custom audience in facebook

Target Your Customer in Facebook by Creating Custom Audience

Social Media Marketing is becoming more effective when comparing to other medium. So there are more possibilities to bring the search results within the Social Media Application to make the things very simple. While reading the articles over the web, I got few interesting news about the search results. Also I understood that the social media platforms like Facebook, etc is destroying the Search Giants.

To grow your Business by promoting your product or services, you must know how to reach the existing customer with Facebook Advertising. Reach your customers and contacts on Facebook by building the Custom Audience. There are three powerful ways to build your custom audience in Facebook.

  • Contact List

Target your potential customers on Facebook and increase your leads. It is also called as re-targeting audience in a manual way. If you are running business for a long time, then you must have your previous customers database like Contact Number, Email Id and so on. What you want is just the contact number or the Email Address to target them on Facebook.

contact list for custom audience in facebook

Main drawback of this method is, people must use Facebook with the details what you have. For example: If a customer is providing you a Number like 987456…. but if he is using Facebook with 874561…. then you cannot target your customer in Facebook. This is the common problem faced by most of the business people.

  • Website Visitors

Just capture your website visitors and chase them with your customized Ads. Most of the business have implemented it already and I could see some Ads in my personal Facebook account as well. Facebook helps you to capture your website visitors just by placing a simple code in your website. It is called as Facebook Pixel.

website visitors

Facebook Pixel Helper Extension helps you to check whether the website is having Pixel Code or not. You don’t need any access to check using this extension. This is the effective way to target your customer through implementing the codes.

  • App Users

If you are developing the application and you want to target your customers then it can be done through simple steps. Facebook SDK 0 a snippet of code that you install it in your application. Through this you will get the customer audience of the people who use your application. So using this data, you can bring back your customer to your application by effective advertisements.

application users