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How to Optimize For Your Local SEO Strategy in 2018?

Local SEO Strategies

Experts are missing the trump card of Local SEO Business. Instead of targeting a business globally, getting the attention of potential customers around the business market will be a huge conversion point. In this blog, we are going to discuss about restarting and optimizing the Local SEO in adoption with new technologies.

Here are the tips you must focus on Local SEO Strategy,

  • Google Lens
  • Voice Search Queries
  • NAP Insertion
  • Local Backlinks
  • Consistent UGC

Google Lens:

Visual Search will soon change the perspective of the internet market.
People always prefer visual content more than the written content. Recent stat says, Around 70% of users prefer visual content in 2017. With this point taken into account, Google has developed a new technology and named it as “Google Lens”.

In the words of Sundar Pichai, Google Lens is “a set of vision-based computing capabilities that can understand what you’re looking at and help you take action.”

Local SEO Strategies - Google Lens

Voice Search:

Google has already shared a quick stat that mobile user of up to 20% has started to use Voice Search Queries.

People will be mean in their voice searches like “who are the best SEO consultants in India”, where their text search will be shortened like ” Best SEO Consultants in India”. In this way, you have to start to concentrate on voice search queries.

google voice search

NAP Insertion:

What NAP stands for?
It stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number. These are the very basic piece of information to be kept on a website, yet so crucial. Crucial in the sense, these are the information will give you conversion, even though you have loads of hard written content on your website.

Local Backlinks:

Local Backlinks are the links from the website around your business place. Catch up some directory, your based business place website links which are related to your niche. It will surely influence your market value and business growth. This kind of growth will spread your brand through word of mouth in and around your business place.

Consistent UGC:

What is UGC?
UGC stands for User Generated Content. The User Generated Content can be of any form. It can a positive customer review, healthy knowledge sharing through blog post comments and even through guest posting on your website. Reach your business customer through mail by asking them to leave a review for your business in Google Business Listing. It will hugely influence in generating Local Organic SEO Traffic.

Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for 2018

custom audience target in Facebook usinf the customer database

The usage of Facebook users has increased day by day. In the US alone there are 207 million people are using FB, and around the world its about 2 billion people. The Facebook marketing helps in promoting business in a cost effective manner. It is one of the most effective platform for promoting business. It will help you to generate more leads as more number of customers. It will help your business to find the target audience. It is much useful for all business, like large or small. But when compared to large, small business will get much benefited so that they can improve their business growth. Advertising in FB is much easier than any other way of promoting.

1. Be active with Your facebook presence:

Be active in FB. If you have the company, update all the contents about your company. If you have videos, photos, articles, blogs, etc., publish in FB. This will help you to generate more leads. And be in touch with your customers. If your customer has some queries try to solve it. The content should be more useful to the people, then only you can get more leads.

target audience on facebook using pixel data

2. Reach your Best Customers with Facebook Ads:

The most important thing in promoting a business is getting more likes and followers. But the main goal should be reaching the customers. Create and give more offers to the customers, this will even thrive to get more number of customers. You can advertise in the facebook, that may be paid or unpaid. You can reach the audience in any of these ways.

Facebook Video Tips Simple Ideas To Get More Engagement

3. Engage Your Audience

You should follow some facebook marketing strategy to engage your audience. You should address the comments, you should reply to the customer if there is any questions etc., you should make engage your customers, promote your brand, so that you can get more number of leads.

About Facebook metrics being removed

4. Final thoughts on Facebook Marketing in 2018:

The facebook marketing is gradual process of promoting the business. You can get profit gradually. But if you take more efforts you can achieve more easily. It is the easiest way of getting lead and customers. Just you should keep in touch with your customers and be answerable to the customer queries. You can engage more number of target audience.

Always be update in promoting a business. The ultimate goal is to reach customer.

Effective Ways to Speed Up Your Website


Mobile SEO is the best alternative for page ranking. If you want your page or site to be accessible faster, your page should be ranked at the top. Google also announced that page speed is based on mobile first index. There are many ways to improve the speed of the page. Some of them are discussed below.


