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3 Basic Tips to Optimize Your Blog Content

SEO to Rank Website

Search Engine Optimization is very much important to optimize and rank a website in Search Engine Result Page. Internet is the place where anyone can learn and execute the things very well. The large amount of data and information is completely all because of the bloggers. Because blogger plays a  major role in publishing the quality contents over the web. So here in this article I have explained the important Blog SEO Tips to optimize your website.

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Blog SEO Tips to Optimize Your Blog Content

  • Focus on Long Tail Keywords

Optimizing a blog post based on the keywords doesn’t mean that repeating the keywords all over the content. Also if you are stuffing the keywords in your content section, then it will hurt your SEO because Google considers keyword stuffing as a spam action

  • Keyword Presence in Specific part of the Content

To make sure your content is relevant to specific keywords, it is important to place your keyword once or twice in particular part of your content. By including the keyword based terms in the best part of your content will help you to rank in top of Search Engine Results.

Title Tag : Choosing the appropriate keyword is very much important and to make sure the content is more relevant to the keyword, you must place the keyword once or twice in the title tag. So it helps the users to know that the content is something related to the particular keyword. Also, this is how the search engine ranks a website too.

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Description : Giving optimized description is the most important of everything.Because description is the place which contains the crispy information about the content. So most of the people used to ready multiple descriptions before entering into a website. Placing your keyword very strong in the description will brings the user inside your website and also it helps to rank in top of Search Engine Result Page.

URL : Sometimes search engines also will figure out the URL to know more about the contents. So mentioning the keywords in the URL will be very much helpful to rank in Search Results and also creating the user friendly URLs will be very useful for better navigation.

  • Mobile Friendly & Responsive Blog

As per the recent survey, the search engine giant has revealed that more than 50% of the users were using the Mobile Devices to search something over online. So it is more important to have the mobile friendly and responsive blogs for better ranking and traffic as well.

How SEO brings new customers to your Business?


How to obtain new customers: Search Engine optimization:

Search Engine Optimisation helps in ranking the website. Ranking the website in higher level, this can be based on the content quality. This helps you to get new customers. When the user searches something in the search engine, and if your site wants to be ranked on the top, then the search engine optimisation plays the major role. If you want to gain the new customers for the business, it is very important that your site should be ranked on the top of the search results.


Increase in awareness:

In the SEO search jobs, all the organic search results are found. With this you should aware of increase in the count of leads and also increase in the brand power. This is because of SEO, which brings new customers to your business. The SEO ranks the site based on keywords which are “long-tail, and high-user-intent”. The long tail keywords are words which are used along with phrases. For ex: “best protein drink for body building” and if you are a protein drink producer then you should have given the keywords with preference. High-user-intent keywords are words which are searched by people generally. For ex: restaurants near me. If you search like this, you will see the restaurants near your place. The ranking will be based on the reviews which are positive, and based on users search.

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Increase in local presence:

As I said you in the awareness, the local presence has also increased. The local presence can be in multiple locations, cities and areas. The SEO will help in handling the web pages by excel. By the excellent SEO services, good content building and wonderful link maintenance will help you to bring new leads and new customers .

An overall better experience on your website:

The more optimised website will give you more experience, which all will be useful to you. This provides the wonderful user experience. If the web site is crazy as well as organised you will retain more customers.

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Maintaining your heightened presence in search results:

SEO helps in retaining your webpage on the top of the search results. Here comes the PPC(pay per click). You have to pay for ad in your site.

You always want more customers right? then why are you waiting keep moving with SEO.

4 Major Google Ranking Factor in 2018

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Google is one of the famous and most used search engine because of its user friendly interface. It’s not a secret that the website ranks in Google based on 200+ factors. As the list is so huge, it is quite difficult to optimize the website based on all the 200+ factors. Actually SEO is not about making everything perfect but optimizing the maximize for best is the right way. Based on the recent updates of Google here we have listed the important ranking factors. Read the below about the factors and how to optimize your site for each factors.


