Technology Behind AI In PPC

Technology Behind AI in PPC

PPC – Pay Per Click is the paid advertising platform developed by Google to help the business people to target the audience by using the Online mediums like Search Engines, etc. Using the Google PPC, business people can target the customers on Search Engines like Google who are searching any relevant terms related to their industry or domain. Business people need to pay for Google only if the user clicks on the Ads to visit the website.

google ai and ppc

AI & Google PPC:

Pay Per Click campaign requires lots of attention and the strategy planning to make the Ads perform better and gain more clicks to drive traffic to the website. Manual bidding modification is required by the humans to get more clicks at the less CPC. But these AI has come into play and reduced the manual work of the humans to make sure that bid adjustments are done automatically based on the competitor’s bids to get more clicks.

ai and ppc

Based on the bid strategy you choose, Google Adwords AI will work on its own and will help you gain more clicks at the very low CPC. Maximize Clicks is the best bidding strategy you can use it for Adwords Campaign to get more clicks at low CPC within the budget. When you choose to Maximize clicks option in the Bid Strategy, Adwords will ask you for the maximum budget per day and will help your Ads to get more clicks on that budget.

Google AI reduces the Human interaction With AdWords:

Relation Between AI and PPC

Though Google Adwords has the AI to optimize the Ads in the backend, its still requires some human interaction to avoid the unnecessary spent in the Ads. Finding and adding the irrelevant keywords in the negative keywords list will help the Business people to avoid the irrelevant clicks for specific keywords. Thus as a business people, avail the Google Adwords services from the best digital marketing company in India like ClickDo to set up the perfect Adwords campaigns to gain more clicks in the Google Search. PPC Consultants at ClickDo will help your business to get more leads from the Google Search through PPC Campaigns.