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Simple Steps to get started with Affiliate Marketing in India

Steps to get started with Affiliate Marketing in India:

In India, many people are passionate about affiliate marketing and hence a bunch of peoples are working in it to make money online. Here let’s see some simple steps to get started with the affiliate marketing in India.

# Choose a niche & create a website:

Steps to get started with Affiliate Marketing in India

Select the industry or niche in which you have more interest, it may be any industry related to the E-Commerce sales. For example, if you are more passionate about mobile phones, then you can do more reviews and blogs about the trending mobile phones and can make the users buy the same product from your affiliate link. Once you fixed your niche, then buy a domain and create an attractive website.

# Update with content & drive traffic:

Simple Steps to get started with Affiliate Marketing in India

Once you register the domain, update the website with the quality content about the particular product or niche. Add more review videos and descriptive content about the product. Also provide content by comparing two similar products, their pro’s and con’s, etc. At the end of the blog, you may provide your affiliate link to make the users to buy the product from that link. once the user purchases any product from that link you will get the commission from the Vendor.

# Promote Affiliate Offers:

Simple Steps - get started with Affiliate Marketing in India

Many offers will be provided by the E-Commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal, etc for the affiliates. You just promote your blog with those affiliate offers to make the users buy the product. Do more social media shares to get more reach and drive traffic to your website. You should know the strategies to promote the affiliate offers to make the users buy the product. This will benefit both the users and the affiliates.

In India, many people know about the affiliate marketing but don’t know the strategic ways to proceed in that. As an affiliate follow these simple steps to get started.

4 Main Influential Marketing Strategy

Influential marketing

The influential marketing strategy is one the great way to represent your brand with huge visibility. As the digital marketing companies are offering influential marketing as a service, business owners can approach the consultants for a best range of brand awareness for your business.

Influential marketing

Here, we had listed the most common and important influential marketing strategies,

  • Data Value

A very simple rule for influencer here is, no data has no value. When your getting connected with influencers, make sure they are transparent with their data. You have to think twice before spending money with the influencer for marketing your product or service. The influencers will say that they can do anything with their great influence, but if they hide to show/prove with you then your spending as at stake.

  • Beneficial Relationship

When you’ve decided to collaborate with an influencer, make sure you make a mutually beneficial understanding. Most of the influencer does not always depend on dollars you share, but in return to expect something more from you which helps their business. When a content is created, the influencer has to elaborate that how depth the content speaks, which helps them to give CTA, tags and some shouts to promote.

Influential Marketing

  • Clear Indication

Be clear on what you want and what type of content you want to promote. The type of content can be images, videos, GIFs and hashtags you want to be used. When you’re clear on what you expect from your partner influencer, at end of the relationship you built will last forever. Decide whether your contents want to stay permanent or lost after a certain period of time like the stories of Instagram or Snapchat.

  • Measure the metrics

Get some periodic data from the influencer for what they had done and how the influences you or your business. These are the metrics which reflects the efforts of them. It’s up to you to decide, whether you’re going to get periodic metrics or the gather the complete metrics at the end. Recommend the influencers to use UTM codes, which is a simple code that you can be attached to a custom URL in order to track a medium, source and campaigns. The Google analytics will show, from where the searchers came into that particular URL.

Podcasts – A Viral Marketing Strategy Ever

Audio Podcast Marketing

Podcasts are the best marketing strategy ever to make the audience listen on what we are trying to convey to them. Brands like Sound Cloud helps you to reach a wide range of people.

Most of the startup companies were exploded into fame with some good podcasts. An Audio podcast is more than the content what you deliver, it transfers the emotions and importance of a particular business to the listeners.

Here, are the reasons why podscasts can go viral:

Listeners Accessibility:

Comparatively, audio content can reach more audience with better accessibility than text or video content. It is simple to define that, your eyes can be relaxed when your ears are engaged. Both in text and video contents, you need to visualize the content to gather knowledge from it, whereas podcasts are standing a bit away by making them to listen.

Audience growth:

Podcasts can go viral as like a song of an independent artist. In such a way, your quality knowledge sharing content can reach the number of audiences you never expect. Platforms like iTunes and Stitcher can act as a search engine to share your podcasts to general audience for organic traffic.

Easy Production:

Text and Video content needs a lot of time and effort to put in for producing a good end result. In Podcasts, you just need a calm place to record and upload to user engaging platforms just like that manner.

Stand Out Method:

Depending on your industry, you may face very little amount competitors when compared to other platforms. Your customer can feel your out of box thinking capability when considering your rivals of same industry.

