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Tactics To Drive Traffic For Your Blog From Different Online Sources

Drive Traffic For Your Blog From Different Online Sources:

Blogging regularly related to any domain or niche remains the passion for many people. Ranking your blog for the highly competitive terms is not a simple task unless your an expert in SEO. Hence you should find some other sources to drive traffic to your website. Here are the ways by which you can drive traffic to your website.


Tactics To Drive Traffic For Your Blog From Different Sources - Infographics

Say if you are writing a blog post explaining any process or ‘How to do’ blogs. Then you can create an attractive infographic for that blog by explaining the process shortly. You can publish and share those infographics on many social media platforms. You can also publish the Infographics on all the infographic publishing platforms online to gain more traffic to the website.



Drive Traffic For Your Blog From Different Sources by Videos

Video content will gain the attention of the users than the normal text content. Hence create more videos related to your blog and embed them in your blogs. This will help you to make the users stay on your website for more time. Also, publish the video on your YouTube channel and gain more reach online. Videos and the Infographics will help you to get more reach than the text content. Add more media content in your blog to make the users engage more time with your website.


Social Media:

Drive Traffic For Your Blog From Different Sources by social medias

Use the social media effectively to get more reach online. Sharing the blogs that are published daily on social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc will help you to gain more traffic to the website organically. As a blogger, you should have good social media presence to get more reach. Thus as a blogger, try these simple things to gain more traffic to the blog from the search engines like Google organically. Update the blogs with the most trending topics to keep the users engaged.

Top 5 Blogging Tips To Boost Your ROI

Blogging Tips

Blogging is the most outspread topic to be taken for discussing. Still, we give you the insights for helping your efforts profitable through blogging platforms. Every blogger will have their own way of writing, someone will be interactive, someone will be instructive and someone will be informative. You choose your own way, but we give you the tips which every blogger must take into consideration. Do you think we are instructive? Let the instruction be profitable for you.

Blogging Tips

The Most Efficient 5 Blogging Tips To Boost Your ROI in 2018:

  • Multiple Title in Multiple Ways:

Choose a niche and write the article with the basic title given to it. A written content will be spoiled by its bad post title. Be precise in selecting your post title. Think in user’s perspective, make use of LSI Keywords, list the different types of titles that suits your content and prefer the one which is appealing to the audience for high CTR. It is simple and similar to people see youtube videos after its catchy thumbnail and title.

  • Speak Out:

Engage in social media for a while before publishing an article. An audience has to trust the publisher to read a content. If you can engage with the audience before a day or two of publishing the article, then they will understand the worth of your content to engage.

  • Peak is Peak:

Don’t publish the blog soon after completing. Instead, schedule the blog to be published, when you can get more traffic and user engagement. People have the thought of publishing the article in the late afternoon will give higher engagement. It is actually not, that is actually their leisure time to engage away from knowledge and get into entertainment stuff. Schedule the blog in the morning, where they will be fresh to read a knowledgeable content.

  • Promote it like anything:

Most of the blogger missing it to promote their valuable content. It is the point where you lose in getting traffic to your blog. Promote the article to as many as people you can do. You can email, share on social media, boost it, and can do anything to influence the market in a genuine way.

  • Last But Not The Least:

Interlink, Interlink and Interlink. Interlink to the relevant articles to boost your SEO and Page Views as well. It is like adding value to the content and audience to engage them more in our website. Don’t underestimate audience, treat every audience as a learner who is ready to learn anything, no matter whether they are expert or rookie.

UPDATE: SERP Look Changes For Blogs

Google Blog Update

Google is rolling out many changes day by day. For bloggers like us, the recent update is a thing to cherish. Because the update is particularly for the blogging website.

What is the update?

Bloggers have been running behind Google Feature Rich Snippets so far. Now, Google brought in a new look for the blog itself.

A user’s basic search keyword for finding a blog is to add the niche + the word “blog”.

Like, SEO Blog, Tech Blog, Travel Blog, Food Blog and much more.

When you search for these kinds of keywords, you will not see the actual SERP (Search Engine Results Page) like it appear for other keywords.

The New Look Will Be Like This,

Search Keyword: Tech Blogs

Tech Blog - Google Blog Update

Search Keyword: Food Blogs

Food Blog - Google Blog Update

Search Keyword: SEO Blogs

FoodSEO Blog - Google Blog Update

The Most Point To Note in This Update,

When you click on the particular blog, it won’t be directed to their blogging platform, Whereas, it will be still on Google and shown like below,

SEO Book Blog - Google Blog Update

So, Niche Bloggers, what are you waiting for? Regular blogging is a great SEO Signal for any website. Get ready to do regular blogging like ClickDo India Blog and try to show up your website for your niche based keyword.

Haven’t you started a blog yet? Read the Complete Guide On “How To Start A WordPress Blog And Do SEO?


