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Scale Up Your Business With Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing in India by ClickDo

Digital marketing is the best way to promote your products or services over online. It helps in increasing the brand awareness among the people to create trust about the product or service. It will help you to target the potential customers over online to increase your sales and to grow your business to next level.

  • Create Brand Awareness

During the past, it is difficult to create brand awareness and identity for the business or product. Also it takes more time to reach the potential audience who is in need of your services. But now a days, due to various improvements in digital systems, it is so easy to reach the exact audience who you want to target. So now creating brand awareness and brand identity among the people is more easier than the previous days.



  • ROI(Return Of Investment)

The trending digital marketing strategies helps to increase the Return of Investment . The investment on different marketing campaigns can be regained by optimising the conversion rate and thereby increasing the sales and profit. You ads should be properly optimized for better conversion. Also if you are promoting over Search network, then you must be aware of the negative terms for which your ads should not appear in the Search Results.

  • Create Customer Engagement

You should keep in contact with the target customer by providing various offers and frequent updates to the customers. You can also update your customers through regular emails, Regular updates in Social Channels like facebook, youtube etc., you can have a very good relationship with your customers. Digital marketing is the best way to be in touch with your target customer.

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  • Convert Your Visitors into Customers

Converting your the people who enters into your website is more important than bringing them. Nowadays getting the visitors to your site is more easy through various Digital Marketing Strategies. Target the potential customers, bring them into your visitors, Create trust and convert them by placing effective content in your website.

Google is keep on updating its softwares and User Interface to provide the best for the users. Also the updates were more focused on the personalized search results and better user experience. So it is recommended to target your customer through the effective campaign strategies created by the PPC Experts.

Why Your AdWords Bid Strategy is Showing Limited?

adwords bidding strategy

If you are running Google Ads for your Business then there are more possibilities to face this Issue. You Bid Strategy will showing limited only because of 5 Important factors. If your Campaign or Ad Group is showing limited, just keep your mouse over the word “Limited”, then it will show some explanation or reason for being limited. Below are the effective solutions to solve the Campaigns whose Bid Strategy is showing as Limited.

5 Factors which Shows the Bid Strategy as Limited

  • Bid Limits

If “Bid Limits” is the reason, then you will see the below information

Maximum and/or minimum bid limits are being met by multiple keywords. As a result, your bids may not be fully optimized.

Solution: Increase your Maximum CPC value. This is because of very low Maximum Bid Limit. So Once you increase the Maximum CPC based on the Budget, it will start getting impressions and Clicks.

  • Not Enough Data

If “Not Enough Data” is the reason, then it will show the reason as

AdWords could optimize your bids more effectively with more conversion data.

Solution : This error will happen if the Conversion Tracking and Reporting is not working properly. Suppose, if you have imported the offline conversions then make sure you have imported the recent conversions into Google AdWords. If the conversion tracking and reporting is working properly, then you will get more conversion by increasing the traffic to your site.

bidding strategy is limited

  • Low Priority Spend

If your campaign has “Low Priority Spend”, then it will show the reason as

The target spend for this bid strategy cannot be met. The budgets associated with this strategy may be depleted by other bid strategies or manual keyword bids.

Solution : Increase the Budget of the Campaign or else lower the Target Spend. If suppose, you don’t have proper idea about lowering the Target spend, remove it completely. AdWords will adjust your spend automatically based on your budget.

  • Budget Constrained

If your campaign has “Budget Constrained” as reason, then it will show as

Many of the keywords using this strategy are limited by budget. As a result, AdWords may not be able to raise bids enough to meet your goals.

Solution : This will happen only if your Budget is too low for the keywords you choose. So simple solution to overcome this issue is to increase the Budget of the Ad Campaigns.

Budget constrained bidding strategy

  • Low Quality Score

If your Campaign has “Low Quality Score” as reason, then it will show as

Many of the keywords associated with this bid strategy have a low Quality Score. As a result, your ads may not be displayed often enough to meet your goals.

Solution : It is very much important to have Good Quality Score. To increase the Quality Score, you must remove the low quality keywords chosen for the particular campaign. You can allow the bids to get raised for low quality keywords, but it is expensive to target low quality keywords to rank in top of the search. Instead it is recommended to target the Quality Keywords.


