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Importance of Low Bounce Rate – Latest Search Update

search engine algorithm updates

Indexing and Ranking your website in top of Search Engine Results is not an easy task at all. I am saying this as hard and very difficult because in recent times we can see some search update more than twice in a month. Also recently we faced a major changes in ranking in Search Results due to Search Engine Algorithm Updates. Some of the websites went to top spots and some went back. So it is very much important to update and optimize the website based on the Search Engine Algorithm for better results.

Pogo Sticking Effect

After the recent updates in Search Engine Algorithm, the word that went very popular among the SEO’s & Digital Marketing people were Pogo Sticking Effect. Do you know what it is? normally the users will search using few terms and will enter into a website, if suppose the user is not satisfied with the information provided in the search results, then they will go back to look some other websites listed in the search. So the term used to define the user behavior of going back and forth in the search result is Pogo Sticking Effect.

pogo sticking effect in google

Low Bounce Rate – Latest Search Algorithm Update

Recent Search Update is all about the Pogo Sticking Effect. But normally, it is all about the Bounce Rate of your Web Page or your Website. Because if a user enters into your site and leaves immediately then it is termed as Pogo Sticking Effect and finally it will increase the Bounce Rate of the Particular Website or web page.

google - pogo sticking effect

 Bounce Rate Calculations

Page Level Bounce Rate –  Total Number of Bounces on a Page divided by total number of Entrances on the particular page (Date Range must be same for both the values).

Sitewide Bounce Rate – Total Number of Bounces across all the pages divided by total number of entrances on the website (Date Range must be same for both the values).

Segmented Bounce Rate – Total Number of Bounces across all the pages in the selected Segment divided by the total number of entrances across the pages in selected segment  (Date Range must be same for both the values).

Bounce Rate plays an important role to rank your website in top of search engines. So it is not the ultimate Search Engine Algorithm, it is just the latest update. So if you are running a business then it is not possible to keep yourself updated about the things in Search Updates. Instead hire the SEO Services Agency who can optimize your website to rank in top of search results for potential keywords.

Why Search Engines Algorithms were Updated Frequently?

search engine optimization

What is Search Engine?

Search Engine is the programmed device which is designed to find the information over World Wide Web. The results provided by the Search Engine will appear as a list and the page is said to be as Search Engine Result Page. The results were identified and prioritized to show as a list based on various factors. The information available over the web may be of any type. It may contain the webpages, Images, Videos and other types of files or documents. At every particular time the search Engine bots like Google Bot will crawl to index the relevant content over the web.

search engine algorithm updates

Search Engine Algorithm

The Algorithm of Search Engine is designed in a fashion such that it lists the Web Pages in the Search Engine Result Page by considering various factors. The need of a search engine is to provide the details for which we search. So to provide more relevant results the search engines were considering few factors and based on which the web pages are ranked on search results.

The factors that is considered to rank a website over the search results is also said to be as SEO Factors. SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the way of optimizing a webpage based on Search Engine to rank in top of search results. Here the optimization will takes place by considering the factors based on which the websites were listed on the Search results. No one knows the entire factors based on which the search engines index and rank a site. But based on some research and practical analysis, people found some important factors and they mentioning it as the SEO factors.

Indexing and Ranking your webpage is the difficult task, but you can hide the webpages from the search engine bots. To hide the webpage you can add the meta tag ( <meta name=”Googlebot” content=”nofollow” /> )orelse you can alter the robots.txt file.

search engine algorithm

Search Engine Algorithm Updates

Once the Webmasters identifies the most important factor consider to rank a webpage, they will stuff keywords on that particular section. For example: Search Engines were considering the Meta Description as important factor and so the people started stuffing the description with the keywords. This won’t make any sense and so an update is released to overcome these things. So the search engine algorithms were updated to provide the most relevant results for the users.

People started depending more on search engines and that’s the reason the update is required to satisfy everyone. Recent news from Google is that the Mobile Speed will be considered as the ranking factor. The reason behind this announcement is, most of the searches were made through mobile devices. So by ranking the webpage which is relevant and loading so quick will satisfy the users who search for it.

Every Product will be targeted and altered based on the requirements of the people.