Wonder How You Are Getting Ads On Facebook tricky

Are You Aware Of How Facebook Follows Each User?

Wonder How You Are Getting Ads On Facebook?

Facebook is the social media application used by most of the people around the world. You may see many Ads on Facebook which is mentioned as “Sponsored” posts. Have you been wondered why you are getting that kind of post all the time? Well here let’s see why you are getting so.

how facebook follows you

Aware which sites you visit on the internet:

You may visit many sites on the web, right from shopping sites to the blogging sites. The same Ad will be shown to you later on. This is done by the strategy called remarketing which the business owners implement on the site to target the potential audience. Business people integrate a piece of code called Facebook Pixel in their website. This code will keep track of all the users visiting the website and their Facebook Id associated with them. Later by using the Pixel data business people will show Ads to you on Facebook. This is one of the reasons why get sponsored Ads on Facebook.

How You Are Getting Ads On Facebook

Based on Your Personal Data:

While creating the Facebook account, you may give much personal info to the Facebook like age, educational status. Job designation. Marital status, location, etc. Based on these Info business people can target you. For example, as a business people if he/she needs to show the Ads only for the age particular age group at the particular location. Then it can be easily done with the help of Facebook Advertising.

Are you aware of Facebook Targeting Options?

Facebook provides more specific targeting options for the business people. They can target the people based on the friend’s birthday, relationship status, even the people who are engaged recently, newlywed, etc. Facebook has more targeting options in it even we cant think of that.

Wonder How You Are Getting Ads On Facebook

Thus as a normal Facebook user, you should be aware of the data’s that you are providing to Facebook about yourself. Also as a business people, you can make use of the Facebook Advertising to target the potential audience and get more leads by using Facebook as a medium.