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How to Rank a Website in Search Results?

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Ranking a website in Search Engine is very much important to increase the traffic to your site. Website is a Online medium through which the business people and their brand reaches the people. As people started depending internet for various things, it is very much important to project your business over online. So proper optimization and effective usage helps to make more conversion over online. Another important feature of having online presence is that, you can convert the customer who search for your product or services by ranking your website in search results and also you can convert the customer who may need your service or product through effective marketing strategies.

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Business Owners or the website owners were having one thing in mind is that how to rank a website and how to make the conversion happen. Search Engine optimization is the way of optimizing a website based on the keywords to rank in the top of search engine result page. Normally, search engine optimization is classified as On-Page and Off-page optimization. In this, On-page optimization is completely based on the website and it is the very important factor to rank the websites. Some important On-page factors to rank your website in top of search results were Title Tag optimization, Description, Image Alt Tags, Proper Internal Linking, Quality Outbound Links, Keyword Presence and so on.

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One important thing to be taken care before doing these optimization is Web Hosting. The Speed of a website, its loading speed and everything is based on the web hosting. So effective web hosting is very much important to proceed with an error free website. There are various other factors to improve the quality of search results and based on which the results were displayed to the users. Page Speed Optimization is very much important for the business websites to load the pages within a second and to provide the user friendly website. Most of the users were not preferring the website which takes long time to respond. So it is important to load our website once the users makes a click on it.

UX and SEO for Successful Conversion

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Nowadays it is important to deliver the website as a best for the users and search engines. Website must be search engine friendly to rank in top of search engine and to gain visibility over the search engine. But visibility alone won’t matter, the user experience is very much important. In olden days the SEO is so easy to rank a website with keyword stuffing and more, but nowadays the search engine algorithms were updated frequently to provide the best results. Some common elements that helps in both SEO and UX were


Heading tags were available from H1 to H6, which tells the readers and search engines about the content. H1 is considered to have more priority and h6 with least priority. It is recommended to use only one H1 tag in a web page, which must have the primary content.

Adding the keywords in the heading tag can also help with ranking. Other Heading tags from H2 to H6 must follow H1 which is to be used in a appropriate way. Most of the time, your webpage just needs a H1 tag and more H2 tags.


Site Navigation

Easy Navigation in your site is not only important for the users but also important for the search engines to index your site. One thing you must understand clearly is that Most of the visitors won’t enter into our site through the Home page. So it is more important to have easy navigation in every page of your website.

When it comes to mobile the menu must help to provide easy navigation. Because people won’t like to access website with poor user experience. So it is important to provide the navigation based on use comfortability.

Sitelinks that appears in the Search Engine Result Page gives very easy navigation for the users and also it gives some clear view as well. The sitelinks will appear in the search results based on the site structure and appearance.

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Site Speed

Site speed is very much important to give some good user experience. People were not ready to wait till the website loads and also they want to view what they want. Site speed is one of the important ranking factor for Google Search and also they have announced that the Mobile Speed also will be considered soon. There are various Online tools to to check the desktop and mobile speed of a website. Some big websites will have issues with the page speed.