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How Facebook Marketing Grows Your Business?

There are lots of issues running behind the famous & most used social media “Facebook”. Also, everyone knows that each and every action made by the people in social media is tracked and categorized. During the start, people having some fear about it but nowadays these things were known and that’s least bothered.

how facebook follows you

Facebook Marketing

Place where marketer’s target is the place where people spend most of their time. So Facebook is one of the very famous social media, where people used to spend most of their time. Also, Facebook allows business people to target users based on various categories. It also helps in filtering the exact audience that you are looking for.

Business people, there is a separate section called Facebook for Business, where people can add their Facebook page and account details to create and run campaigns with the right target. So targeting the people over Facebook will surely help to grow your business over online.

How You Are Getting Ads On Facebook

Analysis & Targets

As you have every option to customize your target audience, you must choose it right and very accurate. As a Business Owner, you must know all about your customers. If you are running a business for a long time, then you may have some customer details in your sales records. Using that, you can prepare and analysis reports like what’s the exact age group of the people who bought your services, whether men or a woman who shows more interest on your brand and so on. You can target the exact audience with the help of deep analysis.


Even though if you don’t have enough information in your hand, then you can gather those through some generic campaigns or with the business experience. If you are hiring an Agency to bring you the leads, then the agency will take a couple of days or week to identify the potential of your business. They will analyze your audience and they will help you to improve your business through effective marketing strategies.

Why Digital Marketing in India is Big Thing For Your Business?

Digital Marketing and Blogging In India

The population of India is around 1.34 billion as of 2017 with 20% of internet users. Do you want to miss such a big market?

To be more specific, 20% users in the total population is around 26 crores. 26 crores is not all a small number of audience. With this being said, you can understand that India has a huge audience set and it will never dip in coming years as well. Let’s see from “what is digital marketing?” to “how can reach your potential audience?”

Digital Marketing India - Internet Users

What is Digital Marketing?

In words, Digital Marketing is advertising a brand, brand’s product/service through different social media forms in a different way. The Digital Medium can be a search engine, social media, email or any other digital technologies. Digital Marketing has different sectors to look like, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Video Marketing and much more marketing strategies.

Why a business needs digital marketing in India?

  • Cost Effective
  • Customer Tracking
  • Industry Specific Audience
  • Easy Interactive
  • Next Generation

Why Digital Marketing India

  • Cost Effective:

Compared to other marketing strategies, digital marketing can be really cost effective which helps you in bigger ROI. Paying to media and getting the attention of audience through TV or Paper Ad will no more workout for online business industries.

  • Customer Tracking:

Customer Tracking is the biggest concern since we don’t whether our ad reached to the audience we targeted. In digital marketing, you can easily track the number of audience reached with real-time insights and reports.


  • Industry Specific Audience:

Through other marketing strategies, we can advertise our brand, but the question is “are we reaching the potential audience of our market?”. The question can never be raised in Digital marketing since every industry-specific audience can be targeted through different platforms.

Social Media - Digital Marketing in India

  • Easy Interactive

Understand the live audience engagement in Digital Marketing. In 2018, trends in digital marketing changing the perspective of reaching the general audience through the internet. It includes Chatbots, Google Lens, Video Marketing and much more innovative ideas and technologies to interact with a set of audience to gain more engagement.

  • Next Generation

So, Where are moving forward? We are gaining attention of the next-generation audience, who are by default the future consumer of our products/services.

The bottom line of the whole article is, Indian audience has a great influence towards internet platforms. Before, your competitor, get into digital marketing to gain bigger ROI you had never experience before through any other marketing strategies.

Future of Digital Marketing is at Stake?

Digital Marketing courses at ClickDo Academy

Let me start with some questions, Do you think Digital Marketing Will Exhaust? What will happen from now if digital marketing can’t be proceeded? How the online industries will take their business forward? I think you must came up with answers while reading. Yes! Digital marketing is not a first copy paper of a poetry which doesn’t work out and end up throwing into bin. When you’re determined enough to write a well-saying poetry, you will succeed in selling it as a book which goes viral. In same way, you have to put in your efforts to get back from where you have started.

