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Why SEO is a Time Bounding Task?

Link Building Techniques SEO

SEO is turning as a must needed service for a Business Website. Even now the bloggers were showing more interest in ranking their blog posts, and that’s where they can get some good traffic to their websites. Typically, SEO is not a magic or a strange thing. It is merely a set of rules based on which the search engine bots will list the web pages on the Search Engine Result Page. No one knows the exact and complete rules implemented in the search engine bots, and it is said to have some 200+ ranking factors. Even though there are some unchanged ranking factors, it is difficult to understand the Search Engine Bots.

Google algorithm update - optmize for Google's Rank Brain

Is it possible to rank my Website in a Month?

If you are starting your business over online and hiring an SEO Services Agency, then your first question will be “How many days you need to rank my website in No.1 or in the first page of SERP for particular keywords?” Also, the SEO Agency won’t give you the time commitment without knowing the exact keyword and its difficulty.

As a Business person, he will think how to rank his website with a one-time payment. But it is not possible because of frequent updates in Search Engine Algorithms and the SEO implemented by the competitors for their website. Every domain is competitive, and it must be monitored with regular changes for better results.

how to reduce bounce rate to optimize for Google's Rankbrain

Factors to measure the Delay in Ranking?

Every SEO Services Agency will request the Domain Name, Website URL and the keywords that you must target for your business. Do you know why? It is not only to know the expectation of the business but also to understand the difficulty in ranking your website. Some of the important factors calculated during the website analysis were Domain Age, Domain Authority, Keyword Competition, Search Volume and Competitor Analysis.

By calculating all these factors one can easily identify the work needed to bring your website to the first page of Search Engine Result Page. So that’s the time needed to understand your website and your competitors.

It is recommended to hire an SEO Service providing Agency who can understand your website better and will provide you with the best things for better results. Don’t get disconnected when your website is ranked. Because ranking is not a stable one and ranking a website is a very difficult task. Hire the agency and grow your website with better traffic and quality conversions.

Does Sitemap Resulting in 404 Affects Your Ranking?

sitemap with 404 url

In terms of SEO, people used to submit the Sitemap through Google Search Console to make sure all the pages and posts getting indexed in Google Search Engine.  If you are changing your Website from One form to other or anything, then there are more possibilities in changing the sitemap URL. So there is a question among the people is that, if a sitemap URL resulted in 404 Not Found then will affect SEO or website Ranking? As everyone is very concentrated on their website ranking, it is more important to notice these things.

Google Expert – John Mueller answered this Question as “If your sitemap results in 404 Error, then it’s just a 404 and it won’t affect your SEO or Website Ranking in Search Engine Result Page”.

404 pages not found

A person raised a Question that he have submitted a sitemap through Search Console and recently due to change in URL it is showing 404 Page Not Found Error. Also he added that, it is removed in Old Search Console and it’s still showing in the New Search Console. For this Mueller has replied that “the sitemap URL or a webpage URL – whatever it may be, the 404 Error is just a Not Found Page & it won’t affect the SEO or ranking of other webpages in a website”.

Also he highlighted that, if the New Console is showing the deleted Sitemap URL, then there is a bug in Google Search Console and there is no fault on yours. So if have submitted a Sitemap URL which doesn’t exists then you don’t want to worry about that, as it won’t affect your website ranking or SEO.

Google search console beta

As new Search Console is still in a BETA phase, still more changes is expected. For datas or any important updates, you can look at the Old Search Console which shares some exact metrics compared to Beta Version of the New Search Console.

Below is the Complete Session of John Mueller’s – English Google Webmaster Central office-hours Hangout.



Importance of Google Search Console for Your Website

google search console

In 2015, Google rebranded Google Webmaster as Google Search Console. Also currently (Feb 2018), Google has released a new version of Google Search Console with the improvements in User Interface and Reports.

Google Search Console

We know that, Google is the most used and famous search engine because of its user friendly interface and relevant search results. Currently, there are lot of changes in Search Engine Result Page which makes the people to get addicted to Google Search Engine. Also their works on personalized search results will just make them unique compared to other search engines.

Google search console beta

Google Search Console helps you to have a control of your website over the Search Engine Results. Suppose if there is any issue in ranking your website, you will be notified through Google Webmaster. You must verify your domain to get started with Google Search Console.  Be a webmaster of your website through Google Search Console and have a full control on it.