You can do whatever you want like speeding up the site. When you increase the power your loading speed will get increased. Every people in the world love faster accessible internet. Search engines and SEO has major part in that. Google provides a wonderful tool called Google’s page speed insight tool, for page ranking. There are some steps to follow for best ranking of your site. Look at the size of the page, Images should be optimized, remove unwanted ads, Keep only few external scripts and also compress the code.

accelerated mobile page


Activate AMP on your pages

AMP is Google’s one of the projects. It is mainly meant for boosting up your speed of the site. The implementation of this tool is somewhat difficult. Though it has this disadvantage, it has some advantages too. It gives you faster access of your mobile site. AMP is for boosting your site not for ranking a site, but soon it might come to that condition.

SSL by ClickDo


Through internet only you can bring your page to the top ranking position. Many technologies in the internet have bought some underlying techniques to the top. One of them is HTTP2. Previously we used HTTPS, to optimize the performance of the website but HTTP2 is used nowadays.

Switch to PHP7

As I have seen, today many people are using WordPress and it is because of easy site creation and user friendly UI. It is somewhat difficult to shift people working from WordPress to PHP7. But this has more technology advantage than any other website creating site. In the PHP itself, PHP5.2 PHP5.3 is unsafe and unsupported versions. When you shift from other website creating sites to PHP7, it will boost up your site.

website optimization

General optimizations

Optimization is the path for ranking your site on the top of the page. You can use CDN for optimization. Use a cache Plugin to keep your all static part of the site in a page. And also optimize the images so it will save the size of a web page. Optimize the code. These general optimizations might help you to rank and boost your site on top of the page.

Critical rendering path

Critical path rendering mainly done through CSS and JavaScript. When you have more content then your content will be blocked or it will work slowly. So clear all those obstacles and keep path free.

Always work on your page speed: Page speed is the important criteria. Keep tracking on it. Install some page speed apps, so that you can get regular updates.

How AdWords Remarketing Increases Brand Awareness?

remarketing for brand

Re-Marketing is the way of targeting the people who visited your website at least once in the period. You must know about remarketing before knowing about its benefits. If a user enters into your website, the remarketing tag implemented in your website will capture the details of the visitor (details won’t be visible to anyone except google bot). When you are remarketing your brand or product then you will choose the visitors list as the audience set.

In Google, Remarketing works through the display advertising. If suppose the remarketing through Search Network is the option then the search network will become meaningless. The ultimate aim of Search Engine Giants is to provide the user expected result to built the strong trust on their brand.

increase brand value

How Remarketing helps to increase Brand Awareness?

If your website is ranking organically over search engine then people will enter into your website and may leave without any trust on your site. Normally people will trust the brand or product which is seen everywhere, so there may be certain reasons due to which they went out of your website.

If a person enter into your website, their details will be captured and once the remarketing is started then it will start showing your ads to the particular visitors in the all the places over the web as mentioned during the campaign setup.

remarketing for brand value

Choose the Campaign Strategies as what you required. 

  • Brand Awareness – Target the Impressions
  • Website Visitors – Target the Clicks
  • Conversions – Target the Conversion.

Remarketing or Targeted marketing just about choosing the Audience set. When it comes to remarketing, providing offers and highlight the Unique services will helps in making conversions, at the same time targeting on impressions will be helpful to create the brand awareness among the people. Wherever they go, they will see your ads in the web so that it will create some positive awareness about your brand.

Brand Awareness is very much important to make more conversions because people won’t blindly order the products or services without any trust. Creating trust and strong brand value is very much important for every business.


google seo

In 2018, Online marketing is the advanced and the only technique by using which you can get more conversions for your business by ranking the website in the top search results of the Google. By ranking the website on the first page of SERP you can drive more traffic to your business website. Here are some steps using by which you can rank your website in the top ten search results of Google.