Why digital marketing can’t be destroyed?

The stat says, As of June 2017, 51% of the world’s population has internet access, where India stands second, which is a step behind china. Considering more than half of the world’s population is in the radar of internet, how one can avoid marketing to such whooping users in world. When a day comes by saying, digital marketing can’t be done, then the businesses in online will have shut down where they cannot track back to traditional way of marketing a product or a service. Meantime, The Global Market is Involved in Digital Marketing, this will also affects a nation’s growth in highly competitive world.

Future of Digital Marketing

What can Digital Marketing Do In Future?

People who are saying, “hereafter, digital marketing will not work” will one day surely end up facing digital marketing. The culture digital marketing had set so far cannot be wiped easily. The Future relies on every user data that brought in to internet to give it back what they need in real life through digital medium. This will help users to avail a service or buy a product with easy accessibility.

Internet Marketing Reach - Future of Digital Marketing


How wide a digital marketing campaign can be?

As said, digital marketing plays a major role in global market. It’s not about targeting every audience in the internet, it is to target the wide range of a particular business audience. Target potential audience of a business in the market will help the business to get a brand identity and product/service awareness. A digital marketing campaign can be proceeded through different medium, which includes giants like Google, Facebook, Bing and much more. It is based on the business audience to select the medium with the help of digital marketing consultant for targeting and sell with ROI.

Scale Up Your Business With Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing in India by ClickDo

Digital marketing is the best way to promote your products or services over online. It helps in increasing the brand awareness among the people to create trust about the product or service. It will help you to target the potential customers over online to increase your sales and to grow your business to next level.

  • Create Brand Awareness

During the past, it is difficult to create brand awareness and identity for the business or product. Also it takes more time to reach the potential audience who is in need of your services. But now a days, due to various improvements in digital systems, it is so easy to reach the exact audience who you want to target. So now creating brand awareness and brand identity among the people is more easier than the previous days.



  • ROI(Return Of Investment)

The trending digital marketing strategies helps to increase the Return of Investment . The investment on different marketing campaigns can be regained by optimising the conversion rate and thereby increasing the sales and profit. You ads should be properly optimized for better conversion. Also if you are promoting over Search network, then you must be aware of the negative terms for which your ads should not appear in the Search Results.

  • Create Customer Engagement

You should keep in contact with the target customer by providing various offers and frequent updates to the customers. You can also update your customers through regular emails, Regular updates in Social Channels like facebook, youtube etc., you can have a very good relationship with your customers. Digital marketing is the best way to be in touch with your target customer.

facebook video tips


  • Convert Your Visitors into Customers

Converting your the people who enters into your website is more important than bringing them. Nowadays getting the visitors to your site is more easy through various Digital Marketing Strategies. Target the potential customers, bring them into your visitors, Create trust and convert them by placing effective content in your website.

Google is keep on updating its softwares and User Interface to provide the best for the users. Also the updates were more focused on the personalized search results and better user experience. So it is recommended to target your customer through the effective campaign strategies created by the PPC Experts.

3 Basic Tips to Optimize Your Blog Content

SEO to Rank Website

Search Engine Optimization is very much important to optimize and rank a website in Search Engine Result Page. Internet is the place where anyone can learn and execute the things very well. The large amount of data and information is completely all because of the bloggers. Because blogger plays a  major role in publishing the quality contents over the web. So here in this article I have explained the important Blog SEO Tips to optimize your website.

Business, Illustration, Office, Design


Blog SEO Tips to Optimize Your Blog Content

  • Focus on Long Tail Keywords

Optimizing a blog post based on the keywords doesn’t mean that repeating the keywords all over the content. Also if you are stuffing the keywords in your content section, then it will hurt your SEO because Google considers keyword stuffing as a spam action

  • Keyword Presence in Specific part of the Content

To make sure your content is relevant to specific keywords, it is important to place your keyword once or twice in particular part of your content. By including the keyword based terms in the best part of your content will help you to rank in top of Search Engine Results.