Trust and More:

When you start to spread your words, people can understand what actually trying to convey. It builds some trust on your words and for the brand, you are talking about. People can understand the excitement of your words and feel the importance of points which relates between the podcaster and listeners.

3 Basic Tips to Optimize Your Blog Content

SEO to Rank Website

Search Engine Optimization is very much important to optimize and rank a website in Search Engine Result Page. Internet is the place where anyone can learn and execute the things very well. The large amount of data and information is completely all because of the bloggers. Because blogger plays a  major role in publishing the quality contents over the web. So here in this article I have explained the important Blog SEO Tips to optimize your website.

Business, Illustration, Office, Design


Blog SEO Tips to Optimize Your Blog Content

  • Focus on Long Tail Keywords

Optimizing a blog post based on the keywords doesn’t mean that repeating the keywords all over the content. Also if you are stuffing the keywords in your content section, then it will hurt your SEO because Google considers keyword stuffing as a spam action

  • Keyword Presence in Specific part of the Content

To make sure your content is relevant to specific keywords, it is important to place your keyword once or twice in particular part of your content. By including the keyword based terms in the best part of your content will help you to rank in top of Search Engine Results.

Title Tag : Choosing the appropriate keyword is very much important and to make sure the content is more relevant to the keyword, you must place the keyword once or twice in the title tag. So it helps the users to know that the content is something related to the particular keyword. Also, this is how the search engine ranks a website too.

Seo Google Search Engine Optimization Web

Description : Giving optimized description is the most important of everything.Because description is the place which contains the crispy information about the content. So most of the people used to ready multiple descriptions before entering into a website. Placing your keyword very strong in the description will brings the user inside your website and also it helps to rank in top of Search Engine Result Page.

URL : Sometimes search engines also will figure out the URL to know more about the contents. So mentioning the keywords in the URL will be very much helpful to rank in Search Results and also creating the user friendly URLs will be very useful for better navigation.

  • Mobile Friendly & Responsive Blog

As per the recent survey, the search engine giant has revealed that more than 50% of the users were using the Mobile Devices to search something over online. So it is more important to have the mobile friendly and responsive blogs for better ranking and traffic as well.

Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for 2018

custom audience target in Facebook usinf the customer database

The usage of Facebook users has increased day by day. In the US alone there are 207 million people are using FB, and around the world its about 2 billion people. The Facebook marketing helps in promoting business in a cost effective manner. It is one of the most effective platform for promoting business. It will help you to generate more leads as more number of customers. It will help your business to find the target audience. It is much useful for all business, like large or small. But when compared to large, small business will get much benefited so that they can improve their business growth. Advertising in FB is much easier than any other way of promoting.

1. Be active with Your facebook presence:

Be active in FB. If you have the company, update all the contents about your company. If you have videos, photos, articles, blogs, etc., publish in FB. This will help you to generate more leads. And be in touch with your customers. If your customer has some queries try to solve it. The content should be more useful to the people, then only you can get more leads.

target audience on facebook using pixel data

2. Reach your Best Customers with Facebook Ads:

The most important thing in promoting a business is getting more likes and followers. But the main goal should be reaching the customers. Create and give more offers to the customers, this will even thrive to get more number of customers. You can advertise in the facebook, that may be paid or unpaid. You can reach the audience in any of these ways.

Facebook Video Tips Simple Ideas To Get More Engagement

3. Engage Your Audience

You should follow some facebook marketing strategy to engage your audience. You should address the comments, you should reply to the customer if there is any questions etc., you should make engage your customers, promote your brand, so that you can get more number of leads.

About Facebook metrics being removed

4. Final thoughts on Facebook Marketing in 2018:

The facebook marketing is gradual process of promoting the business. You can get profit gradually. But if you take more efforts you can achieve more easily. It is the easiest way of getting lead and customers. Just you should keep in touch with your customers and be answerable to the customer queries. You can engage more number of target audience.

Always be update in promoting a business. The ultimate goal is to reach customer.

Pillars of Digital Marketing Strategy

digital marketing 2018

As every one started depending on Online to satisfy their needs, business owners also started targeting the customers over online. It is very much important to get more traffic to your website and also at the same time, it is more important to convert most of your visitors into customers. Also there are some important Digital Marketing Strategies which will act as a pillar for your Business.

Important Pillars of Digital Marketing Strategies

Company Website

Every Business must have a website to boost and promote over online. Because Business website is the base and only way to make more conversion. People must have some trust over your business to order the Product or Services  over online.

seo website design

Company website will create some positive trust and clear understanding about your business. Your website must have all the information about your business to make positive decision about the purchase. If suppose your website doesn’t have the content like this, then first make sure this is sorted for better growth.

