Google Image Search with view image option

Google Chrome Extensions Brings Back ‘View Image’ Buttons in Image Search

Google Chrome is one of the very popular browser used by most of the people same like Google Search Engine. Google Chrome is not a dominating Browser like Google Search Engine, but it stays strong with their user friendly appearance.

Comparing to other browsers, Google Chrome is have more advantages like Loading the Browser very fast and gives more flexibility for the users. What people likes more is the fastest one and chrome stand on its way.

In Google Image Search, you can search for a image by uploading a image, or through voice or phrases. After identifying the exact image we will be downloading it, to use it somewhere else.

google image search

Latest Search Engine Update by Google

In recent days, Google is updating its search engine algorithms and user interface to upgrade the system to next level. And removal of “View Image” option is one of the major update which affects most of the users. In previous days if you are searching for an image, then you can click on it to view the options like View Image, share, and visit page. But now it’s completely changes as Visit and Share.

Google Image Search without view image option

This also secured the image from other people through this effective update. A person cannot view the image in original size to make use of it.

Also you can see some words below the image, which is all about Copyright information of the image. These changes makes the Image Search looks new and updated.

New Chrome Extension

New Chrome Extensions has been launched and after installing those, it will show “view image” option in Chrome Browsers. This gives lot of freedom for the users to download the original image from the particular webpage.

Google Image Search with view image option

By knowing the exact need of the particular customization, the developers have created the extensions to revert back those changes to live again. One of the Chrome Extension is “View Image“.