Title Tag : Choosing the appropriate keyword is very much important and to make sure the content is more relevant to the keyword, you must place the keyword once or twice in the title tag. So it helps the users to know that the content is something related to the particular keyword. Also, this is how the search engine ranks a website too.

Seo Google Search Engine Optimization Web

Description : Giving optimized description is the most important of everything.Because description is the place which contains the crispy information about the content. So most of the people used to ready multiple descriptions before entering into a website. Placing your keyword very strong in the description will brings the user inside your website and also it helps to rank in top of Search Engine Result Page.

URL : Sometimes search engines also will figure out the URL to know more about the contents. So mentioning the keywords in the URL will be very much helpful to rank in Search Results and also creating the user friendly URLs will be very useful for better navigation.

  • Mobile Friendly & Responsive Blog

As per the recent survey, the search engine giant has revealed that more than 50% of the users were using the Mobile Devices to search something over online. So it is more important to have the mobile friendly and responsive blogs for better ranking and traffic as well.

Pillars of Digital Marketing Strategy

digital marketing 2018

As every one started depending on Online to satisfy their needs, business owners also started targeting the customers over online. It is very much important to get more traffic to your website and also at the same time, it is more important to convert most of your visitors into customers. Also there are some important Digital Marketing Strategies which will act as a pillar for your Business.

Important Pillars of Digital Marketing Strategies

Company Website

Every Business must have a website to boost and promote over online. Because Business website is the base and only way to make more conversion. People must have some trust over your business to order the Product or Services  over online.

seo website design

Company website will create some positive trust and clear understanding about your business. Your website must have all the information about your business to make positive decision about the purchase. If suppose your website doesn’t have the content like this, then first make sure this is sorted for better growth.

Reliable Hosting & Attractive Website will helps your business to promote over online.

Business Blog

Every Business website must have a blog in it. It is very much important to have a Blog which shows your technical knowledge and stuffs to the external world. Most of the time, the site traffic and conversion depends on the Blog content. Content is the King and it helps a lot in making more conversions.

update the blogs seo

If a user is searching for some queries or clarification over online, then we should leave them to go out of our website.  Solution for every problems ad queries must be available in our website and it is the another important reason to have business Blog.

Social Media Accounts

Social Media is influencing the search and brand awareness as well. Also social media is considered as One of the biggest game changer in terms of branding and advertising. It allows your product or content to reach the person in different parts of the world.

good reach in social media

Some of the influencing social media platforms include Facebook, Reddit, Quora, Twitter and so on. A recent research about social media have proved that, when compared to Google, Facebook has more search volume regarding the events.

Paid Advertising over Social Media

Social Media is the place where people used to spend most of their time. Because gathering all kind of information, news and entertainment in a single place. So chasing the people over the social media gives your business a strong Brand Awareness and this registers your business in people’s mind as well.

Promoting over Social Media helps your business to reach large number of audience in your limited budget.

Pay Per Click Advertising

It is one of the AdWords Strategy using which you can rank your website in top of search results. PPC is expanded as Pay-Per-Click Advertising, where we used to pay Google based on number of clicks. Getting your website in top of Search Results organically will take some time but through PPC advertising you can easily place your website in top.

google ppc advertising

But when it comes to PPC Advertising, you must optimize your Ads (Advertisements) based on various things like Ad Quality, Quality Score, Ad Relevance and so on.

Display Advertising

You can target your website visitors through remarketing. In Google, remarketing can be done through Display Advertising. In Display Advertising, you can create dynamic advertising or through uploading images. As we know Images talks more when compared to texts, it is more important to target your website visitors through Display Advertising.

Google Display Network

How Digital Marketing helps Start-Ups Scale Faster?