Reliable Hosting & Attractive Website will helps your business to promote over online.

Business Blog

Every Business website must have a blog in it. It is very much important to have a Blog which shows your technical knowledge and stuffs to the external world. Most of the time, the site traffic and conversion depends on the Blog content. Content is the King and it helps a lot in making more conversions.

update the blogs seo

If a user is searching for some queries or clarification over online, then we should leave them to go out of our website.  Solution for every problems ad queries must be available in our website and it is the another important reason to have business Blog.

Social Media Accounts

Social Media is influencing the search and brand awareness as well. Also social media is considered as One of the biggest game changer in terms of branding and advertising. It allows your product or content to reach the person in different parts of the world.

good reach in social media

Some of the influencing social media platforms include Facebook, Reddit, Quora, Twitter and so on. A recent research about social media have proved that, when compared to Google, Facebook has more search volume regarding the events.

Paid Advertising over Social Media

Social Media is the place where people used to spend most of their time. Because gathering all kind of information, news and entertainment in a single place. So chasing the people over the social media gives your business a strong Brand Awareness and this registers your business in people’s mind as well.

Promoting over Social Media helps your business to reach large number of audience in your limited budget.

Pay Per Click Advertising

It is one of the AdWords Strategy using which you can rank your website in top of search results. PPC is expanded as Pay-Per-Click Advertising, where we used to pay Google based on number of clicks. Getting your website in top of Search Results organically will take some time but through PPC advertising you can easily place your website in top.

google ppc advertising

But when it comes to PPC Advertising, you must optimize your Ads (Advertisements) based on various things like Ad Quality, Quality Score, Ad Relevance and so on.

Display Advertising

You can target your website visitors through remarketing. In Google, remarketing can be done through Display Advertising. In Display Advertising, you can create dynamic advertising or through uploading images. As we know Images talks more when compared to texts, it is more important to target your website visitors through Display Advertising.

Google Display Network

Target Your Customer in Facebook by Creating Custom Audience

custom audience in facebook

Social Media Marketing is becoming more effective when comparing to other medium. So there are more possibilities to bring the search results within the Social Media Application to make the things very simple. While reading the articles over the web, I got few interesting news about the search results. Also I understood that the social media platforms like Facebook, etc is destroying the Search Giants.

To grow your Business by promoting your product or services, you must know how to reach the existing customer with Facebook Advertising. Reach your customers and contacts on Facebook by building the Custom Audience. There are three powerful ways to build your custom audience in Facebook.

  • Contact List

Target your potential customers on Facebook and increase your leads. It is also called as re-targeting audience in a manual way. If you are running business for a long time, then you must have your previous customers database like Contact Number, Email Id and so on. What you want is just the contact number or the Email Address to target them on Facebook.

contact list for custom audience in facebook

Main drawback of this method is, people must use Facebook with the details what you have. For example: If a customer is providing you a Number like 987456…. but if he is using Facebook with 874561…. then you cannot target your customer in Facebook. This is the common problem faced by most of the business people.

  • Website Visitors

Just capture your website visitors and chase them with your customized Ads. Most of the business have implemented it already and I could see some Ads in my personal Facebook account as well. Facebook helps you to capture your website visitors just by placing a simple code in your website. It is called as Facebook Pixel.

website visitors

Facebook Pixel Helper Extension helps you to check whether the website is having Pixel Code or not. You don’t need any access to check using this extension. This is the effective way to target your customer through implementing the codes.

  • App Users

If you are developing the application and you want to target your customers then it can be done through simple steps. Facebook SDK 0 a snippet of code that you install it in your application. Through this you will get the customer audience of the people who use your application. So using this data, you can bring back your customer to your application by effective advertisements.

application users

Advance Audience Targeting Tactics in AdWords

adwords remarketing

Why Audience targeting is important in AdWords:

Targeting the right audience is an important factor for successful business. Google gives many features to target our potential customers and show them an ad. Based on your advertisement goal and search network that you prefer you can target audience. You can target people based on their location, device, age group and more.

Audience Targeting

In the past, advertisers able to target custom audience through Google search network list, creating “audience list” based on the list of users who have already visited the site. By using this list, target the audience by uploading the audience in mailing list features. Here are few advanced audience targeting tactics that would be useful to reach your potential customers.

1: Smarter Remarketing:

Remarketing the business to the people who have already visited your website is one of the smarter ways. Adding your audience list to AdWords allows you to customize your ad campaign based on the user behavior with your Website. Based on your user’s action with your website, you can create a list of an audience with a new campaign and tailor your bids & targeting options and show your ad to the potential customers.

