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Google makes docs available for Lazy Load SEO

lazy load SEO docs

Google and its documentations are very rare to see, particularly when it comes to search engine optimization. It’s a hard truth to believe that now we got one documentation which is related to SEO. The experts are excited now. Google has released a help documentation for Lazy Load SEO. The idea of this lazy load documentation is to make sure the SEOs understand the concept of lazy loading web page. It is to guide them in right way to rank better in Google Search Results Page(SERP) with the understanding of indexing, crawling and some other factors.

You can have complete read about the lazy load document guide here – https://developers.google.com/search/docs/guides/lazy-loading

lazy load SEO docs

Are expert, who ranks without this? – It’s not for you, then:

For most of them in SEO, the loading time of a web page is still a concern. Though we work a lot around it, still it hides the part from which it takes most of time to load. This guide for them, the webmasters and developers who have no clue to work on lazy load of a webpage’s content to make the website better than what it was before.

lazy load SEO documentation

You have to implement the lazy load SEO techniques without to much of thought that, how google will consider such kind of techniques by them-self. This techniques will ensure more visibility of your content on Google search results.

Google documentation has given the bottom line to load a website from the viewport of a website. If it doesn’t load in that way, the bot can’t understand such content exist on your website. With all this happening, Google itself highly recommend everyone to check the techniques locally. They suggest to use the Puppeteer script, which a library in Node.js for controlling headless chrome.

The documentation is under review for the experts to take it as an experimentation, test and come up with what it gain and vain.

Why You Need Google Remarketing For Your Brand?

Google Remarketing

Regular digital marketing has become so mainstream among everyone. It’s not that you should stop digital marketing, but we mean to say remarketing makes the best brand establishment. The process of remarketing is to track the user who visits a website or application anonymously. To be precise, when a user visits and leaves without doing much on a website, then we can set a remarketing campaign for those set of users to show our brand/service/product on other websites, social feeds and mobile applications.

Remarketing is a way of reconnecting with people who left our website without buying anything by showing up relevant ads of their interest.

Why You Need Google Remarketing?

  • Cost Effective

Remarketing is one of the cost-effective ways of marketing because you just need to pay per click, per acquisition or per impression. It is based on your motive, which can be a brand awareness, sale conversion, knowledge sharing or any.

Cost Effective Marketing

  • Recalls and Brand Awareness

From a user point of view, once after they got out of a website or mobile application, if they see that brand repeatedly then wherever they move on the internet, their mind will recall the instance of previous visits to that particular website.

  • More Targeted Leads

It’s simple to understand that, the users who visit your website are the one who is in need of your service or for some reasonable purposes. We call them meaningful crowd, so remarketing to those meaningful visitors will be converted as lead when you do a regular remarketing campaign.

  • ROI and Conversion

As said, we are targeting the meaningful crowd instead of targeting the general audience, the conversion will be higher. It’s simple to understand that when conversion rate is high, the return on investment will gradually increase since there will be no waste spending on the unintentional audience.

UPDATE: SERP Look Changes For Blogs

Google Blog Update

Google is rolling out many changes day by day. For bloggers like us, the recent update is a thing to cherish. Because the update is particularly for the blogging website.

What is the update?

Bloggers have been running behind Google Feature Rich Snippets so far. Now, Google brought in a new look for the blog itself.

A user’s basic search keyword for finding a blog is to add the niche + the word “blog”.

Like, SEO Blog, Tech Blog, Travel Blog, Food Blog and much more.

When you search for these kinds of keywords, you will not see the actual SERP (Search Engine Results Page) like it appear for other keywords.

The New Look Will Be Like This,

Search Keyword: Tech Blogs

Tech Blog - Google Blog Update

Search Keyword: Food Blogs

Food Blog - Google Blog Update

Search Keyword: SEO Blogs

FoodSEO Blog - Google Blog Update

The Most Point To Note in This Update,

When you click on the particular blog, it won’t be directed to their blogging platform, Whereas, it will be still on Google and shown like below,

SEO Book Blog - Google Blog Update

So, Niche Bloggers, what are you waiting for? Regular blogging is a great SEO Signal for any website. Get ready to do regular blogging like ClickDo India Blog and try to show up your website for your niche based keyword.

