Enable MbString in WHM

How To Install mbstring in WHM Server


What is Mbstring?

Mbstring stands for multi-byte string function. Mbstring is commonly used in PHP extension and required for email and PDF extensions work properly. If Mbstring is not enabled in PHP extension you may face some problem.

What is the error you are facing?

The mbstring extension is missing. Please check your PHP configuration.

How to enable Mbstring?

It is required to have PHP mbstring enabled which supports for storing and displaying multi-byte characters in PHPKB software. The PHPKB knowledge base software will automatically detect that PHP extensions is enabled or not.

Why mbstring is required?

When we manipulate string encoded with the mbstring we need to use some special characters which have one or more consecutive bytes represent a single character in an encoding scheme. If we use non-multi byte aware string to the string function it fails to detect the beginning and end of the multibyte character and we probably miss some original data. Mbstring provided with the multi-byte string that helps to deal with the multiple byte encoding in PHP. It also helps to handle the character encoding conversions between the possible encoding pairs. Mbstring are also helps to handle the Unicode based encodings such as UTF-8 and UCS-2 and many single-byte encodings for convenience.

How to install PHP extension mbstring:

Installing of Mbstring is an easy process. Here we can see how to install the mbstring PHP extension.

STEP 1: Login into your WHM server


STEP 2: In search bar search for EasyApache4 software.

WHM Interface


STEP 3: Click on EasyApache4 Software. The software will open.

STEP 4: Click on the customize button. You can now see all the packages on your server.

Options on Easyapache

STEP 5: Click on PHP extension and the page will open. And search for mbstring and the package will display.

Extensions Enabled in PHP

STEP 6: Enable the mbstring package and click next button. Now, you can see the preparing selected package for review  message will display

Review of installed application

STEP 7: Scroll down the page and click on provision button.

Packages list which are not installed

STEP 8: Once the provisioning process completed, click on Done button.

Mbstring installation completed

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