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Pillars of Digital Marketing Strategy

digital marketing 2018

As every one started depending on Online to satisfy their needs, business owners also started targeting the customers over online. It is very much important to get more traffic to your website and also at the same time, it is more important to convert most of your visitors into customers. Also there are some important Digital Marketing Strategies which will act as a pillar for your Business.

Important Pillars of Digital Marketing Strategies

Company Website

Every Business must have a website to boost and promote over online. Because Business website is the base and only way to make more conversion. People must have some trust over your business to order the Product or Services  over online.

seo website design

Company website will create some positive trust and clear understanding about your business. Your website must have all the information about your business to make positive decision about the purchase. If suppose your website doesn’t have the content like this, then first make sure this is sorted for better growth.

Reliable Hosting & Attractive Website will helps your business to promote over online.

Business Blog

Every Business website must have a blog in it. It is very much important to have a Blog which shows your technical knowledge and stuffs to the external world. Most of the time, the site traffic and conversion depends on the Blog content. Content is the King and it helps a lot in making more conversions.

update the blogs seo

If a user is searching for some queries or clarification over online, then we should leave them to go out of our website.  Solution for every problems ad queries must be available in our website and it is the another important reason to have business Blog.

Social Media Accounts

Social Media is influencing the search and brand awareness as well. Also social media is considered as One of the biggest game changer in terms of branding and advertising. It allows your product or content to reach the person in different parts of the world.

good reach in social media

Some of the influencing social media platforms include Facebook, Reddit, Quora, Twitter and so on. A recent research about social media have proved that, when compared to Google, Facebook has more search volume regarding the events.

Paid Advertising over Social Media

Social Media is the place where people used to spend most of their time. Because gathering all kind of information, news and entertainment in a single place. So chasing the people over the social media gives your business a strong Brand Awareness and this registers your business in people’s mind as well.

Promoting over Social Media helps your business to reach large number of audience in your limited budget.

Pay Per Click Advertising

It is one of the AdWords Strategy using which you can rank your website in top of search results. PPC is expanded as Pay-Per-Click Advertising, where we used to pay Google based on number of clicks. Getting your website in top of Search Results organically will take some time but through PPC advertising you can easily place your website in top.

google ppc advertising

But when it comes to PPC Advertising, you must optimize your Ads (Advertisements) based on various things like Ad Quality, Quality Score, Ad Relevance and so on.

Display Advertising

You can target your website visitors through remarketing. In Google, remarketing can be done through Display Advertising. In Display Advertising, you can create dynamic advertising or through uploading images. As we know Images talks more when compared to texts, it is more important to target your website visitors through Display Advertising.

Google Display Network

SEO with PPC – Effective Marketing Strategy

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and PPC(Pay per click), both are interlinked. You can do a successful SEO job without PPC, but you cannot do successful PPC without SEO.

Google’s Priority

  1. The Google first gives priority to their users. The Google first displays the paid and organic links, which are relevant to users search.
  2. The Google second priority is business. If you pay for Google Ad Words, it will display your paid link  in top search results. Instead you can invest in SEO which is cost efficient.
  3.  SEO and PPC does the same work as google and also there are some common ranking signals. The common  ranking signals such as keywords. Generally when the user types something in the web browser, the words are splitted as keywords. Based on the keywords, the results will get displayed in the Search Engine Result Page.
  4. Nowadays Google Adwords is prevailing, when you give keyword or phrase in your AD or web pages, they are ranked according to two factors such as, Quality score and Ad relevant score.

Quality score on keywords:

Your keywords should be clear and relevant. Then all the keywords must be user friendly to the user. If you want your page to be ranked first, then use relevant and clear keywords and phrases. If you practice like this, then your landing page quality score will be definitely higher. This concept of scoring was first introduced by Google in 2008.

quality score

This is one of the best ranking criteria of web pages. This will help us to display the paid ads on the top of the organic search results. The scoring can be given in scale measuring from 1 to 10. (1 is least and 10 is top). In this template, the SEO performs an important job.

SEO only implements the keywords. When you develop the site, make sure that all keywords are fresh, clear. This should solve the users problem. This should give solution to the user by considering what they are looking for.

keyword quality

Ad Relevance:

This shows how your keyword matches your Ad Content. The ad relevance can be ranked as
1. Below average(they are too specific or something general to the users query. It is not relevant to users search)
2. Average( the search will be relevant to users keywords)
3. Above average(similar to average but in detailed search)

In the digital era, when you form a digital marketing campaign use both SEO and PPC. It will help you to increase the efficiency of the marketing strategy.


Facebook Marketing for your Business

facebook marketing 2018

Social Media – Facebook

Social Media is the medium through which various information is shared publicly over the network or communities. Facebook is one of the social media, which makes the sharing so easy and sometimes it makes the things viral. Facebook is the place where most of the people wish to spend their time, either with their friends or with the information available in their news-feed. Nowadays the information or the communication is made through Facebook and it reaches most of the people in very short period of time. People were ready to support and join together as a symbol of unity.

facebook business account

Facebook for Business

As Facebook acts as a place where most of the people were spending time together and so it is the best place for the business people to target. Another big advantage of Facebook is that, people were started posting their personal information and updates about their day to day happening. So this make the business people to target specific people so easily and it will be very effective too. In Facebook, there is a separate section for the Business people  as Facebook Business Manager Account to run the advert account, pages and people who work on them.

facebook marketing

Advanced Features of Facebook, helps to target the people in a specific manner. Number of Business originated to satisfy the needs of people, so we don’t need to target the whole people in the Facebook because they don’t need it and it’s waste of money. There are experts in Facebook marketing who can set campaigns to target the specific people to make the conversions and they were called as Professional Digital Marketing Service Providers. By projecting the needed services or products in-front of the people will make them to purchase it. Facebook Target Marketing and Re-marketing can be done based on the client requirement.

facebook marketing tips

Facebook Marketing helps a lot for Business people in various ways like increasing traffic by bringing the people to our website, generating leads, creating brand awareness and so on. Make use of advanced targeted facility in Facebook to grow your business to next level by proper spend.