Killer Strategies On How To Write Blogs To Get More Traffic To Website

ClickDo blog network

Good quality content will help you gain more traffic to your website and also will make the people engage more time on the website. Content in the sense, it not only refers to the text content, it also includes all kinds of media files like video tutorials, infographics, etc which you can add to the text content in the blog pages to gain more traffic to the website. Here let’s see some tips to get more traffic by providing unique content.

content writing tips seo

  1. Choose Trending Topics
  2. Add More Media
  3. Featured Snippets

Trending Topics:

As a regular blogger, you should be aware of the trending topics, use the Google trends tool and also the keyword planner tool and interrelate them to choose the best topic. Try to choose topics which will have huge search volume all throughout the year. Build quality content or how to do tutorials based on that. You can get your blog to top of SERP on a single day, but gradually optimizing it day by day will help you gain top rankings on SERP.

Killer Strategies On How To Write Blogs To Get More Traffic To Website seo

Add more media:

As a blogger, you should not only focus on updating the site with some fresh and unique content. You should also add more Media like video tutorials, Infographics, etc to the content. This will help you to gain more users to the site and stay on the site for a long time. Adding more media files will also reduce the bounce rate of the web page.

Featured Snippets:

How To Write Blogs To Get More Traffic To Website

Try to get the content visible on featured snippets. This can be done by updating contents in different formats like bullet points, step by step procedure or even comparing any two things. Google will rank these type of contents in the featured snippets. Making the content to visible on the featured snippet will catch the eyeballs of the many people and will bring in more traffic to the website. Thus as a blogger, try to follow these simple tips to gain more traffic to the business website or personal blog.

Good SEO Practices for Your Personal Website

seo website design

Personal Websites

Most of the people were not aware about the importance of personal website. Also the people were not utilizing the personal website in a effective manner. Everyone must have their personal website to express their talents to the external world. Also you can check the article about “How to Start your Own Blog?“.

If you think creating and managing a WordPress Website or a Blog is too difficult, then you can check the video “How to start a WordPress blog in 5 minutes”. It is just the 5 Minutes Work.

Good SEO Practices for Your Personal Website

Ranking your personal in Search Engine is more important and also it becoming a difficult task. Most of the personal websites will be build to expose the talent of the individuals through blogging about it and by mentioning the works as a service. Once the personal blog is getting some quality conversions, then the people will turn it as their business websites.

Choose the Blog Topic

At beginning before starting your blog, you must choose the blog topic. Suppose if you have already started your blogs, then just organize the blogs based on the categories. Because targeting the blogs on particular topic will be more specific and will have easy targets.


Become a successful blogger expert with ClickDo

Basic SEO

Just implement Basic SEO for your personal website. Basic SEO is completely about Title, Description, Images and Internal linking. Make sure you adding the relevant title tag for your blog and also the description content must convey the information about the blog. Add relevant images and alt tags for effective ranking. SEO is very much important because even if your site is ranking in top, people will enter into it only after reading the title and description. So if the title & description is not relevant to their search then your blog will not receive any traffic.

Content Quality

Factor that influence the ranking of a website will be said as Ranking Factors. In that way, content quality will also plays an vital role. Because content quality will decide the bounce rate of the web page. If the content quality is poor and if doesn’t satisfy the visitor then he will leave the site in minimum time and at the same time, if the visitor read the entire content and spent some time in our website then that will reduce the bounce rate. Also there are more possibilities like reducing the bounce rate will increase the organic ranking in Search Engine Result Page.

Content type that boost traffic

Content Relevancy

Content Relevancy is more important when it comes to blog. Add more relevant content and provide some juicy links to other blog posts which makes the user to stay long time in our website. So make sure the contents were more relevant to the blog and it matters a lot to rank your site in top of search results.

5 SEO Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

boost your traffic

When you write the blog and it is in finishing stage, then you must optimise and customise the content before publishing. Content marketing is the most important thing. When you write article, the content should be informative. When you find some blogs in the web site, click on that and try to involve in that. Here the SEO comes and their job is to rank your site on the top of search results with some good quality of content. SEO will help you to get involved with the right customer. Here are some important tips that SEO will drive traffic to your blog.

  1. Create an Engaging Title
    The content making is the most important in a website. With the title itself you should engage your customer. The content need not be dramatic or creative. Even though many sites have creative titles but they are not attractive and many customers are not engaged with it. So the title of the content can be simple and crispy, but the ultimate goal is to engage the customer.
    article title
  2. Include 1/2 Keywords or Phrases
    You should mainly focus on the keyword usage. When you concentrate on optimising the blog, the keyword usage must be checked in a proper way. If the content is good and defined then keyword stuffing becomes automated. You can add phrases or keywords in some of the blogs. Once the user search for something, then particular text will be highlighted in the search results.
    keywords in seo
  3. Add a High Quality Photo
    When you add a photo, the content of the page might get reduced, but the good quality photo should explain lots of things. Choose the high definition picture and these picture should be related to blog topic. Avoid irrelevant pictures. Many pictures might be available in FB, twitter, etc., and while choosing consider these social medias. When you post some photos, be sure that they are royalty free to use it.
  4. Link to relevant Articles or Webpages
    Link the blog to your website, this will help you get more customers. You can link your articles with other articles only if the content is relevant. Don’t link your article with other random articles which will not provide any values.
    relevant articles
  5. Draft an Enticing Meta Description
    Even if you don’t draft you meta description, it will results in search engine. If you write your article very well, you can entice your data, which will give you results in search engine.
    Effective description