Whatever updates may happen in Google Search Algorithm, the value and importance of Backlinks for Ranking the websites is always high. Let’s look how to find the exact things for better ranking.

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  • Page Authority

It is very much important to make use of backlinks effectively. Getting incoming links to our site from other websites is considered as a backlink. It is not just about backlinks, but we need to get quality backlinks. The quality and strength of backlink is completely based on the Domain Authority and Page Authority of that particular website. Also it is based on the number of links to the site.

In terms of quantity, it is recommended to focus on number of domains linking to your website. Measuring the Backlink Quality is standard based on the authority.

  • Anchor Text

Anchor Text is another important part of backlinks and it says what the content about and for what the site is referred. In terms of backlinks. it is not a recommended advice to give keyword as a anchor text. It is suggested to give long tail keywords or a phrase with a presence of keyword in it. So that it won’t make spammy actions.

Another most important thing to be noted while providing backlink is that “sudden increase or unusual action of backlinks” may lead to make the site spammy.

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  •  Backlink Analysis

Analysing your competitor backlink analysis using some online tool is the effective way of improving our domain authority. It will be effective only if we try to replicate the backlinks from the quality domains. Competitors may have some spammy backlinks from various domains with low domain authority so it is better to avoid those.

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Content Quality

In terms of Effective SEO, Content is the King. A webpage with quality content is very much important to optimize and rank it in top of search engine result page.

  • Keyword Usage

Title tag is a most important factor to rank in Google Search. It is still important to have a keyword in your title tag to improve the ranking. As the search engine algorithms were mainly focussed on the Title and Description, you must ensure that the keywords were available in both of them. Also using the keyword in content is must, where it is suggested to make use of keywords in H1 tag.

A web page must have only one H1 tag and also keyword must be present in that tag as well. Keyword stuffing is not a proper way of optimizing the site, instead it is recommended to use the relevant keywords for better ranking and targets.

Is Keywords With Low Search Volume Help To Get Quality Leads - seo

  • Length

To optimize and rank a webpage, it must have minimum content which helps in overall quality of the website. There are no restriction about the minimum content length but it is recommended to use the satisfied amount of content in it based on the topic and category.

To identify the satisfiable amount of content, it is preferred to check the other pages which ranks in top at that content level.

  • Content Optimize

There are various website analysis tools in online and also some of them were available for free or at low cost. Find the best one which is user friendly and that helps to better your site. The website analysis tools which analyse the content and may suggest you to improve at particular level for better ranking.

For example: If your website is having more than one H1 tag or if the keyword is not present in the H1 tag then it will highlight the things to do it. So this is the better way to optimize a webpage based on the keywords.

content optimization


Technical SEO

Technical Foundation is a crucial part of SEO. There are two important factors that matters a lot for SEO as listed below.

  • Page Speed

Page Speed is what expected by most of the people who surfs over the web. Also it is considered as an important ranking factor in the year 2017 itself. But as an upgrade, the ranking will vary for mobile search and desktop search based on its loading speed in different platform. Page Speed is considered to be very important for SEO and also user friendly website.

  • Mobile Friendly

It is recommended to develop mobile friendly website to provide the comfortable result for the users. As a growth, the search engine algorithms were modified to provide the quality results for the mobile users who does most of the search than the desktop users.

As per the study, most of the searches were made through mobiles and so the target of the search is to provide the top results based on its mobile friendliness.

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User Experience

Whatever the optimization or search results, finally the user needs to land on a website with good user experience and the required information. Users were the best to choose the relevant terms which is calculated through the CTR (Click Through Rate).

  • Click-through Rate 

In Search Engine Result Page, the click-through rate is the ratio of number of times the clicks made on the search results to the number of times the result is displayed to the users. CTR is also acting as one of the important ranking signal based on which the websites were listed in the search results.

user experience

To check the CTR of a particular keyword or a result, it will be available in your Google Search Console. Also it will be available in the Google Analytics where different and very interior datas will be gathered and that helps a lot for better optimization and ranking.


