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Advantages of doing Blogging & Affiliate Marketing in India


Advantages of doing Blogging & Affiliate Marketing

In India, there are many people who have passion and skills on blogging. Tons of people are working in this niche to promote themselves both by economically and technically. As a blogger, you can follow some simple ways to make more money. Here are the simple steps by which you can promote yourself as a blogger or affiliate marketer.

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how to make money online by blogging

This is the simple way to earn money online. If you have interest in any niche, then you can simply buy a domain and host it. Then you can just start posting some daily blogs on the website on the trending topics. You can blog about the industry or the niche in which you have more interest. Use Google Trends to find the most trending topics on the Internet and do a relevant blog post to drive more traffic. You can monetize your blog and start earning through that.

Affiliate Marketing:

how to make money online by affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a technique in which you will get a commission from the E-Commerce sites if any purchase happens on their site from your affiliate link. This is available on all the E-Commerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, SnapDeal, Myntra, eBay, etc. You can make the buyers searching for any products to land on your blogs and you can divert them to the shopping sites by using the affiliate links.

Product Reviews:

how to make money online by reviewing the products

Every people who wish to buy any product online will look for the user reviews before making a purchase. Hence you an post product reviews on your blog to drive more traffic. Even you can do a video about the product. For Example, if you are reviewing a mobile phone, you can add the videos like Unboxing, by using the mobile phones, etc. Even you can add the affiliate links of the respective products to make them buy. Follow these simple ways to make money online in India.


Why Digital Marketing in India is Big Thing For Your Business?

Digital Marketing and Blogging In India

The population of India is around 1.34 billion as of 2017 with 20% of internet users. Do you want to miss such a big market?

To be more specific, 20% users in the total population is around 26 crores. 26 crores is not all a small number of audience. With this being said, you can understand that India has a huge audience set and it will never dip in coming years as well. Let’s see from “what is digital marketing?” to “how can reach your potential audience?”

Digital Marketing India - Internet Users

What is Digital Marketing?

In words, Digital Marketing is advertising a brand, brand’s product/service through different social media forms in a different way. The Digital Medium can be a search engine, social media, email or any other digital technologies. Digital Marketing has different sectors to look like, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Video Marketing and much more marketing strategies.

Why a business needs digital marketing in India?

  • Cost Effective
  • Customer Tracking
  • Industry Specific Audience
  • Easy Interactive
  • Next Generation

Why Digital Marketing India

  • Cost Effective:

Compared to other marketing strategies, digital marketing can be really cost effective which helps you in bigger ROI. Paying to media and getting the attention of audience through TV or Paper Ad will no more workout for online business industries.

  • Customer Tracking:

Customer Tracking is the biggest concern since we don’t whether our ad reached to the audience we targeted. In digital marketing, you can easily track the number of audience reached with real-time insights and reports.


  • Industry Specific Audience:

Through other marketing strategies, we can advertise our brand, but the question is “are we reaching the potential audience of our market?”. The question can never be raised in Digital marketing since every industry-specific audience can be targeted through different platforms.

Social Media - Digital Marketing in India

  • Easy Interactive

Understand the live audience engagement in Digital Marketing. In 2018, trends in digital marketing changing the perspective of reaching the general audience through the internet. It includes Chatbots, Google Lens, Video Marketing and much more innovative ideas and technologies to interact with a set of audience to gain more engagement.

  • Next Generation

So, Where are moving forward? We are gaining attention of the next-generation audience, who are by default the future consumer of our products/services.

The bottom line of the whole article is, Indian audience has a great influence towards internet platforms. Before, your competitor, get into digital marketing to gain bigger ROI you had never experience before through any other marketing strategies.

Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for 2018

custom audience target in Facebook usinf the customer database

The usage of Facebook users has increased day by day. In the US alone there are 207 million people are using FB, and around the world its about 2 billion people. The Facebook marketing helps in promoting business in a cost effective manner. It is one of the most effective platform for promoting business. It will help you to generate more leads as more number of customers. It will help your business to find the target audience. It is much useful for all business, like large or small. But when compared to large, small business will get much benefited so that they can improve their business growth. Advertising in FB is much easier than any other way of promoting.

