Advantages of doing Blogging & Affiliate Marketing in India

Advantages of doing Blogging & Affiliate Marketing

In India, there are many people who have passion and skills on blogging. Tons of people are working in this niche to promote themselves both by economically and technically. As a blogger, you can follow some simple ways to make more money. Here are the simple steps by which you can promote yourself as a blogger or affiliate marketer.

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how to make money online by blogging

This is the simple way to earn money online. If you have interest in any niche, then you can simply buy a domain and host it. Then you can just start posting some daily blogs on the website on the trending topics. You can blog about the industry or the niche in which you have more interest. Use Google Trends to find the most trending topics on the Internet and do a relevant blog post to drive more traffic. You can monetize your blog and start earning through that.

Affiliate Marketing:

how to make money online by affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a technique in which you will get a commission from the E-Commerce sites if any purchase happens on their site from your affiliate link. This is available on all the E-Commerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, SnapDeal, Myntra, eBay, etc. You can make the buyers searching for any products to land on your blogs and you can divert them to the shopping sites by using the affiliate links.

Product Reviews:

how to make money online by reviewing the products

Every people who wish to buy any product online will look for the user reviews before making a purchase. Hence you an post product reviews on your blog to drive more traffic. Even you can do a video about the product. For Example, if you are reviewing a mobile phone, you can add the videos like Unboxing, by using the mobile phones, etc. Even you can add the affiliate links of the respective products to make them buy. Follow these simple ways to make money online in India.