Create The List Of Target Keywords:

Keyword analysis is the first step to start with the Website Optimization. Using Google Keyword Planner create a list of keywords for your domain or business with the huge search volume, so that by ranking the web pages for the list of keywords will help you gain traffic to the business website from search engines.

keywords in seo

Optimize The Site Structure Based On Keywords:

If your website structure is not up to the mark, then you cant rank the website in the Google search. Google loves the website which has proper site structure and also helps the users to easily navigate inside the website. Also, create the landing pages for the potential keywords and add the option like contact form, so that the users can easily get in touch with you if they land there.

website structure

Competitor Analysis:

After selecting the list of keywords and creating the perfect landing pages on the site. Analyse the competitor’s site for the same keywords. Do some research on the backlinks of the competitors and try to obtain the links to your business website. Obtain the backlinks from only the authoritative sites and try to filter out the odd ones.

competitor analysis seo

Link Building Plan:

Before you start with SEO, have perfect plan to build the backlinks. Obtain more dofollow links to the site from the various generic domains to increase the authority of the site among the competitors. Buying the backlinks from the high authority domain will also help you in increasing the organic rankings.

web page design

Backlinks With Diverse Anchor Texts & Domains:

Anchor text is the link text, this defines about the content that the link is pointing to. Backlinks with the diverse anchor text will help in SEO to improve the organic rankings. Note that more than 45% of the anchor text you are backlinking from should contain the site URL and about 30% of the anchor text should contain the domain name or brand name. Approximately 14% of your anchors should be generic for better ranking in Google.

backlinks seo

Effect Of Update In Google’s Penguin Algorithm:

The most recent update of Google symbolically states that, it’s not the number of backlinks that defines the ranks. Instead, more the variety of domains you obtain the backlinks from, then more is the number of keywords you will be ranking in the top on the SERP. Make use of the Natural Anchor Text Distribution Formula and also, Increase the quantity of referring domains.

google penguin update

Update With More Content:

Update the site with the more content with the internal links. The content with the target keywords in the web page will help you to improve the rankings in the SERP. The more the fresh content on the website, then Google will love your page to show it to the users.

content seo

Backlinking Tactics:

While providing the backlinks make sure that 30% to 50% of the backlinks are pointed to the home page of the site and 50% to 70% of the backlinks are pointed to the inner pages of the website. This seems more natural to the Google and thereby helps in increasing the ranks in the Google’s SERP.

On-Page Optimization:

Give equal importance to both the On Page and off Page. Perfect On- Page Optimization with the interlinking will help you to improve the ranks in SERP. The On- Page factors include,

  • Title
  • Meta-Description
  • Heading Tags & Content
  • URL’s
  • Images & Alt Texts

on page seo

Create the web pages with the unique content and avoid the duplicate content in the web pages. Make sure that content has the sufficient amount of target keywords in it. Embed the target keywords in the image alt texts, heading tags and in the URL’s as well.

Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid:

  • Only the paid or purchased backlinks will not help you in increasing the rankings. hence try some natural backlinking techniques to gain improvement in the rankings.
  • Make sure that the purchased backlinks are active. Check this periodically.
  • Too much of something is good for nothing, so avoiding giving a bunch of backlinks from the same site.
  • If you don’t see any improvements in the rankings, don’t stop the backlinking works. As SEO is not built overnight, it will take some time to budge to the top of the SERP.

Update The Blog Regularly:

Update the blog regularly on the business website to make sure that the site is updated with the fresh content. Daily blog updates on the site will help you in gaining the site authority as well.

update the blogs seo

Good UI/UX Design:

The website with the good loading speed will tend to rank in the top results of the SERP, Hence design a web page which is both mobile friendly and fast to load on the desktops as well.