1. Be active with Your facebook presence:

Be active in FB. If you have the company, update all the contents about your company. If you have videos, photos, articles, blogs, etc., publish in FB. This will help you to generate more leads. And be in touch with your customers. If your customer has some queries try to solve it. The content should be more useful to the people, then only you can get more leads.

target audience on facebook using pixel data

2. Reach your Best Customers with Facebook Ads:

The most important thing in promoting a business is getting more likes and followers. But the main goal should be reaching the customers. Create and give more offers to the customers, this will even thrive to get more number of customers. You can advertise in the facebook, that may be paid or unpaid. You can reach the audience in any of these ways.

Facebook Video Tips Simple Ideas To Get More Engagement

3. Engage Your Audience

You should follow some facebook marketing strategy to engage your audience. You should address the comments, you should reply to the customer if there is any questions etc., you should make engage your customers, promote your brand, so that you can get more number of leads.

About Facebook metrics being removed

4. Final thoughts on Facebook Marketing in 2018:

The facebook marketing is gradual process of promoting the business. You can get profit gradually. But if you take more efforts you can achieve more easily. It is the easiest way of getting lead and customers. Just you should keep in touch with your customers and be answerable to the customer queries. You can engage more number of target audience.

Always be update in promoting a business. The ultimate goal is to reach customer.

Six Benefits of Internet Marketing

remarketing for brand

Lower Barrier

Anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur can easily promote their business and become an entrepreneur through internet marketing. Internet marketing is most important to make customers to purchase the product. The number of users is increasing day by day in social media. So the marketing on the internet has made the entrepreneur to succeed in the Business.

Internet Marketing Reach

Convenience Reach

It is easy to reach the customers. By Internet marketing, you can get rid of reaching your customer. Normally if you want to sell some products, you should go for outlet or something to sell your products. Instead, you can sell your product in internet marketing. For doing exports you need distributors or someone, but here you can do exports without any middleman. There is a technique called localization. If you want to sell your product internationally, then you should see the local market in those countries, then only you have to internet marketing in those areas. The localization includes translation, product modification etc., in the local market. This is also a study of local market regulation.


Cost-benefit is one of the advantages of internet marketing. It cuts your cost of marketing with the profit of promoting. Normally you will do marketing with the help of physical retailers outlet. They will cost you some amount and you have to pay for it. But in the internet marketing, the total cost is reduced and you can itself promote the products without any distributor. Rental and maintenance cost is not required. There is no need to purchase any product and keep on display. You can always keep your inventory cost low, by purchasing the stock online.

Marketing Cost


You should have the report of purchasing history and preferences of customers. According to that, you can give some personalized offers to your customers. You can track the website and product information, where a number of visitors are visited. With this information also you can give offers. Improve the value of sales by customers.


The Internet is the best platform for building a relationship with customers. Through the website, you can chat with customers and get their queries and review. If you get more positive reviews your site and products can be ranked in the top position. You can thank customers and can have regular follow up with the customer to have a good relationship.

Internet Marketing Success


If you get more customers in social media, it indirectly denotes that you are traveling in the success path. Also it help you a lot in increasing the traffic and brand awareness as well.

Google’s New Search Console is Missing Data

google search console

Google Webmaster allows the site administrator to the indexing status of a website and to optimize the visibility among the search engines. You can submit the latest released posts, pages or the sitemap using the Search Console. You just need to signup with your gmail account and want to verify the website by placing a piece of code. Google webmaster tools is rebranded as the Google Search Console by the year 2015.

Recent help document release by Google explained about “Why reports are missing in new Search Console”and the two main reasons were provided by them as mentioned below.

Google search console beta

1. Migration is Not Yet Completed

Recently, Google releases their latest version of Google Search Console which is a Beta Version. Most of the users complaining that they were not able to find the information as in the previous version of Search Console. As the beta version is released for all the users, the migration part is not yet completed.

As the size of data is keep on increasing, it is important to update the interface as well. Because showing the same for all kind of datas is not a suitable way. Migrating the content from one version to other without any proper planning may collapse the system. So they migrating the features one after other to make the things smooth and positive.

