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5 SEO Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

When you write the blog and it is in finishing stage, then you must optimise and customise the content before publishing. Content marketing is the most important thing. When you write article, the content should be informative. When you find some blogs in the web site, click on that and try to involve in that. Here the SEO comes and their job is to rank your site on the top of search results with some good quality of content. SEO will help you to get involved with the right customer. Here are some important tips that SEO will drive traffic to your blog.

  1. Create an Engaging Title
    The content making is the most important in a website. With the title itself you should engage your customer. The content need not be dramatic or creative. Even though many sites have creative titles but they are not attractive and many customers are not engaged with it. So the title of the content can be simple and crispy, but the ultimate goal is to engage the customer.
    article title
  2. Include 1/2 Keywords or Phrases
    You should mainly focus on the keyword usage. When you concentrate on optimising the blog, the keyword usage must be checked in a proper way. If the content is good and defined then keyword stuffing becomes automated. You can add phrases or keywords in some of the blogs. Once the user search for something, then particular text will be highlighted in the search results.
    keywords in seo
  3. Add a High Quality Photo
    When you add a photo, the content of the page might get reduced, but the good quality photo should explain lots of things. Choose the high definition picture and these picture should be related to blog topic. Avoid irrelevant pictures. Many pictures might be available in FB, twitter, etc., and while choosing consider these social medias. When you post some photos, be sure that they are royalty free to use it.
  4. Link to relevant Articles or Webpages
    Link the blog to your website, this will help you get more customers. You can link your articles with other articles only if the content is relevant. Don’t link your article with other random articles which will not provide any values.
    relevant articles
  5. Draft an Enticing Meta Description
    Even if you don’t draft you meta description, it will results in search engine. If you write your article very well, you can entice your data, which will give you results in search engine.
    Effective description