Facebook Messenger: Now You Can Send 360 Degree Photos & HD Videos

Facebook Messenger is the most popular chat application by using which you can get connected with your friends from anywhere in the nook and corner of this world. Facebook has introduced many new things in the Messenger like free calls across the world, can share any location, send photos & videos, send voice notes, even you can send money using the messenger more securely and safely. Also, you can create groups by adding your friends and have a chat in that.

360 Degree Photos On Messenger:

Facebook Messenger Now Supports HD Video and 360 photos

Recently Facebook has introduced a new update on Messenger application which lets the users share 360-degree photos and videos through it. Also in this update, Facebook allows the users to send HD videos. Previously Facebook has allowed it, user, to send the HD videos at up to 720p. But nowadays HD video means anything above 1080p or even smartphones are capable of capturing 4K videos.

When it comes to 360-degree photos, the users can capture it with some advanced camera or any other external application and can share in the messenger just like an ordinary photo. The high definition videos will have the “HD” mark on the lower right-hand corner. By tapping on the marker, users can toggle between the HD and SD. This will help the users who are looking to conserve the data usage.

Facebook Messenger Supports HD Video and 360-degree photos

Facebook Messenger will denote the 360-degree photos as same like compass icon which is shown previously in the typical Facebook app. The user can move their phone or can drag their finger to look around the particular photo. This update is available worldwide for both the Android and IOS devices.

Facebook Messenger For Business:

Messenger Now Supports HD Video and 360-degree photos

You can use this update to bring massive reach for your business by using it effectively. By using the Facebook messenger bots, you can get in touch with your customers and provide them frequent updates about your business. You can even take an excellent 360-degree version of your industry or workplace and share with your customers. This will help you to grow the brand online and even to get quality conversions.