making it harder to use them in the content. How far the changes will reduce image theft and piracy is unknown, but hoping for the best.