Install SSL cPanel

Install Free SSL certificate in cpanel

Install SSL cPanel

Is SSL important?  Whether all websites need SSL?

Let’s get into the topic!

SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) is used for a secured channel between the server and the client. While we search for something in google we found that it is secured connection or not. If it is displayed in HTTP it is an unsecured connection or it displays HTTPS then it is a secured connection. SSL is one of the SEO factor. Also, for business sites it builds the trust for the customers.

If  SSL certificate is installed, the encrypted data is seen only by source and destination nobody will able to decrypt your data while transaction.

For the secured connection we need to install the SSL certificate.

Here we going to see how to install the SSL certificate to your domain.

  • Go to your Cpanel account. Type your username and password.  Click login.

cPanel login page

  • Search for the SSL in search bar. Now you see the SSL/TLS and  SSL/TLS status toolbar.
  • Click the SSL/TLS toolbar.


  • Click on manage SSL sites.



  • Check already SSL certificate is installed or not. If it installed then you need to uninstall the SSL certificate. You find the uninstall option in the manage installed SSL websites. Click on the uninstall button it will get uninstalled.

Uninstall SSl


  • Once uninstalled, return back to search bar and search for SSL/TLS status toolbar. Click on that.

SSL/TLS Status


  • To run auto SSL select all the domains and then click on the Run Auto SSL button. It will take sometime to execute.

Run AutoSSL


  • After the execution is completed it will auto refresh your website. Now SSL certificate is installed for your domain.