Position Tracking:

Periodically analyze the rankings of the web pages to ensure that the optimization is working on improving the rankings of the site. There are many tools available online to track the website ranks and also its improvements in the rankings from the past as well.

seo rankings

Avail Services From The SEO Experts:

As SEO is not a simple task to do. You can avail the professional SEO Services from the best digital marketing company in the city to gain more traffic to the business website from the sources like search engines. SEO Consultants will help you out in optimizing the websites, right from the keyword analysis to the content optimization in the website for the effective ranking in the search engines. Hence as a business people, to gain more clicks for the business website avail the SEO services from the best SEO company in the city.

How Digital Marketing Helps Your Business in India?

digital marketing in india

Most of the Business people were targeting their customers over online to grow their business and to move to next level. When it comes to India, people started using the internet due to various rules and regulations. Rather than using the internet with their own interest, they were forced to do it by their requirements.

In this year 2018, Digital Marketing will play some important role for the Business in India. As this is the time where we can see some steady increase in number of people who using internet and also they will get practised to use it. Social Media also plays a vital role in bringing the people to Online.

digital marketing in india

What is Digital Marketing?

It is the way of marketing the products and services over the web using various Digital Marketing Technologies.  Digital Marketing will be mainly takes place over the internet and it will include the targets through mobile devices and other digital networks.

Digital Marketing helps to grow the Business in two ways. If you are new for the feild and you want people to know about your brand or services then you can setup the brand awareness campaign over the Display network or other social media sites. Else if your brand is already more popular among the people and you just want to marketing your product or services, then you can set the targeted marketing campaigns after proper planning and analysis of your domains.

digital marketing

To grow your business or to convert people for your business you must be better than your competitors (People who run business on your same domain). So if the competitors started doing digital marketing campaigns before your then it is too difficult to recover the game. That’s the reason you should plan for the better things. Just make a discussion with the Digital Marketing experts and given them some time to know more about your domain. After the complete analysis of your domain and with their previous experience they will provide you the methods and plans to setup the market for your business.

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How Will Digital Marketing Companies Help Your Business Grow In 2018?

google business

In India, the online presence of the people has increased in the recent days. People started using the internet to find the information about any product or to buy any product. People started depending on the internet for their needs nowadays. Hence the business people in India also should adapt to the latest online marketing technologies to get more leads for their business.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing companies will initially analyze your business industry and will find the right online marketing strategies to get more brand outreach for your business. There are many digital marketing strategies which will help you to get more conversions for your business. Some of the digital marketing strategies are,

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click Services
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Remarketing, etc


Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO is the method by using which the digital marketing companies will rank your business websites in the top results of the Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for the user searched query. By using this method digital marketing companies will help your business website to get more visitors organically from the search engines.


Pay Per Click Services:

Google Adwords is the online paid marketing platform developed by Google to help the business people to get more leads by targetting the potential audience. PPC Consultants will find the list of potential search terms and also will set the campaigns perfectly in order to get more clicks for the Ads. In Google Adwords, you need to pay for Google only if the user clicks on the Ads to visit your website.

Facebook Marketing:

Nowadays people started using the social media platforms in Large manner, so promoting the business products or services in social media’s will help you to get more brand outreach. By Facebook Advertising digital marketing companies will help you to target the custom audience easily.

facebook marketing


By using the remarketing strategy, you can target the customers who have visited your website previously. Digital marketing companies will keep track the website visitors by using the Facebook pixel or other techniques and later will target them to get conversions.

Thus in 2018, by availing the online marketing services from the best digital marketing company in India, you can get more leads or conversions for your business website from the online mediums. Digital marketing companies in India will effectively use the strategies to get more leads for the business. Thus in 2018, for to run a successful business, digital marketing is the must.

4 Major Google Ranking Factor in 2018

digital marketing india

Google is one of the famous and most used search engine because of its user friendly interface. It’s not a secret that the website ranks in Google based on 200+ factors. As the list is so huge, it is quite difficult to optimize the website based on all the 200+ factors. Actually SEO is not about making everything perfect but optimizing the maximize for best is the right way. Based on the recent updates of Google here we have listed the important ranking factors. Read the below about the factors and how to optimize your site for each factors.