In Today’s Internet world, running an own business without Digital marketing is too tough. To make more sales and service, it is important to reach the potential customers over online. While comparing earlier days, people started using online for everything. Thus, Starting a new business, making your brand reach, getting customers through online and convincing them is not an easy job. But, everything is possible through digital marketing.

Digital Marketing

Steps For Start-Ups to Scale Faster:

1. Brand Awareness and Identity:

In early days, creating brand awareness and identity of a product is very difficult and it took much time to reach the target audience. At that time very fewer businesses did online marketing and they used different types of marketing strategies. But nowadays, due to improvement in the IT industry and globalization, the digital marketing became more trend and brand awareness became very simple and easier when you follow proper digital marketing strategy.

remarketing for brand value

2. Market Analysis and ROI(Return On Investment):

In every business, Return on Investment is the major part to focus on. If you follow digital marketing strategies properly, then that helps to increase the Return on investment. If you are investing in your paid campaign (AdWords), the ROI is not that easy. Hence, the investment in marketing campaigns can be regained by optimizing the conversion rate and thereby increasing the sales and profit. Based on your business competition, choose the marketing strategy that best suits you. Or else you can focus on both organic, paid and social media marketing to increase your ROI.

increase brand value

3. Customer Engagement:

You should be in contact with the target customer by motivating them and by giving various offers and updates to the customer. You can contact your customers through emails, phone numbers, social media like facebook, youtube etc., While having a conversation with your customers, focus on your customer satisfaction and build a strong relationship. Always keep your audience engaged by organizing live events or publishing some informative content on your social media pages.

Customer Engagement

4. Converting Visitors into Customers:

Converting your website visitors as your likely customer is an art. Digital marketing is not only about getting engaged in social media, ranking organically or using paid search.It is also about creating a user-friendly website. When a users land on your website, the page should be easily understandable and easy to navigate between the pages. Also, when a user lands on the page, we should be active on the site to invite visitors using some online chat applications. This type of website engagement would give users a positive impression. At the same time, taking the customers feedback and satisfying them is more important. By following best marketing strategy, converting your website visitors is also simple and easy.

Internet Marketing Success

Start-up business can easily reach their potential customers through Digital Marketing. As a start-up industry, that could be difficult for one to understand the digital marketing strategies. Hence, it is better to hire a Digital Marketing Agency to help your with effective marketing strategies. If you are looking for a Digital marketing, then its time to get in touch with us!

Google Drops Support for News Meta Keywords Tag

No More Support for news meta keyword

Google has dropped its support for News Meta Keywords Tag without any announcements. In 2012, Google introduced the News Meta Keywords Tag for the news publishers which is like adding keywords for normal blogs & posts.

As Google didn’t update anything about the Drop of News Meta Keywords, news publishers were still concentrating on that. In recent article by Search Engine Land mentioned that, they were not aware about the Drop of News Meta Keywords Tag and they were using it still now.


In Twitter, Joost de Valk who is the CEO and founder of Yoast has raised a question to John Mueller – Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google. 

Then it is confirmed by Mueller as, Google Stopped support for News Meta Keywords and it won’t affect the site contains News Meta Keywords. Keeping On Page is good but they won’t consider it for News Blogs is the exact point.

As per their tweet, it is confirmed that Google just stopped considering it as a ranking signal and we don’t want to remove the keywords that we used in the past. Also as it is not a ranking signal, we don’t want to use it in future.

Every news publishers were interested in resulting their article in top of Google News to get more visitors & followers as well. So they were very much concentrated in SEO to rank their News Articles. As Google Stops the Support or Not considering it as a ranking signal, then they don’t need to mention the keywords tag in their news article.

google news meta keyword

Also result of an analysis indicated that only few people were making use of Meta Keywords Tag for news content. So considering it as a ranking signal won’t give you the best results.

On Dec 2012, Article about Google Meta Keyword Tag by Search Engine Land says that only 5% of the News publishers were using the News Meta Keywords Tag.