Haven’t you started a blog yet? Read the Complete Guide On “How To Start A WordPress Blog And Do SEO?


Importance of Google My Business Listings

seo for business in india

Google Business Listing is one of the efficient way to list your business in Google Search Results. Your Business Listing will appear when the people search for your business. It won’t show the results only on the Google map but also in the Search Engine Results.

To provide some user personalized and quality results, Google is following certain criteria. Business Listings will not be shown in the Search Results for Generic Queries. Also it will show the business listings mostly for the location based search queries.

Still there are many business who doesn’t have verified business listing. Finally they losing their potential customers over online. So it is more important to create the Business Listing in Google My Business with proper configuration.

Google algorithm update - optmize for Google's Rank Brain

Importance of Business Listing for a Business

  • “Google My Business” Listing is only for the Business people with Physical Presence like Office, Company or Business Area. To verify your business listing, you must mention your physical address in the Map and you will be receiving the post card to the particular address. So it gives some trust to the people who would like to buy some products or to get some premium services over online.


  • When it comes to Online Business, Positive Reviews from the Customers will matter a lot. So before ordering a product or service, people used to check more details about the particular thing. Also they must have some trust to make the purchase over online. In that case, Google Business Listing helps you a lot where the users will post their reviews & feedback about their experience with the particular business.

online marketing

  • If you are running a business over online, then Google My Business is must for your business and without which it will be very difficult to make more conversions. A person who needs it will search for it and so the customers who visit your website in an organic way through the domain based keywords were called as potential customers.


  • Among your competitors, it is very much important to get people’s eyes on your website. Also if a person is in urgent need, then they will directly click on the maps to reach your office or company for further discussion or confirmation.


  • Sometimes Google My Business Listings will act as a verification process for most of the people. Because people used to check the presence of a company in online and also they will check the location of the particular company.

SEO Training

  • It is free and easy to create the Business Listing for your website. Also it plays major role to list your website or business listing in local search results.


  • To avoid fake reviews & to increase the quality of the reviews, Google have implemented a rule that “the previous work employee can’t add the negative review for the particular company”. Because once a person leaves the particular company then they used to post wrong or negative reviews about a business or company.

How to Create Links for Customers to Write Review in Google?

clickdo review

Getting Positive Review from a Customer in Google My Business is not an easy Task but it is very much valuable to have more positive reviews. Google also having certain rules to publish the reviews and if you post multiple reviews from the same ip, then it will be tracked and removed. There are various rules and reasons for removal of reviews from Google My Business.

How Will You Guide Your Customer to Add Review for Your Business?

Normally, to get review from a customer we will request them to search for your Business in and to give some positive feedbacks. Sometimes, customer can’t reach the exact place to post the review and they will ignore it with reasons. So the business will lose some valuable review. But just think, if you can share an URL and while clicking the url, if the person directly landing on review page then it make the job more easier. Just follow the simple steps explained below to share the Customized Review URL to get Reviews from the Clients.

Create Link for Customer Reviews

placeid lookup tool

  • In “Enter a Location Area” – enter your Business Address.
  • Click on the Business Appears in the Place ID Lookup tool.
  • In top you will see some option like “Place ID”.

place id

write a review

  • When a Customer click on the link, they will directly redirected to Google Reviews of your Business.

Create the customized url for your business and increase the reviews for your business.

Pogo-Sticking: How To Avoid The Pogo-Sticking Effect?

pogo sticking effect in google

The Pogo Sticking Effect:

Pogo Sticking is the term used to define the user behavior of going back and forth in the search result. That is when the user searches for any search term in Google and visits the web page by clicking the link on the SERP and if the user finds that there is no useful content on the site, he/she will immediately click the back button and will return to SERP and will look for another webpage to satisfy their information needs. This user behavior of leaving the web page immediately after visiting is called as a pogo-sticking effect. This is also recorded in the Google Analytics as bounce rate.

google pogo sticking effect

What Google Does With Pogo Sticking Effect:

Google really wants the users to engage with the website in which the useful content is present. Google tries to provide the users with the most relevant results on the SERP for their search queries. Hence the site with high bounce rate will be considered as the webpage with the irrelevant content and will result in the poor rankings.

google pogo sticking

How To Save Your Site From Pogo Sticking Effect?