Smart Remarketing

2: Social Audience with Remarketing:

You can upload your social media users in the AdWords remarketing list. There are more than 10 million monthly users on the Facebook. This data would be useful for advertisers to show their search ads to the particular audience. Unlike AdWords, Facebook has more information on what users really Like or follow. Also, it provides in-depth data from users individual profiles. Advertisers using Facebook and AdWords both as for marketing their brands usually don’t share insights from one platform to another. When you share the insights that would be the better choice.

Social Audience

3: Custom Affinity Audience:

Once Google launched custom affinity audiences to provide advertisers a control over audience targeting decisions on the display network. This launch solves the regular issue with Google AdWords affinity audiences. You can create a specific audience list using free-form interest entered as a keyword.

Setting the customer affinity audience targeting on Adwords Display campaign
Targeting -> Interests & Remarketing -> Custom Affinity -> New Custom Affinity

5 Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Business

proper time

According to detailed study, 46% of brands around the globe don’t have digital marketing, 16% of brands have digital marketing but, they are not developed. If you have the idea of growing your business and innovating to the globe, digital marketing is the best solution. There are some steps given below for the powerful digital marketing strategy. You can follow these for successful business.

1. Try to Understand What is the Objective or Goal

Set your Mission: First of all define your objective of the business. Objective is very important for all business. You can ask question to yourselves such as what is the objective of the business? If you have the answer you can proceed with the next step or else first set the goal. Then relate your goal to mission of the business. This will make you successful in your business.

set proper goals

Set and Measure your KPI’s: KPI’s will be specific, search and identify them. Try to find the past digital marketing strategy,  that will help you to find and set current and future digital marketing strategy. There are many methods for identifying Key Performance Indicator such as Google analytics, social media etc., There are some templates are also available in the internet which will help you to find the Key Performance Indicators for implementing Digital marketing strategy.

2. Analyse your Past

You can learn from experience. First, choose the right time to analyse. Then think and analyse the past failure and success of the digital marketing in your business. This will help you to find the KPI’s easily. Google benchmarking reports might help you in this. It is mandatory to analyse the competitors strategy also. For this you can use spreadsheet in online select the key words which they are using the most and then compare with yours.  Frequently ask questions for yourself about analysis.


3. Remember whom you are talking to:

Try to take your planning to the right people. But usually happens, some digital marketer may try to forget those while setting key performance indicator. Generally start with basics, try to find the demographic details of the target customer. Then try to find their problems. Then try to know their emotional desires, goals and targets.

4. Stick to your budget:

First, set the over all budget. Then see past data and fix the budget. Then take decision about paying for promotion. If you want to pay then decide for budget. If it doesn’t work properly then change the budget allocation.

marketing budget

5. Make a plan:

Try to create your own calendars. High light the important and targeted campaigns. Try to indicate and report the channels for the campaign. Continuous Analysis and change in campaign will help you a lot to make the campaign more effective.

Google’s New Search Console is Missing Data

google search console

Google Webmaster allows the site administrator to the indexing status of a website and to optimize the visibility among the search engines. You can submit the latest released posts, pages or the sitemap using the Search Console. You just need to signup with your gmail account and want to verify the website by placing a piece of code. Google webmaster tools is rebranded as the Google Search Console by the year 2015.

Recent help document release by Google explained about “Why reports are missing in new Search Console”and the two main reasons were provided by them as mentioned below.

Google search console beta

1. Migration is Not Yet Completed

Recently, Google releases their latest version of Google Search Console which is a Beta Version. Most of the users complaining that they were not able to find the information as in the previous version of Search Console. As the beta version is released for all the users, the migration part is not yet completed.

As the size of data is keep on increasing, it is important to update the interface as well. Because showing the same for all kind of datas is not a suitable way. Migrating the content from one version to other without any proper planning may collapse the system. So they migrating the features one after other to make the things smooth and positive.

new search console

2. Looking for a Better to Present the Data

Every report will not be migrated same as that in the previous version. There may be some improvement to visualize the data in better way. Also we can expect some different datas may be grouped together to form a new report. If you were unable to find some data in the Search Console Beta Version, then the users were suggested to use the Classic Search Console.

When  it comes to data, representation is very much important. Change is what the user likes and also it must provide something different than the previous one. Giving a positive change will attract the users and also it will help them to visualize the things.

Google assured that they will not stop showing important search console data for the users. As you have options to switch between the Beta Version and the classic search console, the data’s won’t get missed.