Different Types Of Bidding Strategy In Adwords

ppc bidding strategy

Google Adwords is the online internet marketing platform developed by Google to help the business people to get more conversions from online mediums like Search Engines. As a business people, you need to pay for Google only of the user clicks on the ad to visit your website. There are several bidding strategies in Google PPC which you should try to get the clicks for your Ads.

Manual CPC (Cost Per Click):

Manual CPC lets you to set the maximum amount that you can spend for each click on the ad. Also using manual CPC you can set the amounts for specific keywords as well. If you notice that certain ad group or keyword have high potential, then you can set the high bid for that particular keyword or ad group. Using manual CPC you can set the maximum bid from ad group level and also keyword level as well.

Automated CPC (Cost Per Click):

google ppc

In Automated CPC method, You will set the daily budget for your ad and also you will let the Google to control your bids, In Automated CPC, Google will try to give you the maximum number of clicks at the given budget. The drawback in the Automated CPC is that it won’t allow you to set the maximum cost per click.

Enhanced CPC:

Enhanced CPC allows google to increase or decrease your bidding by 30% to help you get more clicks. Enhanced CPC helps you to get more clicks on manual bidding. Thus enhanced CPC works by adjusting the manual bidding to help you get more clicks.

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) Bidding:

google ppc

CPA bidding is the advertising method which lets you to pay only if the conversion happens and not for clicks. This conversion will be defined by you while you are creating the ad. Thus in the cost per acquisition, you need not pay for clicks unless you get a conversion.

CPM Bidding:

In CPM bidding you will pay for Google based on the number of Impressions that you get for your ad on the Google Display network. You can use viewable CPM bidding to pay only if your ad is viewed by the audience.

Target Search Page Location:

The target search page location will is the automated bidding strategy around the ad groups, keywords, etc which will make your ads to display only on the top of the page or on the first page. In this type of bidding your ad will be displayed on the top or it will not be displayed anywhere

Maximize Clicks:

google adwords

In the maximize clicks you will not be setting the bid amount for the ad groups or keywords. Instead which you will set the target daily budget and the AdWords itself will adjust the budget for you to get a maximum number of clicks on the available budget.

Thus these are the some of the adword bidding strategies through which you can get a maximum number of clicks for your Ad. Google PPC will help you to get more conversions for your business from search engines based on pay per click strategy.



Why PPC Is Important For Your Business?

PPC is one of the internet marketing strategy which is associated with to get traffic to the website through direct advertisement on the search engines like Google, Bing etc., Through PPC you can increase the traffic to your website. Though PPC can get the visitor to your website, converting them to customer completely depends on the look and feel of the website. Look and feel describes how the site is been designed. Making user stay on the website or visit again is completely in the design of the website and the landing page of the visitors should contain all the necessary information what visitor is looking for. Google Adwords is the most popular advertising system in this internet era. This enables you to create ads that appear on the Search Engine like Google, Bing etc., Adword works on PPC model in which you have to pay to google for every click (getting visitors to your website through ads).

Why is PPC Important?

Get Traffic:

google ppc


For a business to e successful in Online, the website should at least be ranked in top five links in search engine result page because a people will just go through the maximum of five links to get the result of what they are looking for. If they didn’t find any relevances in the first five links, they will just alter the search term and get the result. So, being in top five links is more important for business in online is important. A website can get into top five links in search engine result page in two ways. One is through ranking by using SEO Strategy and another way is through ads. Though in both the ways you can get your website in top position, PPC is the fattest way whereas in ranking through SEO consumes a lot of time. You can get your website in top positions even though they are not ranked organically.Adwords helps in improving the visibility to your website, they search, they see your website, then click on it, and they could convert into your customers.

Reach Potential Customer:

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Through Adwords, you can reach the targetted customers or potential customers who are looking for service what you are providing.


If you have decided to display ads on fitness, this ad’s will be shown to other related terms like healthy living, workouts, exercise and other related terms to fitness.

Through Adwords, you can also display ads on the similar service providers as yours if they have enabled Adsense. In this way of marketing also you can get visitors to the website.