Top 5 SEO Benefits For Your Business

Link Building Techniques In SEO

One of the online marketing strategy is SEO because of its effectiveness. There are many benefits of SEO. Due to digital marketing in the worldwide, the changes has impacted globally. The SEO has many benefits such as,

Increased Traffic

Traffic can be increased globally. When you host your website, your site can be hosted in shared server or separate server. When the more number of website uses shared server then the traffic increases because number of user increases. If the number of user increases then the performance of the net gets slower and internet will also becomes slower. So if you use SEO, they will help you to rank your site on the top. It will give you higher ranking on the page. SEO will also improve the effectiveness and also uses keyword for searching.

drive more traffic

ROI(Return On Investment)

SEO will give you tractable results and the results are measurable. SEO will help you to increase the rank, traffic and leads. When you go for ecommerce sites, they will use the keywords for searching and for purchasing. You can increase your lead and maintain the relationship with customer by filling contact form, and you can fill out. This is the SEO strategy, you can follow to improve the efficiency.

conversion with ppc

Cost effectiveness

SEO is one of the cost effective marketing strategy for getting products online and services. SEO’s business is to help business and to save money and time. It follows the strategy called cold-calling. Cold calling is one of the most important cost effective business strategy. SEO targets mainly people who are in internet to track them most of the time. It gives qualified results and it is more effective than any other thing which is used for measuring the data and that are not qualified.

Marketing Cost

Increased site usability

If you want your website to be used more frequently and if you want user to use your site more time then your site should be user-friendly. SEO will rearrange the page and make it visible to the user, when they login every time. This makes it visible all the information visible.

increase brand value

Brand Awareness

Your site can be identified with the brand name. Every product has unique brand name. this helps to communicate and identify to user about your products. When your site is in top rankings and contents are good then you will get more customers.


Important Things to Consider When Building A Website

website optimization

In today’s Digital World, Online Presence has become the mandatory one for Businesses worldwide. Website is the basic need to showcase your business over Online. Website makes your business available all over the world and through which people can reach you at any time.

Website is one of the common need for all type of business. Consultants, Engineers, Creative Artists, freelancer and literally everyone knows the importance of website. Transformation is taking place in fast way and it urges the need of website development for your business.

website designing

To make Website Development very simple, here i have mentioned few essential elements to consider while creating a new website.

1. Define Your Objective

Before going for something, you must know the objective of doing it to make it more effective. Online presence for your business must improve your business. Just search for things similar to your business and analyse why you choose particular website than choosing their competitor. It helps you to identify what to do and what not to do in your website.


It is very much important to identify the terms or keywords used by the potential customers. To must target the exact customers to make the online business more effective. If you are running an online ecommerce store then your target is to increase your sales.

2. Select Your Domain

Domain name is benchmark for your online business. If your domain name is relevant to your business, then the users can easily identify your business just with your domain name itself.

relevant domain

Sometimes it is better to choose your domain name same as your business name will be more helpful to create some strong brand awareness and it is the recommended one.

To purchase your domain, you prefer some favourite Domain Name Providers like SEEKAHOST, GoDaddy and so on.

If you don’t have domain yet, then purchase it now -> https://www.seekahost.in/register-a-domain/

3. Choose the Perfect Hosting

Website is the basic need to bring your business over online and Web Hosting is the root of a website to make it live over the web. It is very much important to choose the Perfect Web Hosting Company who can provide you the reliable services with better performance and needed features. If you choose the Right Web Hosting Company, then you can concentrate on things like “how to increase the sales or conversion through Digital Marketing” or any.

business web hosting

When it comes to Web Hosting, there are various plans available over the web. For your Business Website, it is recommended to choose the Business Web Hosting Package.

SEEKAHOST offers best support and reliable services with best features. You don’t want to worry about downtime, because support team at Seekahost will provide you the service with more efficiency and performance.

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