facebook to remove certain metrics

Facebook Decides To Remove Certain Metrics On Advertising Platform

Facebook Advertising is a growing trend in the recent days, Many business people started promoting their product or services on Facebook to get more reach. Hence to take the Facebook Advertising to the next level, Facebook has decided to remove certain metrics from the advertising platform.

Facebook metrics being removed

Facebook has decided to remove certain metrics which they found to be not useful for the publishers. By removing certain metrics, Facebook has also planned to introduce new terms to help the Advertisers in getting the best out of it.

Metrics To Be Removed By Facebook:

  • Action
  • People Taking Action
  • Cost Per Action
  • Amount Spent Today
  • Button Clicks

About Facebook metrics being removed

The Action metrics includes the composite of various actions and events like engagement, clicks, conversions, etc. As Facebook introduces new metrics to measure the reach of Ad and the user’s interaction with the Ad. This metric seems to be irrelevant and hence Facebook has decided to remove this.

Facebook recommends the advertisers to use the dynamic date selector to know about the insights of the amount spent per day instead of using the “Amount Spent Today” metric. You can simply select the “today” from the dynamic date selector field and you will get the amount spent on that particular day starting from the 12:00 AM.

The Button Clicks metric shows the number of times that the people clicked on the call to action on your Ad. Button Clicks seems to be redundant because these clicks are also either reflected in the Link Clicks metric or other distinct metrics like the Event Responses metric, hence Facebook has decided to remove the metric from the dashboard.

About metrics being removed

Similarly like these, there are many other metrics like canvas component time percentage, carousel card, link click the destination, mobile app action conversion value, page mention, cost per page mention, page tab views, social reach, impression, etc.

Thus as a Facebook Advertiser, you should be aware of the upcoming updates in the digital marketing platforms and should help the business people in getting more leads or conversions to their business.