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Improve your website’s search rankings by using the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. Learn the latest SEO techniques from our experts at ClickDo. By undertaking the SEO Course from ClickDo you can learn starting from the working of search engines to ranking the website in search results. Our SEO Experts will guide you to optimize your web content to reach the top rankings in the search results.


In this course, you will learn the working of search engines, fundamental SEO factors by which you can rank the website in top search results. In addition to this you will also learn to optimize the web pages to make them rank in Google’s SERP.


To start with the SEO all that you need is the computer with the internet access. Rest of the things will be taken care by the experts at ClickDo make you specialized in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Search Engine Optimization is the technique by which you can make your website to rank in top search results of Google for the user searched query. SEO training course by ClickDo will guide you to develop your skills in the field of SEO. SEO training by ClickDo contains Five modules. In the first module you will learn about the basics of SEO and the working of search engines. And then in the second module you will learn about the SEO Audit and site analysis. In the third module you will learn about the Website optimization techniques like On Page optimization, Off  Page Optimization, Page Speed Optimization which will help you to rank the website. In the fourth module you will learn about the Webmaster tools and the Google Analytics intergration. Our final module of the SEO training will is about the website security and rank analysis.

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SEO Course Modules

Module – I

1. Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

About SEO
Future of SEO
SEO for Business Website

2.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Fundamentals

What is SEO
Important Factors of SEO

3.Understanding the Search Engines

Working of Search Engines
Crawling & Indexing
About Search Algorithms

Module – II

4.SEO Audit

About Keyword Research
Google Keyword Planner
Short & Long Tail Keywords

5.Site Analysis

Analysis Of Existing Site

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                                                                                                                          Module – III

6.Website Optimization

Introduction to On Page SEO
Introduction to Off Page
Importance Of Website Speed

7.On Page SEO

About On Page
Different On Page Factors
Tips For Perfect Title Tag & Description
Content Optimization
SEO Friendly Site Navigation

8.Off Page SEO

About Off Page
About Backlinks
Importance Of Anchor Texts
Citation Building
About Google My Business
About Spam Links

9.Page Speed Optimization

Importance of Website Speed in SEO
Website Cache Implementation
About CDN

Module IV

10.Google Webmaster Tools

About Webmaster Tools
Integrating With Website
About XML Sitemap
Site Map Submission

11.Google Analytics

About Google Analytics
Integrating With Website
How to use analytics for SEO

SEO Training

Module V

12.Website Security

About Security Issues
SSL Certificate
Security Plugins

13.Website Rank Analysis


Outcome Of The Course:

By successful completion of this course you will be expertise in the field of SEO. Our SEO training by ClickDo will help you to know all about Search Engine Optimization right from the scratch. Upon the completion of the SEO Training course you will be able to do a SEO Audit for any site, Optimize the same and make them to rank in the top search results for any niche.