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Why Ads were Not Showing in Google Search Results?

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Most of the people prefer to search something over online based on their needs. So this shows the importance of promoting your business over online. Ranking your website organically over search engine is a time bounding task. So promoting the website over Search Engine Results through PPC Campaigns is the effective way. There are different types of Campaign based on the targets.

You target the customers who search your business from mobile phones through the call only Ads. Also at the same time, the call only ads will not be shown over desktop devices and so the separate campaigns must be started to run over the desktop devices.

How Search Ads & Call-Only Ads compete each Other?

Mostly, call only Ads will be very effective to target the Mobile users. Also the PPC Ads created on the Search Network will be effective for the desktop users. Most important thing for all kind of ads is the effective targets and potential keywords. To avoid spending amount for irrelevant searches, you must add the potential keywords with exact match and also want to add the irrelevant keywords in the Negative keywords section.




The keywords selection for the call only and  Search ads will be the same. So mostly we will run the Ads for both, so search ads will be displayed both in desktop and mobile devices whereas the Call only ads will be shown only on mobile devices. So here the Call Only Ads will compete with the Search Network Ads for the same keywords and this will increase the bidding as well.

Why Ads were Not Showing in Search Results?

If your ads become competitive to each other, then if you check the ads over the Diagnosis tools in Google AdWords then it will show the results as “Ads were not Showing”. Even though if you have increased your Bid based on the estimate top page bid, you will be seeing this results. If it is so, then you must do few changes for your campaigns. Just create two different campaigns for Call Only Ads and Search Ads. search ads

In call only Ads, you must mention 100% for the tablet & mobile devices and for the search ads mention 100% for the Desktop devices. So the search ads will not become competitive for the call only ads over the mobile devices and it will surely solve the problems at the earliest. So hit is recommended to optimize the campaigns to target the exact users for better ROI through Google AdWords.


3 Things that You Should Not Do in Google Display Network

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What is Google Display Network?

Google Adwords is splitted into two groups as Search Network and Display Network. If a person searches something over the web then that is said to be the search network. Search Network consist of organic ranking and also it may have some paid ranking over the top for competitive keywords. When it comes to Display Network, the paid Ads will be shown on the huge network of sites based on the target that you select.

How Display Ad Appears?

There are two different types of Advertisements that we can do using Display Network. They are Display Advertising for Targeted Audience and Remarketing. Targeted Audience is set by identifying the potential customers through the deep analysis with their previous sales or customer details.

If you are targeting a set of audience then your Display Ads will be shown to the people who matches your audience set. When it comes to remarketing, you will have a set of audience list (website visitors) and your Ads will target them over the web.

Google Display Network

3 Important Things to be Avoided in Display Network

  • Don’t Advertise with Display Select

Display Select is the combination of Search Only and Display Only type of campaign. If you are advertising with this campaign type, you can Ads will be shown to the people if they search orelse while visiting various other websites over the web. Google says “It is the Good Idea to target the entire people but it is not”. Yes, Google will completely swallow your budget with this campaign type.

Normally it uses most of your budget in Search Network and will complete the remaining through the display network. That’s the reason you must avoid choosing the campaign type as Display Select.

  • Avoid Over-Layer

People will try to plan the things to make more conversions and they will fell into the discussion about Over-layer. Over Layer may look like capturing all the people but it won’t give clear analysis or identity. It will overlap one another and also you can check which ad performed the best and which gave you more conversion. If you have more plans for the advertising strategy then you must do the things with few variation so that you can track the things properly.

If you are doing something then you must have an option to do the things which will help you in future. If a single campaign is created with a particular then the analysis work will be more easy. So that it is recommended to avoid over-layer in order to analyse the perfect campaigns to achieve your goal

gaming applications

  • Don’t Target in Game Applications

Targeting your ads in the gaming application is one of the dangerous idea and it will swallow all your money easily without any benefits. Most of the interesting and real time gaming application will be in a interactive manner, so suddenly if an ad appears in between the game then the user may a click without his interest. Those clicks won’t be a matter for them but it matters a lot for your business.

Getting potential clicks is very much important and also you must spend you money in a effective way to grow your business.

How AdWords Remarketing Increases Brand Awareness?

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Re-Marketing is the way of targeting the people who visited your website at least once in the period. You must know about remarketing before knowing about its benefits. If a user enters into your website, the remarketing tag implemented in your website will capture the details of the visitor (details won’t be visible to anyone except google bot). When you are remarketing your brand or product then you will choose the visitors list as the audience set.