2. Looking for a Better to Present the Data

Every report will not be migrated same as that in the previous version. There may be some improvement to visualize the data in better way. Also we can expect some different datas may be grouped together to form a new report. If you were unable to find some data in the Search Console Beta Version, then the users were suggested to use the Classic Search Console.

When  it comes to data, representation is very much important. Change is what the user likes and also it must provide something different than the previous one. Giving a positive change will attract the users and also it will help them to visualize the things.

Google assured that they will not stop showing important search console data for the users. As you have options to switch between the Beta Version and the classic search console, the data’s won’t get missed.

What a Digital Marketing Company Would Offer in India?

digital marketing


Digital marketing is a marketing strategy in which we focus on the internet medium to promote brands, products and services. Digital marketing is the best marketing strategies to promote your business through online. In this Digital World, around 90% of people around the world uses online and this would best to promote your product which would definitely give high returns.

Service Included in Digital Marketing

In digital marketing divisions are divided by segment.

  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Paid Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Analytics


Your Online Presence is possible only through a website. We can create brand awareness among the people only through search engine. Getting business online will help you grow your business.


We target the search engine user to visit our website. SEO is a process of customizing the website to index your site higher in search results organically. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing ranks a website based on 200+ factors. You have to update your websites or concepts based on what is expected by a Search engine.

google ppc


In this, we display advertisement on search engines, external sites, ads in mobile apps, video ads on YouTube to grow your business or get more visitors to your website. In paid marketing you have to invest some money in search engines by making a payment, through which you can get the rankings and business.



In this we use various social medias like Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn to promote your business and create brand awareness. In this we target the people who are active in social media and use various marketing strategies to target the right customer for your business.


Email Marketing is a more professional way of reaching your subscribed customer. You can target the audience with the help of email in this strategy. It is more useful in launching a new product or services.

email marketing


In digital analytics, we use various analytic tools to analyze the web traffic of your website. These analytics tools will help you in understand where the optimization has to be carried on the website to increase the various metric of website. It help us to take decision making what you have to do with websites.

How Page Speed Affects Conversion?

website optimization

Normally, if a person is looking to project their business over online then they must start with a website. Based on the appearance and functionality, website is classified into two types as Static website and Dynamic Websites. Nowadays people were used to like the functionality of the Dynamic Webpages than the static websites and that’s the reason, Dynamic Websites were proposed by most of the Business people.

The reason behind a website is to convey the information to the people. If it is a business website, the information to be shared are about the company, list of products/services that they offer and their descriptions. It is very much important to convey the information to the people than the design or attraction. That’s the  reason the business people will like to convey the information through the Design.

page speed

How to Check Page Speed?

Loading Time of a web page is the time taken by the webpage to load the entire page completely. Here if the page speed is high then the webpage will get loaded in minimum time which will be in milliseconds. In online we can see various web applications providing tools to calculate the page speed of your website. But it is recommended to check your domain with Page Speed Insights which is one of the google developer tools.

So in Page Speed Insights, after checking your entire web page it also suggests you the things to be done to improve the page speed. You can also download the optimized images from this as well.

website speed

How it Affects Conversion?

Even if you are ranking in top of Search Results, you won’t get conversion if your website is facing problem in loading the webpage faster. Now a days users would like to check the website with good speed and user experience. So they won’t wait till the website loads. Instead they prefer to find the website with good page speed.

If a customer moves out of your site due to very low page speed then they won’t return back to our site even if we rank in top. So the page speed plays an major role in ranking a site. We must implement the page speed optimization to make better conversions. Search Engines also considering the Page Speed as one of the important ranking factor.

Important Tips for Effective Link Building

digital marketing

Linking – Pointing another webpage from a webpage by placing the URL over a text or a naked URL in a webpage. Based on the way of linking it is classified as a link with Anchor Text and Naked URL. It is one type of classification and based on the webpage links it is classified as Internal Links and External Links.