As an SEO Expert, you should be aware of the keyword terms which drives more traffic to your website. Next, you should analyze whether your website has the relevant content with respect to the search terms. If not, Optimize the content in your site based on the terms which drive more traffic to your website.

Thus Google in recent days started using the user’s behavior on the SERP to modify the rankings of the existing web pages. As an SEO Consultant, you should focus to engage the users with your website and make them to spend some time on your website. This will help you to improve the rankings on the SERP.

pogo sticking effect google

That is when the user clicks on the first link and leaves the web page immediately after noticing that there is no useful content on the website. Then immediately if the user visits any other page on the SERP, say the fifth link and spends some time there. Then Google will think that there is more useful content on the web page in the fifth link and will give a rank boost to that page.

Importance of Google Search Console for Your Website

google search console

In 2015, Google rebranded Google Webmaster as Google Search Console. Also currently (Feb 2018), Google has released a new version of Google Search Console with the improvements in User Interface and Reports.

Google Search Console

We know that, Google is the most used and famous search engine because of its user friendly interface and relevant search results. Currently, there are lot of changes in Search Engine Result Page which makes the people to get addicted to Google Search Engine. Also their works on personalized search results will just make them unique compared to other search engines.

Google search console beta

Google Search Console helps you to have a control of your website over the Search Engine Results. Suppose if there is any issue in ranking your website, you will be notified through Google Webmaster. You must verify your domain to get started with Google Search Console.  Be a webmaster of your website through Google Search Console and have a full control on it.

Benefits of Google Search Console

Effective utilization of the factors in Google Search Console will help you to boost your ranking in Search Results. Some of the important features available in Google Search Console is listed below.

google search update

  • Search Traffic
    • Get insights about your current traffic to your websites through the Search Console.
  • Keywords, Position & CTR
    • It is very much important to know where our site ranks for the main keywords. Know the keywords for which your website is ranking and gain more details like positions and CTR as well.
  • Internal Links
    • Internal Links were said to be the powerful ranking factor. So just review your internal linking and make it more useful and effective as well.

Google removed quick links

  • Links to your Site
    • Links to your sites is also called as Backlinks. It is very much important to get the quality backlinks. So you can check the domains that were pointing to your website.
  • Sitemap Submission
    • Everyone would like to index & Rank the site in Search Engine. To index your website, you must submit the sitemap in the Search Console.
  • Remove URL
    • If suppose, you want to remove the URL indexed or ranked in Search Engine Result Page, then you can remove it manually by submitting a request in this section.

googles update on SERP

  • Fetch as Google
    • Fetch as Google Option helps you to understand how Google crawls your site. So if there is any issue in crawling your website then you can check using this option.
  • Disavow tool
    • Spam links to your site will drop your rankings. So it is important to get quality backlinks alone. If you found some spam links to your website then you can remove it manually by using disavow tool.
  • Crawl Errors
    • Due to usage of various codes during the design and optimization process, there may be possibilities to get errors during the crawling. This may affect your ranking. So identify the crawl errors if any.

Make use of the resources effectively, to rank your website in top of Search Engine Result Page. Google Search Console is a free charge software, so there won’t be any restrictions in using it.

Google Crawls Non-Existent Pages (404 Pages)

404 page is good sign

As we know Google is said to be the Search Engine Giant and everyone is trying to index and rank their website in the most popular & relevant search results. Recently, there is a news from Google’s John Mueller is that the Google Crawls the Non-Existent (404) pages and explained about it.

Every website administrators and developer would love to see Google Crawling the existing pages. Also we feel that, crawling the non existing pages is just waste of time. In twitter, a web publisher asked John Mueller that better shall we block the Google Bots from crawling the non existent pages and for that he explained about the crawling of Non-Existent Pages.

The Non Existing pages were called as 404 Pages. Because normally if you the page doesn’t exist then it will be resulting in 404 Page Not found Error. If the web page is missing then it will show as 404 Not Found and suppose it is permanently removed then it will show the error code 410.

