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Does Sitemap Resulting in 404 Affects Your Ranking?

In terms of SEO, people used to submit the Sitemap through Google Search Console to make sure all the pages and posts getting indexed in Google Search Engine.  If you are changing your Website from One form to other or anything, then there are more possibilities in changing the sitemap URL. So there is a question among the people is that, if a sitemap URL resulted in 404 Not Found then will affect SEO or website Ranking? As everyone is very concentrated on their website ranking, it is more important to notice these things.

Google Expert – John Mueller answered this Question as “If your sitemap results in 404 Error, then it’s just a 404 and it won’t affect your SEO or Website Ranking in Search Engine Result Page”.

404 pages not found

A person raised a Question that he have submitted a sitemap through Search Console and recently due to change in URL it is showing 404 Page Not Found Error. Also he added that, it is removed in Old Search Console and it’s still showing in the New Search Console. For this Mueller has replied that “the sitemap URL or a webpage URL – whatever it may be, the 404 Error is just a Not Found Page & it won’t affect the SEO or ranking of other webpages in a website”.

Also he highlighted that, if the New Console is showing the deleted Sitemap URL, then there is a bug in Google Search Console and there is no fault on yours. So if have submitted a Sitemap URL which doesn’t exists then you don’t want to worry about that, as it won’t affect your website ranking or SEO.

Google search console beta

As new Search Console is still in a BETA phase, still more changes is expected. For datas or any important updates, you can look at the Old Search Console which shares some exact metrics compared to Beta Version of the New Search Console.

Below is the Complete Session of John Mueller’s – English Google Webmaster Central office-hours Hangout.