3 Simple Steps to Start Your Online Presence

Choose Your Domain

In SeekaHost we have wide range of Domain availability and you can choose the best for your online presence.

Hosting Package

We have customized packages at very low price comparing to the market price without compromising the quality.

Website Design

Website design speaks more about your website and it decides how you represent your online presence in front of viewers.

Free or Fee?

At SeekaHost, there won’t be any hidden charge at any point. When We Say Free – We Mean It!

Email Forwarding(FREE)

Get Free Email Forwarding Add-on to forward email to alternate email address of your own choice.

DNS Management(FREE)

External DNS hosting can speed up your website and get your DNS Management Add-on for free.

ID Protection

Enable ID protection and reduce the amount of spam to your inbox.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

What's a domain name?

Domain Name is a unique Identity used to represent your business or any organization over online. It is as easy way to identify the things over online than using the IP Address. Each domain name will be assigned to particular IP address and where the storage will happen. If you are looking for a domain name for your business, SeekaHost will provide you the best options that suits well for your business and it makes it easy for you to promote it.

Why do I need a domain name?

Domain Name gives you an Unique Identity over online. If you are looking to start a business, blog or anything personal over online then you must have a domain name. Each domains must have a web hosting and from where the contents will get loaded everytime. So this explains the importance of a domain name and it is must for your online presence.

What if the domain I want is already taken?

If the domain name that you are searching for is not available, then you don’t want to get disappointed. You can go ahead with 3 options. Either you can choose an alternative domain or the same domain with different extensions or else you can contact the registrar who owns the domain currently to purchase it from him. We at SeekaHost recommends you to purchase the alternative domain to create your brand and to grow your online presence in a smooth way.

How to point my domain to your server?

Once if you completed the order successfully, then you should have received an email with Nameserver Details and IP Address. Open your Domain registrar account and update the A record & Name Server details as provided. If you have any difficulties during this process, you can get guidance from our support team.

Can I cancel a domain name?

Once a domain name is purchased, then you cannot cancel it any more. If a domain name is purchased then it will be yours for the registration period. The period of registration depends on your purchase and it may be a year, 2 years or more.