404 pages not found

Why Google Crawls Non Existent Pages?

There are three interesting statements by John Mueller about “Why Google Crawls the Non-Existent Pages.

  •  Don’t want to Block the 404 Pages from Google Bot. You will not lose the Crawl capacity because of the 404 Pages.
  • Sometimes, 404 Crawls makes Google to utilize the Extra Crawl to double check the URL’s.
  • 404 Crawls is a sign that Google can crawl more URL’s from your website.

page not found errors

Google Crawls 404 Page is a Good Sign

Normally, two major error codes for page not found is 404 and 410. Here Error 404 indicates that the page is temporarily removed & it may comeback later at anytime. Error 410 indicated that the web page is permanently removed and it won’t comeback at anytime.

google crawls non existent urls

There is recent confusion about “How Google Treats 404 & 410 Errors?”, because Matt Cutts in 2014 said that Google treats 404 and 410 in different manner but Google in 2011 said that there is not variation between the 404 and 410 pages and it will consider both as same.

But here finally, what we can understand with the point from John Mueller is that “More web pages from Our Website will be crawled by Google if it crawls down the 404 or 410 pages and it acts as a Good Sign”.

Google Search Update On Featured Snippets for Multi-Intent Queries

search result updates by google

Google is keep on updating its Algorithm, User Interface, Search Features, Display Strategies and so on. Everything is to provide the best and to capture most of the audience. Few months back, I read some article about Search Engine Growth and there i could see some positive growth of other search engines with a small drop in Google. During that time, i thought that the Google Search Engine is losing its marketing. But now with their latest updates, they just providing the users what they want.

google search update

Featured Snippets for Multi-Intent Queries

Featured Snippets for Multi-Intent Queries is the recent update release by Google. Also, the Multi-Intent Queries were not visible for every search query. It is shown for specific search results based on the availability over the search network. Some of the multifaceted snippets were available over the web which is shared over twitter and other social medias as well.

Featured Snippets for Multi-Intent Queries

Featured Snippet will Reduce Organic Results?

Due to various frequent updates, Everyone is thinking about the Organic Search Results. As Featured Snippet is just an additional feature added to the search engine result page, it won’t reduce the count of Organic Search Results. But the only disadvantage because of featured snippets were, the user will not engage with the remaining results. Because if you are searching for an information and it is available in top with a short brief then you won’t look into other websites.

Google Featured Update

How Google Search Organizes Information?

local search results

Before every search, the web crawlers will gather information from millions of websites over the web and will organize it in a search index.

Search Fundamentals

The websites were identified by the search program called Crawlers. The Crawlers will start initially with few web pages and later by passing through the links present in those web pages it will index the millions of web pages over the web. The webpages will be identified by crawler through the past crawls or through sitemap provided by the site owners.

It will pay special attention when the new site is becoming an existing sites and dead links. The program itself will decide how many pages to crawl and to fetch the pages from each site. Google offers you the full control about your website through Webmaster Console. Through which you can take control of the crawling status off your site.

Google Search Tags

Also you can hide the web pages from google crawler by updating it through robots.txt file. One important thing about this is, Google won’t accept payment to index or to increase the rank of any websites. Google Search Results is completely organic without any influence through money.

Google allows you to advertise your ads in search results but it is completely different from organic results. There are various rules for the ads that is to be shown in Search Results or through Display Network. After some deep analysis, Google have restricted from using few words as Search Content.

Identify Exact Results

Web is like a growing tree, where the websites will get increased gradually like a leaves in it. The special software called web crawlers which is used to identify the publicly available web pages over the web. Normally, the crawler identifies a particular website and will jump to another webpage through the links present in the website.

Once the crawler identifies a web page, it will render all the information present in the webpage and will be stored based on the keywords. Once the user searches for a keyword, then it will be identifying the exact search results by various comparisons like the number of times the keyword present in the webpage, presence of synonyms for the particular keyword, the number of webpages pointing to the particular webpage for that keyword and so on. These things were considered to be the ranking factors as well.