Defend Your Website From Online Content Theft

Defend Your Website From Online Content Theft

Well, its internet, its normal for your content being theft by other people. Normally people who are focussing on ranking their website on SERP will not go for content theft. But other people’s who just maintain a website for namesake may copy the content from other websites and will publish in their own sites. To protect your content from other publishers follow these simple steps.

How Defend Your Website From Online Content Theft

# Put your brand name on everywhere you publish the content. Though the other people may replace your brand name. It is not possible to change everywhere. Make sure you add more data about your own brand in the content. This makes the other people’s job to copy your content tougher.

# Use brand logo in every media files, that you use on the blogs. Use more media’s like Images, Video contents, etc. Try to add watermark everywhere on the images and videos, so that no one can simply copy and use the same. Also, keep an eye on the other sites and make sure that they don’t use your content.

How To Defend Your Website From Online Content Theft

# Add Copyrights notice on your site and make the content thieves aware that all the contents and the media files present on the website are solely owned and also subject to copyright. Make this copyright policy visible on your site either on sidebars or in the footer. This will stop some people from copying the content from your website.

# Finally, on top of all of these, if you find that your content is present on the other sites. Then just give a formal mail to the site owners to remove the content from the site. If not removed, then file a DMCA (The Digital Millennium Copyright Act) against that website. Proceed legally and make the content to be removed from their website.

Save Your Website From Online Content Theft

Its internet and anybody can have access to your content and may use them. We should be aware and protect the content from others by following these simple steps. Copying our content and publishing on other sites will have a huge effect on your SEO, especially if you try to rank the websites on Google.