push notification on google

Push Notification in Google AdWords Express

Google AdWords Express

Google AdWords Express is an online advertising platform that manages your online ads automatically. There is no need for daily management. When your potential customers search for a product or services, AdWords express helps your likely customers to reach you by showing the ads on Google search network and Google maps.

How it works:

  1. Create an AD for your products or services
  2. Set your daily budget
  3. Select more relevant search terms suggested by Google AdWords Express.
  4. Once the AdWords Express initial set up is done, Express manages your Ads automatically.

Push Notification Update:

Thanks to Google for Push Notification update. The update helps advertisers never miss any calls from likely customers. As per the Googles survey, many calls in AdWords express goes unanswered. After this update, if any call is missed, the AdWords express app will send a notification update to call back the customer.

To receive this notification, an advertiser has to install the app on the Mobile phone. Once installed, get into the setting -> account updates -> notification.

Google does not stop with this, there is also another feature update that is designed to improve the customer call relevancy. Finally, once the call ended, advertisers will be asked to type an feedback on the calls relevancy. Feedback given will be used to better target your ads to likely customers.