Whatever updates may happen in Google Search Algorithm, the value and importance of Backlinks for Ranking the websites is always high. Let’s look how to find the exact things for better ranking.

quality backlinks

  • Page Authority

It is very much important to make use of backlinks effectively. Getting incoming links to our site from other websites is considered as a backlink. It is not just about backlinks, but we need to get quality backlinks. The quality and strength of backlink is completely based on the Domain Authority and Page Authority of that particular website. Also it is based on the number of links to the site.

In terms of quantity, it is recommended to focus on number of domains linking to your website. Measuring the Backlink Quality is standard based on the authority.

  • Anchor Text

Anchor Text is another important part of backlinks and it says what the content about and for what the site is referred. In terms of backlinks. it is not a recommended advice to give keyword as a anchor text. It is suggested to give long tail keywords or a phrase with a presence of keyword in it. So that it won’t make spammy actions.

Another most important thing to be noted while providing backlink is that “sudden increase or unusual action of backlinks” may lead to make the site spammy.

backlink analysis

  •  Backlink Analysis

Analysing your competitor backlink analysis using some online tool is the effective way of improving our domain authority. It will be effective only if we try to replicate the backlinks from the quality domains. Competitors may have some spammy backlinks from various domains with low domain authority so it is better to avoid those.

competitor analysis seo

Content Quality

In terms of Effective SEO, Content is the King. A webpage with quality content is very much important to optimize and rank it in top of search engine result page.

  • Keyword Usage

Title tag is a most important factor to rank in Google Search. It is still important to have a keyword in your title tag to improve the ranking. As the search engine algorithms were mainly focussed on the Title and Description, you must ensure that the keywords were available in both of them. Also using the keyword in content is must, where it is suggested to make use of keywords in H1 tag.

A web page must have only one H1 tag and also keyword must be present in that tag as well. Keyword stuffing is not a proper way of optimizing the site, instead it is recommended to use the relevant keywords for better ranking and targets.

Is Keywords With Low Search Volume Help To Get Quality Leads - seo

  • Length

To optimize and rank a webpage, it must have minimum content which helps in overall quality of the website. There are no restriction about the minimum content length but it is recommended to use the satisfied amount of content in it based on the topic and category.

To identify the satisfiable amount of content, it is preferred to check the other pages which ranks in top at that content level.

  • Content Optimize

There are various website analysis tools in online and also some of them were available for free or at low cost. Find the best one which is user friendly and that helps to better your site. The website analysis tools which analyse the content and may suggest you to improve at particular level for better ranking.

For example: If your website is having more than one H1 tag or if the keyword is not present in the H1 tag then it will highlight the things to do it. So this is the better way to optimize a webpage based on the keywords.

content optimization


Technical SEO

Technical Foundation is a crucial part of SEO. There are two important factors that matters a lot for SEO as listed below.

  • Page Speed

Page Speed is what expected by most of the people who surfs over the web. Also it is considered as an important ranking factor in the year 2017 itself. But as an upgrade, the ranking will vary for mobile search and desktop search based on its loading speed in different platform. Page Speed is considered to be very important for SEO and also user friendly website.

  • Mobile Friendly

It is recommended to develop mobile friendly website to provide the comfortable result for the users. As a growth, the search engine algorithms were modified to provide the quality results for the mobile users who does most of the search than the desktop users.

As per the study, most of the searches were made through mobiles and so the target of the search is to provide the top results based on its mobile friendliness.

website optimization

User Experience

Whatever the optimization or search results, finally the user needs to land on a website with good user experience and the required information. Users were the best to choose the relevant terms which is calculated through the CTR (Click Through Rate).

  • Click-through Rate 

In Search Engine Result Page, the click-through rate is the ratio of number of times the clicks made on the search results to the number of times the result is displayed to the users. CTR is also acting as one of the important ranking signal based on which the websites were listed in the search results.

user experience

To check the CTR of a particular keyword or a result, it will be available in your Google Search Console. Also it will be available in the Google Analytics where different and very interior datas will be gathered and that helps a lot for better optimization and ranking.


