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Google Reports About The Update On March 07 – Its About Relevancy

Google has updated its algorithm to provide the users with the most relevant results for their search queries. Recently in March, Google has rolled out another update to its algorithm. There was a huge shuffle of the rankings of the website after this update. Officially Google has said that this update was purely based on the relevancy and not on any other terms.

Google Reports About The Update On March 07 - Its About Relevancy and not quality

Are your ranks shuffled?

Wonder, how this update has affected the rankings of certain web pages ranking on top of the SERP. Maybe your website may be ranking on top before this update and now it may be dropped down. Reason for this is it doesn’t mean that your site has low-quality content or other stuff. Google has reported that this latest update is nothing to do with the content on the website, it’s purely based on the relevancy. If your site doesn’t rank for certain search query means, that your website is not relevant to that search query.

Google Reports About The Update On March 07 - Its About Relevancy

How to get back to the top?

If your site has dropped from the top of Google’s SERP after this update, it does not mean that your website is a bad site. Analyze your website deeply and find some internal errors on the site and fix the same to get back on top. Make the users engage more time on your website. According to Google, if users spend more time on your website, then Google will think that there is really some potential content on your website and will give a rank boost to your website.

Add attractive content to the landing page to make the users spend some time there. For instance, you can add attractive videos about your business or any infographics which makes the users engage with your website more time.

Google About The Update On March 07 - Its About Relevancy

Thus as a business owner, when your website ranks have dropped. there is nothing to think about it. Just add more attractive content to your landing page and reduce the bounce rate of the website. This will ideally help the ranks to climb up back on the Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Google Drops Quick Links From Google Search App

google quick links

Nowadays Google is keep on updating their tools and applications to bring some positive change. Quick Links is one of the latest feature which is removed from the Google Search Application.

If you are using Android Mobile then you must come across it at least once. I am not sure it have created some positive impact but it acts as a short links to your favourites. As people started searching for their favourite things directly, Quick Links doesn’t create any positive impact among the people.

google quick links

Some of the things listed in the Quick Links are

  • Weather
  • Dining
  • Entertainment
  • Sports and so on.

Why Quick Links Removed from Google Search?

Most of the People didn’t use Quick Links“is the Simple reason for Removal of Quick links from Google Search Application. If particular thing is used by more people or if people is showing some interest over it, then it’s the responsibility of the creator to optimize it and to update it to next level. But if something is not effective for the people and if suppose it is not used by wide range of people then they must replace something which makes the people more comfortable.

Google removed quick links

Official news from the Google is that, they removed quick links intentionally and it is not a bug. He also mentioned that “Quick link is removed and new feed experience is launched for the search app which makes it easier to discover”.

Google Quick links removed

Most of the people were not aware about the feature “Quick Links” as they didn’t make use of it. Also Google’s analysis will have some strong data about the usage of the particular feature and that might be the reason behind the removal of Quick Links from the Google Search Application.

Page Speed – Upcoming Ranking Factor for Mobile Results

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Mobile Page Speed – Upcoming Ranking Factor

Mobile Page Speed of a Webpage is going to be considered as one of the ranking factor for Mobile Search Results. There are few variation between the Mobile Search Results and Desktop Search Results. Reason behind the variation in ranking is due to the factors considered to rank a website based on the keywords. search engine algorithm

Upcoming Ranking Factor – Mobile Page Speed

The Algorithm update is expected to get release by Second half of the year 2018 and they calling this update as a Speed Update. Nowadays people expecting the webpage to be very fast and responsive, which forces the search engines to list the web pages with very low loading time.

Search Engines must provide some user friendly and user expected results to satisfy the users. Users always will expect the best and will love to use the best. So it is the responsible of developers to modify the application based on the user expectation and to deliver the best.

search engine algorithm updates

Previous Update About Page Speed

Previously in 2010, Google announced Page Speed as a ranking factor but it is only based on the desktop speed. So as a growth and development now google is focussing to deliver the best for mobile users. As per the frequent analysis report released by most of the giants shows that the Searches were made through mobile devices were high when compared to the desktops.

Google Bans Negative Reviews of Former Employers


Google Review is one of the important trust creating factor over online. Before purchasing or ordering anything over online, we used to check the reviews provided by the previous customers. Good Update is needed for everything whose usage is more important and critical.

Once people identified the root importance to increase or block the sales then they will start doing the things in a duplicate way. Google Review is one of the Important thing to be considered in this way. As a result, Google makes an update in its review policies and according to the update the people were banned to review their former work place.

google reviews

The recent update announced by Google will make the Reviews more accurate and good. Tool that shows the rating based on the stars allocated by the Reviewers, which appears when a person search for a business using the map or search engines.

Most of the User Contributed Content will be more valuable results only if the content is provided true and honest. If a person leaves away a office then they may post a negative review due to their personal problems or the Issues. So this will fake the things and due to this unfair activities people may lose the trust on the Tool.

former workers

In previous days, anyone with the Google Account were allowed to review the companies or products even though they experienced with that. Some people were started selling good reviews which will help the business to make good conversion.

As a result, tech giant said that the negative reviews posted by the former employees will damage the companies reputation. Now companies can directly contact Google to remove the unfair reviews which will help them to improve the business rating in the proper way.customer reviews