Local SEO Strategies

How to Optimize For Your Local SEO Strategy in 2018?

Experts are missing the trump card of Local SEO Business. Instead of targeting a business globally, getting the attention of potential customers around the business market will be a huge conversion point. In this blog, we are going to discuss about restarting and optimizing the Local SEO in adoption with new technologies.

Here are the tips you must focus on Local SEO Strategy,

  • Google Lens
  • Voice Search Queries
  • NAP Insertion
  • Local Backlinks
  • Consistent UGC

Google Lens:

Visual Search will soon change the perspective of the internet market.
People always prefer visual content more than the written content. Recent stat says, Around 70% of users prefer visual content in 2017. With this point taken into account, Google has developed a new technology and named it as “Google Lens”.

In the words of Sundar Pichai, Google Lens is “a set of vision-based computing capabilities that can understand what you’re looking at and help you take action.”

Local SEO Strategies - Google Lens

Voice Search:

Google has already shared a quick stat that mobile user of up to 20% has started to use Voice Search Queries.

People will be mean in their voice searches like “who are the best SEO consultants in India”, where their text search will be shortened like ” Best SEO Consultants in India”. In this way, you have to start to concentrate on voice search queries.

google voice search

NAP Insertion:

What NAP stands for?
It stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number. These are the very basic piece of information to be kept on a website, yet so crucial. Crucial in the sense, these are the information will give you conversion, even though you have loads of hard written content on your website.

Local Backlinks:

Local Backlinks are the links from the website around your business place. Catch up some directory, your based business place website links which are related to your niche. It will surely influence your market value and business growth. This kind of growth will spread your brand through word of mouth in and around your business place.

Consistent UGC:

What is UGC?
UGC stands for User Generated Content. The User Generated Content can be of any form. It can a positive customer review, healthy knowledge sharing through blog post comments and even through guest posting on your website. Reach your business customer through mail by asking them to leave a review for your business in Google Business Listing. It will hugely influence in generating Local Organic SEO Traffic.