Read more about


4 Important Tips to Develop SEO Friendly Website

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People who target their business over online must have a website to land their users. So they will spend more money to develop an attractive website. But there is no use in having an attractive website without any ranking and views. So the website must be SEO friendly to target the users over the web. Search Engine Optimization is very much important to increase the Online Presence. Designing a SEO friendly website is very much important and below is the important tips to do it effectively.

  1. Social Media Integration

It is very much important to integrate the Social Media pages with the Website. Incorporating the Social Media Icons into the website design will help you to rank better in search engine results. So when designing the website make sure the Social Media Icons were present in it. It won’t help for ranking alone, but also to make the website look personalized.

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  1. Optimize the Images

Most of the people will optimize the website contents and they will not think about the images. But images too have capability to rank a webpage. Some important factors which optimize a images are

Image Size – Make sure the maximum size of an Image is 100kb. Because images of large size will make the site to load slow.

Image Name – Image name must be given in a meaningful manner, which must highlight that the Image is relevant to the content in that page.

Image Relevancy – Add relevant Images and make the site to improve ranking.

Alt Tag – Add proper Alt tag for the images such that if the image is unable to load due to various reasons, the alt text will appear.

  1. JavaScript Usage

To make the website to look more dynamic and attractive, the developers will use the JavaScript. But if the sites use more JavaScript codes, then it makes difficult for the search engines to crawl the website. To rank a website in top of search results, make sure the site is easy for the search engines to crawl and user friendly.

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  1. URL Structure

Mostly, URL of the coded website will look like something different and also the URL will end with the programming extension like “.php”, “.html” and so on. But search engines will expect the URL’s to be user friendly to provide the best for the Users.


Choose SEO Friendly Domain Names for Your Website

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Business over Online is very competitive and it’s increasing day by day. To project our business over Online, we must have a website through which user interacts and know about us. To start with a website, we need some basic things like Domain Name, Hosting and a Developer to design an attractive website. Among these things Domain is the Very basic and initial step of a website.

Choosing the Domain Name is very important because if you have chosen a wrong domain, then you may be in trouble. Also you must understand that the Domain Name do impact SEO. Most of the people were in an idea to buy Exact Match Domain. Some of them say it as Keyword Domains. Business people will have a thought to choose their business name as their domain name. Choosing the Business Name as a Domain will create a brand awareness among the people and also it is the recommended one too.

Domain Names

Most of the website traffic will be coming through Navigation search. Navigational Search is a type of search query entered with the intention of reaching the website. So when a potential customers search for those terms then it shows that they were more likely to find our website.

Brand Signals

Brand Signals acts as the way to differentiate a low quality brand and a high-quality brand. Suppose if a person is looking your website through some informational search query, then they will try to know about the website quality and its brand awareness by using the navigation query. Brand name matter a lot than the domain name but our domain name should follow our brand name.

Brand Name with a Keyword

Using Keywords as a brand name is not a bad practice and it is often called as Partial Match Domain (PMD). The problem with the Partial Match Domain and Exact Match Domain is not just the keywords in a domain but also due to other spammy stuffs too.


Tips to choose Best Domain Name

  • Avoid Using Numbers

It is better to use words instead of numbers. It may create confusion for the people whether to spell the number or to use numerical.

  • Avoid Misspelling Words

Misspelled Words will make the things worse. So avoid using hard or misspelled words to maintain the brand value.

  • Avoid Using Hyphens

Some people will think that using hyphens is a strategy but it’s not actually. Using the Hyphens is similar to that of using the numbers. People may forget where to use the hyphens. Sometimes small change in the domain may lead to someone’s domain.

  • Use Short Names

Using short names or easy words will make the things easy for the visitors to remember the site name. Using more than 15 characters is considered to be too long.