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How Google Search Organizes Information?

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Before every search, the web crawlers will gather information from millions of websites over the web and will organize it in a search index.

Search Fundamentals

The websites were identified by the search program called Crawlers. The Crawlers will start initially with few web pages and later by passing through the links present in those web pages it will index the millions of web pages over the web. The webpages will be identified by crawler through the past crawls or through sitemap provided by the site owners.

It will pay special attention when the new site is becoming an existing sites and dead links. The program itself will decide how many pages to crawl and to fetch the pages from each site. Google offers you the full control about your website through Webmaster Console. Through which you can take control of the crawling status off your site.

Google Search Tags

Also you can hide the web pages from google crawler by updating it through robots.txt file. One important thing about this is, Google won’t accept payment to index or to increase the rank of any websites. Google Search Results is completely organic without any influence through money.

Google allows you to advertise your ads in search results but it is completely different from organic results. There are various rules for the ads that is to be shown in Search Results or through Display Network. After some deep analysis, Google have restricted from using few words as Search Content.

Identify Exact Results

Web is like a growing tree, where the websites will get increased gradually like a leaves in it. The special software called web crawlers which is used to identify the publicly available web pages over the web. Normally, the crawler identifies a particular website and will jump to another webpage through the links present in the website.

Once the crawler identifies a web page, it will render all the information present in the webpage and will be stored based on the keywords. Once the user searches for a keyword, then it will be identifying the exact search results by various comparisons like the number of times the keyword present in the webpage, presence of synonyms for the particular keyword, the number of webpages pointing to the particular webpage for that keyword and so on. These things were considered to be the ranking factors as well.

How Google Change their Search Algorithm?

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Among various Search Engines, Google is the very famous and most used search engine in most of the countries. Their Search Engine Result Page and Results were user friendly, that’s the reason why google is prefered by most of the people. If you are a business owner then you must know the difficulty in creating the trust on your business, here Google created it in a massive way so that the people’s mind is registered as “whatever you want, you can just open Google and search for it”. So here in this article we explained all about, how google changes their search algorithm and why it is getting updated frequently.

According to the Experts in Google, Search Algorithm is formed based on the several hundred signals. They trying to gather all signals together to provide the best. The signal is like a condition to pick best results(web pages) for particular search query.

The Google Search Engine algorithms were updated almost about 500 changes/year. They used to update the algorithms very often to provide the best. Everyone will look to do the best or at least better than others, in this case the algorithm is deeply analyzed and updated.

We know that, doing a small change in a program may collapse the entire system and likewise their small update may change the entire search network. Before updating anything in to their algorithm, they used to test various possibilities through rigorous scientific test.

ranking comparison

There some external people, who is trained to judge which ranking is high quality and more relevant to the particular keyword. Also some of the experiments released by the developers will be confirmed and tested in the live environment with the real users.

SandBox is used to test the experimental works. A part of traffic will be passed to the sandbox to identify the quality and relevancy of the search results. About 10,000 experiments will takes place to implement a valuable update. At last, the experimental results and the human evaluated results will be combined together by the Search Analyst.

Once a project is evolved with some new strategies or an update, it will be discussed in a launch decision meet, where the Search Analyst must answer the queries raised by their teammates. If everything is went positive, then they will launch the update else they used to reject it.

search results examples

Example: If you misspelled or search for some unique terms, then you will see an option like “showing results for” or “Search for”. If people clicks on the search results over particular percentage, then it won’t some wrong suggestions. From nest time, the results for that exact term will be shown to the people.

Core Parts of Search Engine Algorithm

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Search Engine Algorithm is a piece of codes and logics based on which a web page is listed in the search engine result page. The need of search engine algorithm is to show the needed information based on the users search query. Main Head of the Search Algorithm is the KEYWORD based on which the results were displayed. It is possible to see variation in results for the sentence misspelled or misused i.e., instead of singular if a word is mentioned in plural then the list of websites in the search engine result page may vary.


Web Crawler also called as Spider or Google Bot which crawl a website through Sitemap submission or through various URL’s. Crawling is the process through which they discover your content and also they apply the no-follow and disavow links. Web Search Engines uses the web crawler or some software to update their web content or the changes in the search engine results.

Search Console in Google Webmaster is the best and recommended way to submit the sitemap. Once the crawler enters into a webpage, it crawl the entire links pointing from that webpage. It may be of internal links or external links which is classified based on the link behavior.

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After the Crawling process and based on the various factors, Search Engines will index the web pages. Search Engine Indexing is the complete backup of the needed contents which gets stored in the database for easy and fast retrieval. All the websites crawled by the Web Crawler will not get indexed. Sometimes spam action of any site may de-index their webpages from the search results. So that the visitors or the users can’t see that particular page in Search Rankings.


Retrieval is the initial part of the search query where a webpage will be retrieved and ranked. Retrieval is the part of the search query which searches the web pages for the keyword related terms. The webpage retrieved must be more relevant to search query to provide the best results for the users. It is important part of the search engine because people will expect the accurate results with the user friendly interface.

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Ranking is the very important one for the search engine as well as the website owners. People who were in need of something will just open their favorite browser to search for it. Everything is competitive and people were fighting each other to rank their website in the top to make more conversions. This shows the importance of showing the relevant results.


Why On-page SEO is Important than Off-Page SEO?

importance of off-page optimization techniques

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is very much important for a website to rank well in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). In Search Engine Optimization, it is classified into two types as On-page and Off-Page Optimization. On-Page Optimization is which completely based on the Website and its content where the Off-page Optimization is based on how other websites linking to us and how authorized our website is and so on. In our previous articles, I discussed about the Importance of On-Page Optimization, Importance of Off-Page Optimization, how Web Hosting helps in SEO? and Page Speed Optimization. In this Article, I have explained about “On-page Optimization is more important than Off-Page Optimization”.

off page optimization importance

On-Page Optimization & Off-Page Optimization

On-page Optimization is the basic optimization and based on which the site is shown to the users in the Search Results. If a user searching for your domain based products or services and your page getting visible in the Search Engine Result Page then title and description provided for the particular webpage will be visible to the users. Based on which the user will enter into our site. Off-Page Optimization is which getting some quality links from the trusted sites or most preferred sites. Everyone is having questions in their mind that why the sites with Good Quality links were preferred to rank on the top? Because the most preferred site won’t give links to the site unless they feel it worth and unique.Based on which the sites were listed in the site.

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On-Page is Important than Off-page

If the website is optimized based on all On-Page Elements then your website will look natural and keyword specific. If a person needs your service or products then they will search for it in search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.., based on the title and description user will enter into a website. Also the user will not directly submit the orders, they will look at the contents in the web page which must satisfy their needs. Based on which they will proceed further. Adding relevant images, Presence of Keywords in H1 and H2 Tags, Keyword Density, Proper Alt Tags are the Important On-Page Optimization Elements. Off-page will help us in ranking for high competitive keywords and to generate the Page views or traffic but the conversion happens only based on the On-page optimization. This is why the On-page Optimization is more important than Off-Page Optimization. Also for Low competitive keywords, proper On-Page Optimization is enough to rank on the top of Search Engine Result Page.