complete business suite

Organised Digital Marketing Suite for Your Business

What’s Digital Marketing Suite?

A Complete Business Class Solution to promote your Product / Service Online with the help of proven strategies on Google SEO, Google AdWords, Facebook Targeted and Re-Marketing Activities – Optimised and Tailored for your business by ClickDo.

How We Tailor Digital Marketing Suite For Your Business?

There is a 2 Months buffer time for us to understand your business model and customise the Digital Marketing suite for your business. During this time, we will setup campaigns on different platforms and test drive incoming traffic and check their relevancy towards Business.

Once this process is complete, the campaigns are ready to Roar and Deliver leads in your Inbox!

How We Offer This Suite to our Clients?

There are different types of delivery for our clients. Some clients require real time lead generation for whom the conversion rates are less than 5%. Yet, it’s worth it! If this is the case, we have dedicated man power to work on the project on multiple shifts to make sure the leads are getting generated continuously.

How You Can Benefit from Digital Marketing Suite?

Best part of taking the Digital Marketing Suite is that we take care of your entire Online presence till choosing the best vertical to deliver leads for your business and help with conversions.

Further, some business require brand awareness and some businesses require hot leads. Everything is taken care in this Suite.

How much does this service Cost?

Our digital marketing suite starts from £ 500 / month as a monthly retainer Fee. You should spend a minimum of £ 50 / Day for the marketing campaigns.