Benefits of Google Search Console

Effective utilization of the factors in Google Search Console will help you to boost your ranking in Search Results. Some of the important features available in Google Search Console is listed below.

google search update

  • Search Traffic
    • Get insights about your current traffic to your websites through the Search Console.
  • Keywords, Position & CTR
    • It is very much important to know where our site ranks for the main keywords. Know the keywords for which your website is ranking and gain more details like positions and CTR as well.
  • Internal Links
    • Internal Links were said to be the powerful ranking factor. So just review your internal linking and make it more useful and effective as well.

Google removed quick links

  • Links to your Site
    • Links to your sites is also called as Backlinks. It is very much important to get the quality backlinks. So you can check the domains that were pointing to your website.
  • Sitemap Submission
    • Everyone would like to index & Rank the site in Search Engine. To index your website, you must submit the sitemap in the Search Console.
  • Remove URL
    • If suppose, you want to remove the URL indexed or ranked in Search Engine Result Page, then you can remove it manually by submitting a request in this section.

googles update on SERP

  • Fetch as Google
    • Fetch as Google Option helps you to understand how Google crawls your site. So if there is any issue in crawling your website then you can check using this option.
  • Disavow tool
    • Spam links to your site will drop your rankings. So it is important to get quality backlinks alone. If you found some spam links to your website then you can remove it manually by using disavow tool.
  • Crawl Errors
    • Due to usage of various codes during the design and optimization process, there may be possibilities to get errors during the crawling. This may affect your ranking. So identify the crawl errors if any.

Make use of the resources effectively, to rank your website in top of Search Engine Result Page. Google Search Console is a free charge software, so there won’t be any restrictions in using it.

Mobile SEO to Boost Your Ranking

boost your ranking with mobile seo

According to Google, more than half of its traffic is coming through Mobile Devices. It is very common that, concentrating on what people likes will help us to grow better. As a result, Google is now concentrating to give best experience for the mobile users.

Mobile First Index

I can see most of the people were just confusing about the term “Mobile First Index”. It is very simple that, during these days the sites will get indexed and ranked the desktop version of the site before mobile. But due to the increase in Mobile Users over desktop or other devices, Google  concentrating to provide priority for mobile devices. So mobile version of websites or web pages will get indexed in Google before desktop version of the site and which is so called Mobile First Index.

How Mobile Page Speed Will Impact Your SEO

As a result, people have started developing separate mobile websites. According to Google’s latest update, if your site is responsive for Mobile & Desktop Devices then you don’t want to do anything new. Google’s update is all about providing the best user experience for the Mobile Users.

Mobile-Responsive vs Mobile-Friendly

Responsive Websites will respond based on the users and devices using which they viewing it. In responsive website, the two or more column layouts will be converted to single layout to provide the best for the viewers. Also in mobile devices some, unnecessary images will be hidden from the website.

Mobile Friendly Websites are the one designed to work across various devices. Some of the difficult features will get changed in the Mobile Devices. For example: features like Menu & Navigation will be simplified for better user experience. Here the Images will be displayed in small sizes with simplified navigation.

Mobile Scorecard and a conversion Impact Calculator

Currently, Google is focused to improve the mobile website experience and as result they have announced the two mobile depended resources – Mobile Scorecard and Conversion Impact Calculator.

Mobile Scorecard – In Mobile Speed Scorecard, you can check the loading speed of your domain and also you can see the comparison between the websites. Maximum you can compare upto 5 websites and it will be displayed with the ranks.

page speed

Conversion Impact Calculator – Now what people expects is speed and comfortable mobile experience. So based on the current page speed, Average monthly visitors, Average Order Value and Conversion rate, the impact calculator will show you the results. It will show the results like if your current page speed is 2.0 seconds then if you speed up your site to load in 1.0 seconds, then you will get more sales which profits you $$$$$ (Approximate value).

conversion calculator

What is the Most Effective Way to Rank a Website?

Don't Skip Four Super Simple SEO Strategies

A website is the source of Online Business. Because it is the only way to promote your business to online users. It is not important to have a website alone, it is very much important to make sure your website is ranking in top of Search Engine Results.

Google Ranking

#1 Keyword

When it comes to search engine results, it is classified into two types based on the keywords. Two different types of keywords are Potential and Unique Keywords.

Potential Keywords – Potential keywords is a word or group of words using which people will search related your website contents. For example: If you are a Web Hosting company, then “web hosting service provider” is your potential keyword.

Unique Keywords – Unique keywords were the odd or relevant terms. Normally ranking for the common terms will generate traffic to your website and which helps in conversions as well. Unique terms won’t have any competition and there is no use in ranking for such terms.


