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Common Meta Description Mistakes To Avoid In On-Page SEO

The meta description is the small descriptive content which appears below the Title of the webpage in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Recently Google has updated the length of the meta description from the 160 character limit to the 320 characters. Updating the web pages with proper meta description will help in improving the rank positions. Here let’s see the common mistakes made while giving the meta description and also the ways to avoid it.

common meta description mistakes to avoid

  • Meta descriptions should be unique for each web page and you should not duplicate the same meta description for all the web pages. Doing so will result in rank drops. Make sure that you provide unique meta descriptions for each page. This will make the users know about the content present on the site and click on your link on the SERP. This increases the CTR as well.
  • Next thing to focus on is the character count. Make sure you provide the meta description within 320 characters. Giving lesser or more than this will make the Google trim the description and show only the part of it in the SERP. Giving the meta descriptions around 300 to 320 characters will ensure that you get more clicks on the SERP.common mistakes to avoid in meta descriptions
  • When writing meta descriptions for the web page, ensure that the target keywords are embedded in it. Adding the search query made by the user in the meta description will tempt the user to click on the link. This will, in turn, increase the CTR.
  • Avoid writing the boring and unimpressive content. Providing crispy metadata will make the users visit your webpage. If you have boring content on the meta description, it will not make the users to click on your link to visit your website. The first thing to add in meta descriptions is about “what this page is offering?”, this will help the users to know what the actual content is and by seeing this they may visit the site, really if they are in need of the content.meta description mistakes to avoid

Thus these are the common mistakes to avoid while giving the meta description and ensure that you give the unique and catchy description to make the users click on your link. Availing SEO Services from the best SEO company in India like ClickDo will help you to optimize the site and rank on top of the SERP among the competitors.

Smart SEO Wins: Meta And Link Building Strategy

First thing is First – Never ignore any SEO issues that pop up in front you through any platforms. Every technical SEO issues means a lot to your website’s performance and ranking in Google.

Everyone needs to understand the technical fundamentals of SEO, to realize we are facing a problem which needs to be fixed. In today’s blog, we are head to see the issues which are ignored can cause a big problem in future.

Here are the Smart SEO tactics, which has to be fixed for better effect on ranking a website.

  • Broken Links
  • Meta Description
  • Responsive Design
  • Internal Linking

Smart SEO

Broken Links

Everyone must have come across broken links. Though broken links are a major concern, it is mostly ignored part of SEO. Every link you build from starting of a website is valuable in SEO till now.
Those broken links may be redirected as 404 error or some time to irrelevant pages. These are bad news for website owners.
Make use of the tools like Screaming Frog SEO, to analyze what are the pages pointing to irrelevant pages and fix it.

Meta Description:

Meta Description is the mandatory field to be updated in SEO. Instead of keyword stuffing, A proper, well-written meta description will help you to increase the traffic of that particular page.
Never leave meta description blank on pages like about us or contact us. If you think they’re less important pages, then you’re losing customers.
A customer(website visitor) mindset will be to see the quality of service you offer and then they will read about you and check for your contact information.
Google has updated the character length of meta description from 160 to 320, so utilize to the fullest before your competitor.

Smart SEO

Responsive Design:

To be frankly said, visitors will stay on the website for a long time only if you have responsive designs for both your desktop and mobile version.
Why mobile version?
Google is rolling out every minor disadvantage in its mobile version. In a recent update, they have brought every result in a single page with “more results” option. A responsive mobile version of a website is now the best SEO signal for ranking.

Responsive Website - Smart SEO

Internal Linking:

Every website must have a page/post which comes and goes by leaving an internal linking on other pages. A website admin has to monitor the pages removed from the website. When a post is removed, set a proper redirection to concern/meaningful page instead of leaving it as 404 errors. It will cause both visitor and SearchBot experience inside the website.