What is MySQL?

What is MySQL?

What is MySQL?

MySQL is a free open source relational database management system that uses Standard Query Language (SQL) and PHP as an object-oriented scripting language. It runs the server and allows the multiple users to manage and create numerous database. MySQL makes the use of SQL for storing, fetching and querying the database.


The database is the collection of information which can be easily organized, managed and updated.

SQL  stands for Structured Query Language which is used to communicate with the database.

MySQL was originally developed to handled large database much faster than the existing solution and successfully used in a high demand environment. MySQL runs on various platforms UNIX, LINUX, WINDOWS, etc. MySQL is reliable, fast and scalable.

WordPress requires MySQL to store and retrieve all the types of data.


Key Features of MySQL:

  • It is easy to use. We can build and interact with MySQL using some SQL keywords.
  • It consists of solid data security which protects the sensitive data from the hackers.
  • By implementing SQL, a commercial business can be customized with the appropriate database.
  • MySQL is a client-server architecture. There are database server and application program which communicate with the server.
  • MySQL is listed as the most powerful transitional database engine.
  • It supports a large number of embedded application, which makes MySQL very flexible.
  • MySQL supports multi-threading that makes easily scalable. It is able to access a large amount of data nearly 50 million rows and default file size about 4GB.

 Using MySQL for WordPress:

WordPress uses MySQL as a database management system, which is used to create a database, stored and get the database when recovered. To install WordPress you need MySQL database. All WordPress hosting providers offer MySQL include in their hosting package. In WordPress, PHP scripting language is used to send and retrieve the information from MySQL.  MySQL uses the table to store data. Most of the web host comes with the SQL user interface software called PHPmyAdmin. It is free and open-source software. This enables you to edit, delete or create rows and tables. 12 tables are created in your database. This table has some key functions for your site to perform.

The 12 tables are:

phpmyadmin database


It contains the metadata information about the comments from the user.


It contains the comments and also all the information of the person who commented  & the URL, date of the comment, etc.,


It has the information of all links that are in the links feature of WordPress.


It contains the options that are under Administration->Settings panel in WordPress dashboard.


It contains the metadata information about the page and post.


Contains the content of our post, pages & navigation menu items.


Allows the developer to store the metadata  under their customize taxonomies


Stores the taxonomies content such as categories and tags.


Stores the information of the posts and its related categories & tags.


Contains the taxonomy definition of data stored in wp_terms


Contains the meta-information about a registered user of websites.


It stores information about all the users of the website.