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Scale Up Your Business With Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing in India by ClickDo

Digital marketing is the best way to promote your products or services over online. It helps in increasing the brand awareness among the people to create trust about the product or service. It will help you to target the potential customers over online to increase your sales and to grow your business to next level.

  • Create Brand Awareness

During the past, it is difficult to create brand awareness and identity for the business or product. Also it takes more time to reach the potential audience who is in need of your services. But now a days, due to various improvements in digital systems, it is so easy to reach the exact audience who you want to target. So now creating brand awareness and brand identity among the people is more easier than the previous days.



  • ROI(Return Of Investment)

The trending digital marketing strategies helps to increase the Return of Investment . The investment on different marketing campaigns can be regained by optimising the conversion rate and thereby increasing the sales and profit. You ads should be properly optimized for better conversion. Also if you are promoting over Search network, then you must be aware of the negative terms for which your ads should not appear in the Search Results.

  • Create Customer Engagement

You should keep in contact with the target customer by providing various offers and frequent updates to the customers. You can also update your customers through regular emails, Regular updates in Social Channels like facebook, youtube etc., you can have a very good relationship with your customers. Digital marketing is the best way to be in touch with your target customer.

facebook video tips


  • Convert Your Visitors into Customers

Converting your the people who enters into your website is more important than bringing them. Nowadays getting the visitors to your site is more easy through various Digital Marketing Strategies. Target the potential customers, bring them into your visitors, Create trust and convert them by placing effective content in your website.

Google is keep on updating its softwares and User Interface to provide the best for the users. Also the updates were more focused on the personalized search results and better user experience. So it is recommended to target your customer through the effective campaign strategies created by the PPC Experts.

How To Use Quora Effectively For SEO & Online Marketing?

quora for seo and online marketing

What is Quora?

Quora is a familiar online question/answer platform. Using Quora any user can ask question or answer. Also, users can give upvotes to the answers if they find that it is useful or more specific to the question. Quora has a lot to do for the online marketers to help in SEO and content marketing too. Using Quora, SEO Experts can gather links to the site by answering the questions relevant to their domain or industry. Using Quora, you can also increase the traffic to the website if it is used in a proper way.

effectively use quora for seo

Strategies to use Quora effectively:

As the links from the Quora are No-follow links, many SEO Experts try to gather links from SEO. Website with the equal number of do follow and no follow links look less spammy and hence it is liked by the Google. Despite helping your SEO, No-follow links help to increase the trust flow which inturn increases the rankings.

  • Build Your Authority:

In Quora, by answering the search related questions and the topics that are related to your business. You can build your authority online and can promote your business. Quora has over 100 million visitors per month and hence it gives you the access to a lot of conversations related to your business.

how to use quora for seo & online marketing

  • Get In Touch With Your Customers:

In Quora, users will post many questions related to your business. As a business people or SEO Expert try to find out the potential questions on Quora with more followers and give a crispy answer to it by keeping a link to your website. While users read your answer, they will be tempted to click on the link and will visit your website to explore more about the particular topic.

  • Quora Blogs:
    how to use quora for seo

Quora also gives the publishers a chance to publish blogs and populate the content online. By using blogs on Quora, you can publish contents with appropriate tags to reach the users online.

Thus as a business crew trying to get more reach in online for your brand, use the Quora effectively to interact with your target audience.

SEO with PPC – Effective Marketing Strategy

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and PPC(Pay per click), both are interlinked. You can do a successful SEO job without PPC, but you cannot do successful PPC without SEO.

Google’s Priority

  1. The Google first gives priority to their users. The Google first displays the paid and organic links, which are relevant to users search.
  2. The Google second priority is business. If you pay for Google Ad Words, it will display your paid link  in top search results. Instead you can invest in SEO which is cost efficient.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  3.  SEO and PPC does the same work as google and also there are some common ranking signals. The common  ranking signals such as keywords. Generally when the user types something in the web browser, the words are splitted as keywords. Based on the keywords, the results will get displayed in the Search Engine Result Page.
  4. Nowadays Google Adwords is prevailing, when you give keyword or phrase in your AD or web pages, they are ranked according to two factors such as, Quality score and Ad relevant score.

Quality score on keywords:

Your keywords should be clear and relevant. Then all the keywords must be user friendly to the user. If you want your page to be ranked first, then use relevant and clear keywords and phrases. If you practice like this, then your landing page quality score will be definitely higher. This concept of scoring was first introduced by Google in 2008.

quality score

This is one of the best ranking criteria of web pages. This will help us to display the paid ads on the top of the organic search results. The scoring can be given in scale measuring from 1 to 10. (1 is least and 10 is top). In this template, the SEO performs an important job.

SEO only implements the keywords. When you develop the site, make sure that all keywords are fresh, clear. This should solve the users problem. This should give solution to the user by considering what they are looking for.

keyword quality

Ad Relevance:

This shows how your keyword matches your Ad Content. The ad relevance can be ranked as
1. Below average(they are too specific or something general to the users query. It is not relevant to users search)
2. Average( the search will be relevant to users keywords)
3. Above average(similar to average but in detailed search)

In the digital era, when you form a digital marketing campaign use both SEO and PPC. It will help you to increase the efficiency of the marketing strategy.