In Google, Remarketing works through the display advertising. If suppose the remarketing through Search Network is the option then the search network will become meaningless. The ultimate aim of Search Engine Giants is to provide the user expected result to built the strong trust on their brand.

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How Remarketing helps to increase Brand Awareness?

If your website is ranking organically over search engine then people will enter into your website and may leave without any trust on your site. Normally people will trust the brand or product which is seen everywhere, so there may be certain reasons due to which they went out of your website.

If a person enter into your website, their details will be captured and once the remarketing is started then it will start showing your ads to the particular visitors in the all the places over the web as mentioned during the campaign setup.

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Choose the Campaign Strategies as what you required. 

  • Brand Awareness – Target the Impressions
  • Website Visitors – Target the Clicks
  • Conversions – Target the Conversion.

Remarketing or Targeted marketing just about choosing the Audience set. When it comes to remarketing, providing offers and highlight the Unique services will helps in making conversions, at the same time targeting on impressions will be helpful to create the brand awareness among the people. Wherever they go, they will see your ads in the web so that it will create some positive awareness about your brand.

Brand Awareness is very much important to make more conversions because people won’t blindly order the products or services without any trust. Creating trust and strong brand value is very much important for every business.

Understanding Average Position In AdWords

If you are spending lots of time on PPC, then it is important to understand an essential metric called Average position. Average position is an average of where your ad lands on the Search Engine. It is also important to maintain your Average Ad Position.

What is Average Position:

Before digging in, let us break down the actual definition. Ad Position is a score given by Google, which is calculated based on your bid and quality score. This method allows Google to reward advertisers with a good position because of ad quality, landing pages, and keywords. Ad Position is not only based on the high bid, but bid is also one of the important factors.

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According to Google’s Ad Position definition, Ad Position is “A statistic that illustrates how your ad ranks against other ads”.

Ad Rank determine which order the Google Ad Appears as Follows:
Avg Position from a 1-4 mean, your ad is on the First page of Google.
“1.0, 1.2 or 2.3” means ad position in top “1 & 2”
Even, Average position means your ad position is weighted by a number of impressions you get. If you get a number of impressions there may be an increase in your Ad position.

Why AD Position Important:

When your ad position is more than 4, than your ad may be visible on the 2nd page of Google. When your ad is on the second page, you may not get any clicks or impression. No people will see your ad. Hence it is important for every advertiser to maintain the average ad position. When you have good ad Position, you may get more impression. Even you can increase your ROI.

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Analyze Your Ad Position:

To examine your average AD position, select a single day, then navigate to Dimensions Tab, and select segment by “Hour of the Day”. It’s also important to draw in “Search Impression Share”. Pulling in this data will enable you to see what average position you were in throughout the day.

Once you have picked in those columns, it shows how many times a day was you actually in your average position. You may also find, in what position you are profitable. This will vary from campaign to campaign but at least this will give you a start to seeing what’s really going on behind the avg. position curtain and help you better optimize your campaigns.



How AdWords Remarketing Works


Google AdWords:

Google AdWords is an advertising platform for every business to reach customers and also helps in running a successful Business. Today, people spend more time online, for seeking any information people use search engines. To attract and get likely customers, it is important for every Business to get engaged with people through social media and targeted Ads. AdWords is a platform that helps every business people reach their likely audience and reach potential customers fast. When people visit the website by clicking your ad, for each click you have to pay Google.

Google Remarketing:

Google AdWords remarketing is a form of online advertising that allows showing targeted ads to users who have already visited your site. Visitors will view these ads while they are browsing the web.

Remarketing is also known as retargeting if proper demographic targets are defined. It can increase your conversion rates and ROI. This is because website visitors who are familiar with your brand are much more likely to become customers or complete other valuable actions on your site.

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How Google Remarketing Work?

If you are already advertising on Google, all you need to do is add a Google remarketing code or a tag or a pixel (for Facebook) to your website. This code adds all the visitors to remarketing audience list through browser cookies. Even you can customize the piece of code for different pages for more defined categories.

For Example, Let’s say you are providing a Digital Marketing Service. You can create a remarketing list of people, who already visited your website and bounced without completing any action. Now, you may give some special offer to those people and make them your likely customers.

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Google recommends that when you begin your first remarketing campaign, you start by targeting every people who see your homepage. Remember, while you are retargeting first, your cost may increase since you are targeting to individuals. By targeting more precisely, you can, therefore, increase ad relevancy and as it reflects on your CPC. You can create different Google remarketing list for super-targeting campaigns.