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Google’s Improved Customer Match – Targeted Advertising

Google’s customer match was introduced in the year 2015 and it supported promoters to target audience based on the list of email address in their search, Gmail, and Youtube campaigns. The customer match has become more powerful best practices for advertisers and in 2016 it has been expanded to shopping campaigns.

Even the customer match has become a best practice among the advertisers, they don’t have a large email list to target their ads. But, when advertisers tried a lot to get email and targeted, Google wasn’t strong to match every email on their channels.

New Improved Customer match:

As a helping feature for advertiser’s, Google has improved the customer match target for best results. It has been extended the way that promoters can target audience by matching their phone number or address.

How to use the New Customer Match:

As the customer match audience has been improved, advertisers create customer match that includes any combination of Physical address, E-mails and Phone Number. Once combination created, it has to be uploaded to AdWords to target in Search, Shopping, Gmail and YouTube campaigns.

How to upload?

In the New AdWords user interface, you can upload audiences data through audience manager. Google provides a complete guide for uploading data.

The phone number and address targeting allow businesses to use their first-party user data to reach more searchers. While email targeting list is to improve campaigns by leveraging for direct emails. The more data you provide, the higher the likelihood that Google will be able to match your user data.

Today, this expanded feature is more useful for advertisers to target specific customers at a specific location.