Internal Linking – Linking to a webpage in a domain from a webpage within the same domain is termed as a Internal Linking. For Example: If am pointing Our Team Page in ClickDo(https://www.clickdo.in/our-team/) from the Home Page (https://www.clickdo.in) then it is said to be internal linking.

Proper Internal linking will help to build a website structure which will get reflected in the Search Results. Our domain will appear with the sitelinks which looks like a most trusted website.


External Linking – Linking to a webpage in a domain from a webpage in other domain is termed as External Linking. For Example: If a link is pointing the home page (https://www.clickdo.in) from other domains like   pinterest(https://in.pinterest.com/) then it is said to be a external link.

In terms of linking, Building the internal links is so easy task because it is just building the links within our website. If we increase the number of pages and started building links then the number of internal linking will be too high and too good. But building the external links is not an easy task, because external links were too worthy to get from a high quality sites.

Digital Marketing in India by ClickDo

How the Quality of a link is measured?

Quality of a link is measured by the domain and page authority of that domain. For a domain a term used to measured the quality is Domain Authority (DA) and for a web page it is termed as Page Authority (PA). Both the Domain Authority and Page Authority won’t be the same. It is important to check the page authority of a webpage from where we get the link to our webpage.

Importance of Anchor Text

In both Internal linking and External linking, anchor text plays a vital role. A clickable text with hyperlink is termed as the anchor text. Using the relevant words based on the target page will helps in ranking a webpage. So make sure anchor texts will have the keywords to increase the relevancy and trust of a webpage for better ranking.

Google Bans Negative Reviews of Former Employers


Google Review is one of the important trust creating factor over online. Before purchasing or ordering anything over online, we used to check the reviews provided by the previous customers. Good Update is needed for everything whose usage is more important and critical.

Once people identified the root importance to increase or block the sales then they will start doing the things in a duplicate way. Google Review is one of the Important thing to be considered in this way. As a result, Google makes an update in its review policies and according to the update the people were banned to review their former work place.

google reviews

The recent update announced by Google will make the Reviews more accurate and good. Tool that shows the rating based on the stars allocated by the Reviewers, which appears when a person search for a business using the map or search engines.

Most of the User Contributed Content will be more valuable results only if the content is provided true and honest. If a person leaves away a office then they may post a negative review due to their personal problems or the Issues. So this will fake the things and due to this unfair activities people may lose the trust on the Tool.

former workers

In previous days, anyone with the Google Account were allowed to review the companies or products even though they experienced with that. Some people were started selling good reviews which will help the business to make good conversion.

As a result, tech giant said that the negative reviews posted by the former employees will damage the companies reputation. Now companies can directly contact Google to remove the unfair reviews which will help them to improve the business rating in the proper way.customer reviews

What is Search Engine Marketing & How It works?

digital marketing

Nowadays, Marketing is very much important for the Business over online. You need to show your Business Website to the people over the web to show that you are providing it. So to do that you must need Online / Digital Marketing for your website.

In India, most of the people were started using the internet. Day by day, the internet users keep on increasing steadily due to the development and growth. The steady increase in internet usage is mainly due to the necessity made by the society.

google ppc services

Search Engine Marketing is the most efficient and effective way of Advertising your business over online. If a person is in need of something then they will just open their favorite browser and will search for it in their favorite search engine. Google is the most used search engine which captures 86% of internet users and it very much important to show your website in the Top search Results of Google Search.

Search Engine Marketing is the way of marketing your business by using the paid advertisements that appear on the Search Engine Result Page. Advertising and bidding to advertising on Search Engine Result Page is very much important because it is the place where we can find the potential customers.

search engine marketing

Advertisers will bid on the keywords and based on which the advertiser will have an opportunity for their ads to appear along the search results. Bidding will be done as Pay-Per-Click and the amount for each click will be deducted from us to show the ads.

The Biggest Strength of Search Engine marketing is that, it will allow our ads to appear in front of the needed people who are ready to do the purchase. No other advertising mediums were there to promote a product as effectively as Search Engine Marketing.

google ppc advertising

People who need our product will search for it and our ads will appear in front of them with juicy information to make the conversion. Also, Search Engine Marketing will be effective based on your campaign setup and strategies applied to it.