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2018 Digital Marketing Trends For A Successful Business In INDIA

digital marketing

Why Digital Marketing Plays a major role:

The world is rapidly shifting from analog to digital, without any doubt. As per the recent study, people are spending more and more time on digital content. The world is running so fast on Mobile phones, Laptops, Desktop computers at work and more. Those companies that have not yet recognized marketing strategies want to change quick. Hence, it is important for every business people to grow business online.

Why is digital marketing so important? Because it is not only a quickly increasing power in the current digital marketing playing field, but it is also set to be the future of marketing. Business people those who are online must understand the advertising firm and promote the business accordingly.

digital marketing 2018

Why it is important to predict 2018 Marketing trends:

As marketing is growing rigorously, it is important for every business people to understand the changing strategies. Prediction helps you to be prepared for changing marketing trends in 2018 and promote your business accordingly to be successful. It is a very competitive environment, even marketing has been growing day by day. Hence being updated is more important to be a successful business people.

2018 Marketing for Successful Business:

Heart of Business Strategy:

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and marketing encouraged marketers of the history to remember about corporate responsibility and giving back as key marketing actions and acts of corporate citizenship. Today these two ideas have transferred to the concept of brand purpose. This is where an industry recognizes an aspirational embassy, tied to its day to day offerings.

digital marketing india

Successful marketers in the year ahead will put brand purpose at the heart of company and brand policy and use it as a tool for an extension with internal and external audiences. Behind every successful business people, user satisfaction plays an important role.

Engagement of the heart:

Touching engagement is the sister of intellectual engagement. Intellectual engagement is based on the stimulation of the soul, whereas touching engagement is based on the stimulation of the heart.

digital marketing trends

In today’s world of marketing for brand experience, it seems that touching engagement is determining to be more and more crucial to achieving. As a winning result and powerful storytelling and digital marketing are at the heart of this movement. By doing all these together engagement of people is so easy. When business people and customer satisfaction meets at one point, that the very big success for many business people.

Digital Marketing Trends In 2018

It’s that season of year again, where we rise to finish up 2017 and turn our thought towards the coming year. The percentage of digital marketing effect in 2018 will grow further. Here are few digital marketing trends to start thinking about and grow our business accordingly.

Personalized skills:

digital marketing india

The journey towards your personalized experience gives you the business skills to be successful. But personalization has been a dream for most marketers.

Peoples endangerment to advertising has been huge and this has two results:

  1. People will only engage with sophisticated advertising.
  2. Personalization could be a simple customized landing page or it could be a fully personalized website background and more.

If you are a new marketer, 2018 should be the year you start to examine.

digital marketing tips

Video Marketing:

This might not appear like a very insightful trend to identify. But the video has been an essential part of digital marketing for a number of years, but the video will grow in 2018. It will provide not only a tool for content marketing but also as an advertising medium. YouTube brings ridiculous amounts of traffic, but it does feel like broadcasting is still an opportunity for many industries. There will also be more importance on live streaming as Facebook seems to be prioritizing live video content while comparing with over other types of content.

The Growth of the Chatbots:

Chatbots have become the mainstream for some of the population. Establishing primary results from chatbots is comparatively simple. But 2018 will see chatbots move into more industries with more complicated transactions. This type of immediate rejoinder is fast growing a user expectation, so it is worth examining how your business can use this software.

digital marketing in india

Evolution of Search:

Search is a very powerful traffic root for most websites. So, it is import to understand how search is changing based on your business interest. For many years till now, Voice search has been grown, but future is in two interesting developments. Voice search on devices such as the Google app like Amazon Echo is leading to release longer-tail queries than text hunt. As a result, the number of voice searches is expected to increase in 2018.
Secondly, Google announced Google Lens in October Month where you can show your camera and Google will search for the text and images within that poster. If this gains adhesion, this will definitely be a game-changer for search.