# On-Page Factors

When it comes to On-Page Factors there are 100+ factors which act as a ranking signal in search engines. Below, I have mentioned the most important terms to rank your website in Search Engine Results Page(SERP).

SEO to Rank Website

SEO Title – Title Plays an important role to rank your website. If you are searching for something over the web, there you will find SEO Title and based on which the user enters into your website.

SEO Description – Description is the short content about your web page. Currently, the content limit for description has been increased up to 320 characters. Use your keywords in your description in an effective way for better ranking. Kindly don’t stuff the keywords and which won’t help you in ranking and conversion.

Content – Make sure your web page is more relevant to the keyword you choose. So there must be some usage of keywords in your content as well. The content must contain more than 600 words which is recommended for better ranking.

Internal Linking – Interlink your web pages and posts within your web page using the relevant anchor text. Proper internal linking will help you a lot in ranking. Also, it helps to generate the site links in Search Engine Result Page.

Link building SEO

#Off-Page Factors

Links to your Site – Get Quality backlinks to your website or web page with some relevant anchor texts. Backlinking is the major ranking factor and improper linking may destroy your ranking as well. Google has announced a tool called disavow to remove the spam links pointing to your site.

Q/A Platforms – Try to answer more questions related to your domain. Point your domain through effective will helps you to get some quality traffic.

What is the Purpose of SEO?

Simple SEO Strategies

What is the purpose of SEO?

In general, when the people want some information, they will type in the search bar and look for the information. When you developed something and you want your site or page to be displayed when the people search over the web, it should be valuable. The search engine will make your site to get displayed to the user. The search result jobs are done by SEO. The SEO will help you to make your site to come into the picture of the search engine. Here are some detailed information about SEO and the reason behind taking care of your site.

Search Engine

What is SEO?

The Search Engine Optimization is making your site to be displayed on the search results, when it has valuable information about the site and the content. The SEO jobs are done with the help of keywords. The keywords plays a major role. SEO techniques are many and it may differs from each company. If you want to target certain words in the site, there are many techniques available.


If the user wants to find many keywords which are relevant for their search, they can use white hat technique. If you have been struggling with the web traffic, then I am damn sure that you have not fully involved in SEO. The aim of SEO is to make your site to be available for many users. When the user types something in the search engine and they gets the results, the expectation of them can be satisfied. This is the ultimate goal of the SEO and also the main purpose.

SEO and the Search Engines

The goal of the search engines is to follow the various strategies to get the search results better. When you look for websites, look for terms and conditions in the webmaster. When your sites wants to be on the top of the search results in google, then you should perform the various tasks.

search engine

SEO Strategies

The important part of SEO strategy is link building. These days link building may become spam, if you do it in a wrong way. When your content building is strong, then you don’t need to focus on the link building, this happens automatically. You can get some guide to use the SEO technique.

UX and SEO for Successful Conversion

website optimization

Nowadays it is important to deliver the website as a best for the users and search engines. Website must be search engine friendly to rank in top of search engine and to gain visibility over the search engine. But visibility alone won’t matter, the user experience is very much important. In olden days the SEO is so easy to rank a website with keyword stuffing and more, but nowadays the search engine algorithms were updated frequently to provide the best results. Some common elements that helps in both SEO and UX were


Heading tags were available from H1 to H6, which tells the readers and search engines about the content. H1 is considered to have more priority and h6 with least priority. It is recommended to use only one H1 tag in a web page, which must have the primary content.

Adding the keywords in the heading tag can also help with ranking. Other Heading tags from H2 to H6 must follow H1 which is to be used in a appropriate way. Most of the time, your webpage just needs a H1 tag and more H2 tags.


Site Navigation

Easy Navigation in your site is not only important for the users but also important for the search engines to index your site. One thing you must understand clearly is that Most of the visitors won’t enter into our site through the Home page. So it is more important to have easy navigation in every page of your website.

When it comes to mobile the menu must help to provide easy navigation. Because people won’t like to access website with poor user experience. So it is important to provide the navigation based on use comfortability.

Sitelinks that appears in the Search Engine Result Page gives very easy navigation for the users and also it gives some clear view as well. The sitelinks will appear in the search results based on the site structure and appearance.

page speed

Site Speed

Site speed is very much important to give some good user experience. People were not ready to wait till the website loads and also they want to view what they want. Site speed is one of the important ranking factor for Google Search and also they have announced that the Mobile Speed also will be considered soon. There are various Online tools to to check the desktop and mobile speed of a website. Some big websites will have issues with the page speed.