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Facebook Advertising Or Google Adwords – Which Suits Your Business?

Facebook Advertising:

Facebook Advertising helps the business people to target the audience for their business based on various demographic options like user interest, buyer activity on online, job titles, many more demographic options. Thus as a business people using the Facebook Advertising will help you to get more leads for your business from online.

facebook advertising

What kind of business suits for Facebook Advertising?

It is not relevant to say that Facebook Advertising is suitable for all type of business. For example, if you are running a rubbish clearance company, then running a Facebook Ad for your business will not bring quality leads as you get on Google. Reason for this is people may search for the rubbish clearance services only if they require and not all the time. Hence showing Ad for the users on Facebook when they don’t need the service will not help you in getting leads. But in the case of E-commerce sales, Facebook Remarketing will help you to target the customers who have visited your website previously. This will help you to get more leads and increase the sales.

google adwrods

What kind of business suits for Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is the paid advertising platform in which you need to pay for Google only if the user clicks on your Ad to visit your website. Also, Google Adwords may suit all kind of business. Because Google Ads are shown to the people only who are searching to the particular relevant terms. Hence the conversion rate will be high. Thus based on the business you can choose which one to opt for like Google Adwords or Facebook Advertising. But you cant promote any events in the Google, but by using the Facebook Advertising you can promote the event in the particular place to the target audience who are present in that particular region.

facebook or google advertising

Thus as a business people, based on your niche and the target audience you can either choose the Facebook Advertising or Google Adwords, but both are having its own potential to bring in the conversions for your business. Availing the digital marketing services from the best digital marketing agency will help you in getting more leads by Paid Advertising and the organic SEO.